Nick Malone

a REAL WRITER in living color

Nick Malone makes poor decisions and writes about them. In addition to his biweekly personal essay column for UIC Radio, Blahsmopolitan, his work has been featured in Hello Mr and Teenink. He is a second-year student studying Creative Writing at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


American Rage and Suburban Malaise: A Study of the Urban Punk Underground
It's difficult to write about punk without draining it of its chaos. The greatest punk shows are soaked in sweat and blown into the red.
All Fags Go to Heaven
The world beneath me rushes and rumbles, gliding with a silver fluidity that begs to be heard. All fags go to heaven, even if we can only have it on Earth.
Another Trick: Tracing the Pervasiveness of Teenage-Adult Sex in Gay Male Spaces
When praying for a miracle becomes too painstaking, we grab at whatever we can to feel something.

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