Nick Malone

a REAL WRITER in living color

Nick Malone makes bad decisions and writes about them.


Blahsmopolitan No. 4: "The Panic at KΔP" AKA "Veni, Vidi, Veni Again"
I briefly ponder whether or not I am a bad person. But then “Stupid Girls” by Pink is on and I forget what I was thinking about.
Where I Leave Her
Nobody on Earth is deserving of love before she is, and nobody will find it in the way she will.
Blahsmopolitan No. 3: "The First Rule of Dying is Don't Talk About Dying" AKA "How to Succeed in...
“I am going to make you into a burrito, Jenny.”
The Way He Moves
In the months before I turned eighteen, I started having dreams of my body giving out. Not in private, and not in small ways, but in one sweeping, violent malfunction.

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