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Nicole Janz writes about higher education, health, writing, and reproducible science. She holds a PhD in Politics and International Relations from the University of Cambridge. She runs the Political Science Replication Blog (https://politicalsciencereplication.wordpress.com/) and has published on the LSE Impact Blog, The Monkey Cage, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Medium. Follow her on Twitter @polscireplicate.

How to Create Your Happy Writing Plan for 2021

"Your identity comes from your goals. Being totally bought-in and clear about the end you have in mind instills a deep sense of purpose. You can imagine your future self in the position you want to be." - Dr Benjamin Hardy When graduate student Ben Hardy decided to become a writer, he didn't just plan ahead his next 12 months.

Why Virtual Writing Retreats Make You Happier and More Productive

During the early weeks of Covid-19 lockdown, I stopped writing. I was squashed on my table that was too narrow to lay out my notes, in a home office that was too small to think big. The minutes ticked by. I found myself staring at the blank page, paralysed for lack of words.

Impact of Social Sciences
From isolation to inspiration: The psychology of writing in communities

Writing in communities, in the form of writing groups and writing retreats, has become immensely popular in the last decade. Despite COVID-19 putting a halt on face-to-face meetings, the new online writing group boom has helped academics to stay productive.

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Replication in political science graduate courses: an untapped resource?

Nicole Janz is a lecturer at the Social Science Research Methods Centre and a PhD candidate in Political Science at Cambridge University, Political Science Replication Blog |@PolSciReplicate. Seth Werfel is a PhD student in Political Science at Stanford University. Stephanie Wykstra (@Swykstr) is an independent researcher, and the recipient of a Sloan Foundation planning grant.

What Social Science Can Learn From the LaCour Scandal

A veritable firestorm hit political science this past week, with revelations that a promising young star, Michael J. LaCour, a doctoral student at the University of California at Los Angeles, apparently had falsified data. The data served as the basis for a recently published paper in Science.

Five top tips for writing in cafes after lockdown

"Brrrrrrr! Gagagaga!", babbles a woman, holding her baby up in the air. "That's your first song, big boy! Dididididi!" I lose my focus and think about how quiet it was just minutes ago. This is the third time I'm trying to write in a cafe after lockdown has eased in the UK.

I asked my students what made them smile last week

When I log into MS Teams to teach my online seminars on international relations, I often start with an ice-breaker question. These are first-year students, who arrived on campus without the chance to socialise, make new friends, or meet their teachers in person regularly.

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