Nicolas Lupo

Investigative multimedia and video journalist, Columbia Journalism School

Location icon United States of America

Nicolas Lupo is an investigative multimedia reporter and graduate student at the Columbia Journalism School. His investigative focus is governmental infrastructure policies and migration, and he is covering the Bronx.

Before landing in New York last August he lived in in Beirut, Lebanon, and covered politics, social issues, the economy, and culture for several publications. He also was the correspondent for Cadena SER, Spanish leading radio network, and focused on the Syrian conflict and the massive displacement of the country’s inhabitants.

NY City Lens
The Bronx is Changing...and Many are Poised to Take Advantage - NY City Lens

Ceetay´s kitchen, the only Japanese restaurant in Mott Haven, bustles with activity before noon. Half a dozen cooks chop, fry and roll the food, before the start of the work day. There are no customers yet, but the six wooden tables and the bar are ready for lunch time, the chopsticks resting on top of napkins.

NY City Lens
In The Bronx, Art vs. Gentrification - NY City Lens

Alejandro Tavarez didn´t expect to sell much early in the afternoon, but not even two hours after the exhibition started he barely had time to talk to visitors. Instead, he was on his knees, picking T-shirts and jumpers from below the table. "Give me the brown one," someone demanded, as Tavarez pulled clothes ...

Middle East Eye
VIDEO: The pigeon-trainers of Beirut

Any afternoon, raise your head in Beirut and you will see dozens of pigeons flying in circles. But then they disappear on the rooftops, where they live in cages. They are trained by people like Ahmad, who everyday spends three hours to take care of them, feed them and make them fly.


Reel, by Nicolas Lupo.

Lebanon grapples with 'export deadlock' amid Syrian war

Beirut, Lebanon - During a heated meeting last month, the Lebanese government agreed to subsidise the shipping of agricultural goods by sea, three months after the closure of the Syrian-Jordanian border. Before the war in Syria, exported goods from Lebanon would travel through Syria towards Iraq and Turkey.

Middle East Eye
Hezbollah carries the burden of the war along Syrian border

TYRE, Lebanon - The cemetery in the southern Lebanese coastal town of Tyre, also known as Sour, is a grey monotonous place surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The only contrast comes from a yellow flag with a green emblem, stretched taut by two sticks.

El héroe que se enfrentó al suicida de Beirut

Murió al abalanzarse sobre el kamikaze para evitar el ataque El IS reivindica el atentado en un bastión de Hizbulá en Beirut La calle comercial del barrio de Ayn el-Sikkeh, en los suburbios de Beirut, aparenta haber recuperado casi toda su vitalidad cinco días después del atentado del pasado jueves.

Middle East Eye
Hezbollah maintains Lebanese support despite heavy Syria toll

BEIRUT - Inside a half-built basement topped with three Hezbollah flags, mourners clad in black surround tombs of fighters laid to rest in four distinct lines. The martyrs' mausoleum in the southern suburbs of Beirut houses more than a hundred Lebanese Hezbollah fighters who fell fighting in Syria, where the group has been supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since 2012.

Middle East Eye
Syrian National Council: 'We have one condition - there is no future for Assad'

BEIRUT - Nagham al-Ghadri joined the Syrian opposition movement shortly after protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad broke out and then escalated. Spurred on by the so-called Arab Spring, and a desire to bring change to her country, Ghadri became a part of the Coordination Committee of Latakia, one of the local opposition organs.

Middle East Eye
Hezbollah's Ashura parade links activism with religious fervour

BEIRUT - Standing on the platform of a cherry picker elevated five metres from the floor, the speaker connects one slogan after another. "Ya Hussein! Ya Hussein!" he shouts, the massed crowd in front of him shouting the words back to him.

Syrian refugee Osama Abdul Mohsen's new life in Spain

Getafe, Spain - Osama Abdul Mohsen is at first hesitant to speak about the day he became known to millions. Sitting in a bar in Getafe, a town near Madrid, the Syrian refugee shakes his head and says he prefers not to talk at length about Petra Laszlo, the journalist who tripped him as he carried his son in Hungary.

Spaniards hope elections bring change

Madrid, Spain - It was impossible to avoid a political conversation for more than five minutes on the streets of Madrid on Saturday, a day before the Spanish legislative elections. "This time it is mandatory to vote," insisted a man in his 30s sitting at a cafe with a group of seven friends.

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