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A Leeds-based English Language and Literature graduate currently employed as a Social Media and Web Content Creator, with a true passion for the English Language and experience in professional writing in the retail, tourism, hospitality, events, music and health sectors. Creator of Beauty by Disaster, a blogging platform which acts to break the stigma around mental health issues one post at a time.


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This is Just the Veganning: Introducing Vegan Furniture into Your Bedroom in 2019

As society grows, we are getting much less ignorant about the suffering of animals for human vanity, with veganism being as popular as ever in 2019. Contrary to popular belief, veganism goes way beyond simply dropping the meat and dairy - there is a wider market of vegan products offered than ever before and as part of this beautiful world we live in, we would be mindless not to take advantage.

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How Many Springs Are in a Good Mattress? & Other Pocket Sprung FAQs

Shopping for a mattress can be an incredibly daunting process; with the endless technical terms it can sometimes feel like you need a degree in mattress-buying to make the correct decision. Commonly, customers can be a bit confused about pocket spring mattresses. What are pocket sprung mattresses and how do you know which spring-count to go for?

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8 Ways to Add Space In a Small Bedroom

Whether you're stuck within the confines of a city centre apartment or want to join the hype and reduce your carbon footprint with a smaller living space, we're here to help you. Fear not! All is not lost with a small bedroom.

Beauty by Disaster | Mental Health Blog

Beauty by Disaster
Instagram vs. Reality: A Movement

Scrolling through Instagram last night, as I always do, I stumbled across something that caught my attention and made me see things in a slightly different way. 2016 Love Island finalist, Olivia Bowen, posted a lengthy story focusing on the power of angles and posture using Gym Shark leggings to prove how Instagram influencers and models can manipulate their bodies to create the best images for their profile.

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What is Self Care?

For a long time I believed self care to be as simple as taking time for yourself, maybe relaxing in pyjamas and blocking out the world. Only recently, I have had an epiphany of what self care truly means and why it is essential for mental wellbeing.

Beauty by Disaster
Has Social Media Made Mental Illness Fashionable?

I've seen a few tweets here and there about how modern social media culture has made it 'fashionable' to be mentally unstable and it got me thinking. With all the memes you see about suicide and depression I can kind of see where these people are coming from, but I do have an issue with people openly accusing others of faking mental health problems to look 'fashionable'.

Beauty by Disaster - Mindful Living Blog
Study Reveals How Many People Read Your Tinder Bio

I bet if you told our ancestors that swiping across a screen for a potential partner and taking seconds to decide if they're worthy of your time, they would be shocked to their core.

Beauty by Disaster
5 Daily Steps to a Happier Life

Photo from Loveli I always laughed at the idea of a 'quarter life crisis' because what's there to be in a crisis about? The twenties are supposed to be the best part of your life, aren't they? Well, that is until I turned 21 where reality hit me full-force in the face and I had to deal with where my life was headed.

Beauty by Disaster
A Healthier Social Feed: Top 4 Mental Health Influencers

As i've mentioned in previous posts, I've recently became so bored with the same Instagram feed of pretty outfits and MUA make-up looks. I went on a mass unfollowing spree one day of any accounts that I tended to compare my life to and that gave me encouragement for unhealthy patterns and behaviours - by...