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I am a writer, editor, and photographer with experience covering Latino issues both in the U.S. and Latin America. I write about politics, technology, health, lifestyle, personal finances, and other beats with the exception of sports. I am digital and social media savvy with a keen eye for visual elements and design. Communication and content are much more than writing. One has to be a creative storyteller eager to find that singular twist to every story.

My work has been recognized by the Texas Associated Press Editors Excellence in Journalism Award, and from the GLADD Media Awards, among other distinctions.

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Houston Chronicle
'The city where they give you a garden when you ask for a salad'

When I got to Houston, I didn't understand when, at four-way stop signs, drivers would politely motion for me to go first. In Venezuela, driving had seemed like the introduction of an Indiana Jones movie, with hostile forces preventing me from reaching a hard-to-find destination on some ancient map.

Houston Chronicle
The Iguala massacre 'is a watershed for Mexico'

Alfredo Corchado, author of "Midnight in Mexico," discusses the country's corruption and drug war -- and whether it's finally reached a turning point. (By Olivia Tallet)

Houston Chronicle
The new East End: Artists, theaters and 'maker spaces'

For decades Houston's East End, a heavily Hispanic area east of downtown, has been associated with the oil industry and the port. But now it's sprouting artists' studios and "maker spaces."

Houston Chronicle
Could Houston be the U.S. hub of trade with Cuba?

Could Houston, rather than Florida, become the major American hub of trade with Cuba? "There is an important difference that puts Houston at an advantage over Florida," says Ricky Kunz, managing director of trade development for the Port of Houston. "We have the industry to support what Cuba needs.

Houston Chronicle
Lost in translation

The crash that killed de la Garza, 17, highlights concerns that educational campaigns about the danger of drinking and driving are not resonating well with young Hispanic men in Texas. Among Hispanics, peer-to-peer campaigns may be more effective than adults imparting the message to children, Latino community leaders and activists say.

Houston Chronicle
Cuban-Americans in Houston divided over visit

On the same day that Barack Obama was shaking hands with Raul Castro in Havana, four young Cubans sat around a table at Cafe Piquet in Houston, discussing the president's historic trip with interest, hope and more than a little circumspection. [...] older Cubans at the restaurant didn't want to express an opinion.

Houston Chronicle
Taking a stand, learning from rebels

Speaking out at a Donald Trump rally in Iowa, Ramos tried to question the presidential candidate about his immigration policies. [...] Trump signaled a bodyguard to remove Ramos from the room. Lessons from Rebels, includes interviews with presidents and leaders of many social spheres. [...]

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La Voz
Deshielo entre Cuba y EE.UU. trae aire renovado a cubanos

La bandera de Estados Unidos volvió a ondear en una Embajada en La Habana y ahora miles de visitantes extranjeros visitan la isla. Incluso, algunos lo hicieron reservando su estadía en sitios de internet como Airbnb.

La Voz
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada: La Almodóvar de la moda

En España es la diseñadora imprescindible de las grandes pasarelas, la musa que se instaló como una de las principales figuras en el universo creativo de la moda desde la llamada Movida Madrileña, el movimiento cultural que regresó a ese país a la palestra internacional a finales de los años 70, tras la caída del dictador Francisco Franco.

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