Olivia Duff-Rogliano

Music Writer

United States

I'm a recent graduate and a music writer who thrives on covering new and emerging artists from BLACKSTARKIDS to Mothica. I love writing critically about the ever-changing perceptions of both gender and aesthetics in the music industry as well as the emergence and evolution of subgenres. I am open to opportunities where I can continue to follow my passion for music through reviews, interviews, and features.

The Garnette Report
Upcoming Artist: Be Enchanted by Sudan Archives | The Garnette Report

Last November Ohio-raised singer and violinist Sudan Archives released her debut album , a beautiful and heartfelt R&B record that combines loopy beats and lucid string music. Now, one year later, is a chill pop album worth revisiting for its hypnotic musical landscapes and rich lyrical content.

The Garnette Report
Upcoming Artist: Jean Dawson's Astounding Debut "Pixel Bath" | The Garnette Report

Tijuana-born artist Jean Dawson is making addictive pop music while simultaneously defying genres. The 24-year-old's debut album "Pixel Bath," released in late October, is an infectious record ripe with nostalgia and promise. On "Pixel Bath", Dawson speaks to the boy he was in high school, telling VICE that the record " just became an ode to my 17-year-old-self.