Nina Posner

Freelance music writer, transcriber, and events coordinator

Work in The FADER, Noisey, Mixmag, Crack Magazine, and more. Based in New York City.
For inquiries, please contact [email protected]


Cover Story - Discwoman: Power In Numbers
From the outside, New York's Knockdown Centre doesn't look like much.
Get to know Volvox, the Brooklyn-based artist with a cyber-futuristic vision
An American summer camp doesn't seem like the most likely place to discover electronic music.
Los Campesinos!: A Band Who Care About the Past Because We're All Scared of the Future
When it was cool to be sad or at least apathetic, Los Campesinos! were eager and earnest.
Visionist talks strength, vulnerability & his new Dazed Mix
By the third or fourth play, the amalgamation of glacial tones and crackling percussion carves out a multilayered sonic expanse.
Ziúr's elegant aggression
The Berlin producer is a master of twisting and prodding sonic elements in order to create a tactile sensory environment.
London Producer Endgame Turns His Emotion Into Ferocious Club Cuts
South London DJ and producer Endgame conducts club alchemy.
Jikuroux's emotive club tracks
Australia often tends to get overlooked when it comes to underground club music.
Impact: Abyss X
Evangelia VS, the Crete-born, New York-based artist who produces as Abyss X, has a knack for turning raw, indescribable emotion into something immediate and tangible.
August: 7 bass & club releases you need to hear this month
Buraka Som Sistema member Branko has been highlighting the sounds of Lisbon and beyond since 2006 with his Enchufada label.
July: 6 bass & club releases you need to hear this month
Hyperdub mainstay Ikonika returns to the scene with her first LP in four years.
June: 6 bass & club tunes you need to hear this month
Sometimes the club's cacophony of sounds can be confusing...
You Have To Watch This Video For Lafawndah's Eerie Ace Of Base Cover
GEN F alum Lafawndah has released a cover of Swedish pop group Ace of Base's 1992 hit "All That She Wants."
No Blues
Los Campesinos! are not twee anymore. The term “matured” may be subjective, but yes, lead singer Gareth Campesinos!’s voice has gotten lower since 2008’s Hold On Now, Youngster.
N-Prolenta Delves Into The Rhythm Of Suspense On "Bref (denise, beside herself)"
Fayetteville-based multidisciplinary artist Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana (aka N-Prolenta) is an incredibly prolific creator.
Boyfriend And Big Freedia Reimagine The Big-Room Banger With "Marie Antoinette"
Experimental rapper Boyfriend and bounce music innovator Big Freedia have teamed up for "Marie Antoinette," an ode to the fanciful...

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