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Chemical weapons inspectors in Damascus after US-led strikes on Syria

Published April 15, 2018 at 7:56 PM Updated April 15, 2018 at 8:40 PM President Donald Trump has informed Congress in writing of his decision to order a U.S. missile strike...

Washington Post

New owner of L.A. Times sees video games, esports as evolution of modern news media

LOS ANGELES - The billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Times has made a career, and multibillion dollar fortune, from attempting to cure cancer as well as the pervasive ills of...


The Jacksonville shooting and its impact on esports

washingtonpost - The Jacksonville shooting and its impact on esports - Talk Shows - Twitch

Washington Post

The quest to put the Talmud online

September 18 The Internet of 2010 contained many things, and free of charge. It had the full works of Shakespeare. It had robust English translations of classical Greek...

Washington Post

Is the future of esports in your pocket? Mobile gaming is already huge and getting bigger.

LOS ANGELES - The world's most popular video game console is probably in your pocket right now. Once solely the home of relatively simple, if captivating, games like Fruit Ninja...

Washington Post

The world's best surfers head inland to catch a wave

LEMOORE, Calif. - The wave shouldn't be here, surrounded by boundless fields of nuts, vegetables and cotton. It's an exotic crest of water six feet high, one that would be at...

The Washington Post

+ PHOTOS At the edge of the wildfires, surfers seek escape in Ventura's waves

Trucks ferrying exhausted firefighters rolled into the fairgrounds here straight from the front lines of the Thomas Fire, which was burning right to the edge of Ventura. Ash was...

Washington Post

'It was only a matter of time': Security of esports events scrutinized after Jacksonville shooting

August 29 In the wake of Sunday's shooting at a competitive video gaming event in Jacksonville, players and organizers of esports events have called for increased security...

The Washington Post

A1 +PHOTOS What do owners of the Patriots, Rams, Grizzlies and Flyers have in common? A big bet...

The Overwatch League christened its inaugural season this month in largely the same ways as any professional sports league's opening day. The very best players in the world...

the Guardian

Google's prototype Chinese search engine links searches to phone numbers

The feature on the secret prototype, Dragonfly, would put Chinese citizens at increased risk of government repression

The Guardian

+PHOTOS Pot entrepreneur and ex-felon fights for black role in California's budding industry

When his medical cannabis operation was raided in 2008, Virgil Grant wound up in prison. Now he's back in business, and determined to make space for people of color in an...

The New York Times

Donald Trump's Campaign Chief, Stephen Bannon, Faced Domestic Violence Charges in 1996

The recent appointment of Stephen K. Bannon, the right-wing media mogul, as chief executive of Donald J. Trump 's campaign was part of an effort to reset a candidacy that has...

The Guardian

VIDEO Surfer Turf Wars in California: 'We'll burn you every single wave' - video

Rory Carroll and Noah Smith find out the hard way that not everyone is welcome on the state's legendary surfing beaches. In Lunada Bay, local police even warn against attempting...

Washington Post

+PHOTOS Sudden appearance of electric scooters irks Santa Monica officials

Black, electric-powered scooters suddenly began appearing on the downtown streets, suburban sidewalks and beachside a few months ago in this urban coastal city. The dockless...

The Guardian

PHOTOS Ride, hustle, kill, repeat: the underground cycle gangs of Los Angeles

A golden moon hung over the city, and as night deepened the crowd lounging off Hope Street grew giddy. People swigged beer, marijuana spiced the air, hip-hop streamed from a...

The Washington Post

A1 'Unbelievably fast': Southern Calif. fire spreads in hours from 50 acres to tens of thousands

A brush fire raced through Southern California Monday night into Tuesday morning with ferocious speed, spreading from about 50 acres to an estimated 26,000 acres in less than...

The New York Times

An Economic Recovery, Brimming With Industrial Complexes, in Southern California

LOS ANGELES - The Inland Empire could be considered Southern California 's backlot, with its vast warehouse complexes and staging areas. Typically defined as the region east of...

The Guardian

PHOTOS 'Law enforcement is changing': an LAPD ride-along with those on the beat

Related: LAPD's reforms since Rodney King beating offer hope amid police violence A pale sun rose over the city as sergeant Scott Carty steered the squad car into Nickerson...