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Strategies for Maximizing the Back Office without Breaking the Bank

If your organization is using PeopleSoft today, it is likely that a decision has been made to remain on that platform for the foreseeable future. Your company may have: Little appetite for the disruptions and costs of change. Higher priorities in the organization than the administrative systems. No complaints with the PeopleSoft's functioning.

Kosher for Gentiles: Chosen Diet for Chosen People

What does the Bible say about your diet? We are bombarded daily with marketing messages on diet, nutrition, and health. Most of those are just marketing messages with little or no basis in reality. Common s

Meet Hotel i31 Berlin

The privately-owned Boutique Hotel i31 debuted in 2013 in Berlin's Mitte district. Its modern design spans seven stories with individual rooms featuring flat-screen smart TVs, free WiFi, media hubs, and lots of green spaces including a few exclusive Comfort Container rooms made from shipping containers that have their own private green terraces.

Meet Hotel Saul

Tel Aviv's Hotel Saul is a fascinating mix of old and new, giving guests a full breadth of the latest technology while surrounded by some of Israel's most historic landmarks. Just steps away from some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Mediterranean it is a place where East meets West and industry meets family.

Meet Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv Center

As its name might suggest, the Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv Center is one of the shiniest jewels in all of Israel's capital city when it comes to hotels. With an on-site spa, fitness club to rival most large gyms, a full-service restaurant and a state-of-the-art business center, it's the perfect spot to stay for business travelers.

Perceptive Automata
Blog - Has the Autonomous Vehicle Arrived? - Perceptive Automata

There is no denying we have all been gazing fondly at 2021 as the year the world turns the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic and we begin a push back to whatever the "new normal" will look like. For the AV (Autonomous Vehicle) industry, 2021 is important for a different reason altogether.

Find Haunted Houses - Best Haunts - Haunted Attractions | HauntWorld

Find Haunted Houses near you using our online haunt finder directory. Hauntworld also helps people rate and review haunted attractions. Hauntworld helps you find haunted houses by city, state, or zip code. Hauntworld has reviewed more than 200 haunted houses across America and Canada.

Yeah! Motor
40 Awesome Old School Cars - Yeah! Motor

Just five of these Italian dynamos were produced 20 years ago and introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. A 366-cubic inch Mercedes-Benz V-12 engine allows it to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in 4 seconds flat, and up to 100 miles per hour in 9.2 seconds.

Kloudville Inc.
Empower Your Staff to Meet New Customer Expectations

A study released by Forrester Consulting shows that B2B buyers are now demanding more omni-channel capabilities when it comes to making purchases. The study, "Building The B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future," discovered that customers today not only desire but demand access to multiple touch points and options for buying their item of interest.

A Behavioral Approach to Employee Financial Wellness | Syntoniq

This white paper, written in partnership with MetLife UK, sets out to build a business case for why employers should push financial wellbeing to the top of their agenda. It highlights what the current limitations of used approaches are, and offers new behavioral approaches to consider.

AndCo Blog
Freelance Pay Milestone: How To Make Your First Freelance Dollars " AndCo Blog

The first $100 I made freelancing was before I even knew what freelancing was. I was working at Rice University in Houston as a media relations intern in the athletic department. The Owls' men's basketball team was hosting the University of Utah on a nationally-televised Monday night game, and the ESPN crew called a day ...

AndCo Blog
Job Boards for Freelancers Seeking Great Gigs " AndCo Blog

For freelancers, finding work is the name of the game. Be it long-term clients or short-term successes, finding the right work for the right rate is what keeps us in business. Depending on your network, you'll hear tons of great ideas from a variety of professionals.

AndCo Blog
4 Great Reasons to Raise Your Freelancing Rate Today " AndCo Blog

I had been working as a full-time freelance writer and editor for about 18 months when I started mulling a rate change. For that initial flurry of activity as a freelancer, my normal answer to the question of "How much do you charge?" was usually answered with "Whatever you can pay me."

AndCo Blog
8 Amazon Echo Skills Tailor-Made for Self-Employed Hustlers " AndCo Blog

Remember the days of watching "The Jetsons," where the future held wonders like video screens for conversation, handheld communication devices, and artificially intelligent machines that could tell us everything from the news and the weather to what wine goes nicely with what cut of meat?

AndCo Blog
The Surprising Difference Between Early Birds & Night Owls " AndCo Blog

If you've been self-employed for any length of time, there's been an instance when you've simply run out of time to finish a project. Therein lies one of the greatest conundrums of our profession: Do I banish my pillow and blanket, start a fresh pot of coffee and stay up late to finish my task?

Top Men Shavers
Best Way To Shave Your Head: Essential Tips & Tricks | Top Men Shaver

When I was in college in the early 1990s, I once came home to an answering machine message from my older brother. In a panicky, disbelieving voice he described how he had decided to shave his head, using the phrase "I shaved my head" roughly 15 times in a 90-second voice mail.

Top Men Shavers
How to Use Beard Oil

Beard oil? You might be asking yourself why in the name of all that is manly and true would you need any sort of product in your beard. Anything oiled when it comes to personal care products has a distinctive feminine feel to it: Our wives and girlfriends use rejuvenating oils in their hair and Oil of Olay on their skin.

Kloudville Inc.
CRM: A Requirement in the Digital Age

Customer relationship management does not start the day your customers sign the dotted line, it starts the second you have that first interaction with them, whether it's discovery email, social media, or a hand shake.

Kloudville Inc.
Catalog Management: The Gateway to your Digital Business

Catalog management has come along way from the early days. They have evolved from the traditional paper based approach to modern-day digital catalogs. Digital catalogs provide the benefits of genuine customer reviews and experiences that allow well informed decision making. Catalogs are seen in today's world as the lynch pin in B2B / B2C operations.

Kloudville Inc.
Small Business Become Digital

The way 'small business' do business has changed dramatically over the past two decades. At the turn of the 21st century, small business owners would have marketed themselves by word of mouth, printed business cards, or flyers on a corkboard.

Kloudville Inc.
SMB Digital Capability SWOT Analysis - "Reality check-up"

What is SWOT Analysis? SWOT analysis is an objective way to analyze the four major components of your business. They are: ● S - Strengths ● W - Weaknesses ● O - Opportunities ● T - Threats These components can be broken down further as either positives or negatives as well as whether they are internal or external.

What's The Best Full Body Massage Chair On The Market? [Guide]

A Full Body Massage Chair can dig a bit of a hole in your wallet and it better be worth it. Be sure that you will get the best value out there and match it with your massage therapies needs. Read here our comprehensive Guide on Full Body Massage Chairs.

Top 15 Benefits of Shiatsu Massage And The Best Shiatsu Back Massagers Reviewed

The Shiatsu Back Massagers are a great way to get an antique Japanese massage technique to your home, making it available anytime with little to no effort. Check out our extensive information about Shiatsu Massage and its history and reviews for the most popular Shiatsu Back Massagers available today.

Best Heating Pads Reviewed [Guide]

I was 27 when I first realized my previously indestructible body had suffered a muscle injury. Lifting a television and carrying it up and down three flights of stairs while moving did something to my lower back that set off warning bells in my pain center.

How do I start implementing PCI Compliance? Guide for Small Businesses

PCI compliance is the leading industry standard for secure handling of payment card data, and is generally required for businesses accepting credit, debit or other payment cards, as well as the companies that supply them with services, software and hardware to process those payments.

How to Reduce Your PCI Scope When Accepting Payments | Atlantic.Net

Accepting credit card payments can greatly boost your business's bottom line, but it comes with an immense responsibility. Anyone paying attention to the news knows how ubiquitous credit card breaches and hacks have become, with Target, Home Depot, and now even Equifax - a premier U.S.

How to Prevent a Cyber Attack | Atlantic.Net

One of my favorite movies of the 1980s is "Wargames," in which a teenage hacker, played by Matthew Broderick, accidentally activates a nuclear defense computer program named 'Joshua.' The program contemplates launching the US' arsenal of nuclear weapons in a preemptive strike against the Soviet Union.

Was Your E-Commerce Hosting ready for the Black Friday Rush? | Atlantic.Net

In 2016, for the first time in history, Americans spent more money online on Black Friday than they did in retail, avoiding the trampling crowds searching packed department stores for the best deals in retail. A full 108.5 million customers did their shopping online, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation: nearly 10 ...

HIPAA WordPress Hosting: How to Make WordPress HIPAA Compliant

To deliver HIPAA compliance within WordPress, the first step is to understand the basics of HIPAA-compliant IT and hosting. Relative to the specific deployment, perform a risk analysis and then build a HIPAA-compliant website in WordPress with five basic concerns in mind. Why is this form of compliance needed?

Do You Need a Security Guard for your Website? About Website Security

Let's face it: security guards are not often taken seriously - and are more often the butt of jokes. You might picture a guy sitting in his car outside a subdivision or the strip mall - the so-called "rent-a-cop." And how are you going to fight crime when all you've got is a flashlight?

Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence - How Cloud Hosting Enables AI

If you're a science fiction fan like me, the term "artificial intelligence" recalls entities like HAL-9000, Skynet, the Cylons, and the fact that these creations have a bad habit of rising up against their creators and trying to kill us all. While artificial intelligence (A.I.)

Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence - How Cloud Hosting Enables AI

If you're a science fiction fan like me, the term "artificial intelligence" recalls entities like HAL-9000, Skynet, the Cylons, and the fact that these creations have a bad habit of rising up against their creators and trying to kill us all. While artificial intelligence (A.I.)

Is the Cloud a Good Fit to Host Your Augmented Reality Project?

Cloud offers a lot of what augmented reality needs most: the computing power to provide lots of graphics and heavy-duty processing without the massive hardware or the infrastructure costs that come with maintaining that sort of environment. Read more in Atlantic.Net's blog.

Why Do Biotech and Pharma Need So Much Cloud Computing Power?

Both biotech and pharma firms regularly use massive amounts of data as they trial new products, new cures and new solutions. What does the inside view of a biotechnology or pharmaceutical firm look like in the cloud? It's a massive environment that is harnessing every technology available to change the world.

Who Uses DDoS Attacks and Why? Protecting Against DDoS Attacks

For your website, a DDoS attack is like being paralyzed. These malicious actions are carried out by multiple bots or "zombie" computers who send superfluous requests to a computer or website to disrupt service. They gobble up bandwidth and make it impossible for legitimate requests to get through.

Top 5 Biggest DDoS Attacks, and What Hosting Companies Learned

Some companies hope that they are too small to be noticed by hackers, others that their size alone implies they must have ample security to survive a DDoS attack. Both ways of thinking are misguided. Here's a deeper dive into the five biggest DDoS attacks of all time and what hosting companies learned from them.

The Top 5 Biggest Data Breaches, and What Hosting Companies Learned

Data hacking is one of the biggest threats to websites. Not only can it result in company's proprietary information being stolen or made public, but it can also lead to personal records, credit card numbers and social security information being stolen or exposed. We review the top 5 biggest data breaches in this blog.

The Future of 5G and How It Will Impact IoT | Atlantic.Net

5G is no technology at all; it's simply the shortened name for the 5th Generation of mobile network that will become the latest wave of telecommunications infrastructure reform. 5G is still not completely defined as companies race to master a solution.

How Secure is the Cloud? Can You Trust Cloud Hosting with Your Data?

Organizations migrating to a new IT environment, such as the Cloud, should always give serious consideration to the security of that environment. But how secure is the Cloud? If you don't know exactly what piece of hardware your private data is found on at a given time, how do you know it is secure?

Why Is It Important to Test Backups? Backing Up and Recovering Data

There's nothing more valuable in an organization's war chest than its data. Both present and future business decisions are increasingly determined by data analytics. With data so valuable, it must be protected at all costs, which is why backup testing is such a pivotal process for any business.

Why Ashburn, Virginia is for [Data Lovers] | About Data Centers in Ashburn

Nearly 50 years ago, the Virginia State Travel Service hit it big with its famous "Virginia is for Lovers" slogan. Ashburn, located in Loudoun County, Virginia, caters to a specific form of lover: tech professionals who love Ashburn's access to what has been called " the bullseye of America's Internet."

Home - Xincon

Compassion Innovation & Trust Xincon Provides quality home health services to residents across the New York City Metropolitan Area. Contact us today to learn how we can leverage our expertly-trained staff, proven approaches, and cutting-edge technology to help your loved one live better.

Barnes & Noble
How To Live With An Alcoholic and Still Enjoy Your Life!|NOOK Book

This is practical, self-help guide for anyone struggling through life with an alcoholic, it is particularly aimed at partners and spouses of alcoholics. The author is a professional writer and since 2007 she has been counselling people living with alcoholic loved ones. Her husband was a...

The Melting Man

The Melting Man is anything but a perfect human being. Anyone who shows a blatant disregard for the law and the people sworn to uphold it cannot be perfect. But as a criminal he was indeed perfect. His ability to plan, execute and disappear had become a thorn in the side of the FBI for years.

Confessions of a War Child
Confessions of a War Child (Lia)

Lia - the second installment of the Confessions of a War Child trilogy. At the stroke of midnight, as soldiers storm his castle, a president, a prisoner, a declaration and a nation come to life on the pages of Confessions of a War Child- Lia.

PlanetTogether Announces New Internship Program (BOOST)

SAN DIEGO - Planning and scheduling software leader, PlanetTogether's, CEO Jim Cerra has announced the creation of the company's Building Optimized Operations for Students and Technology (BOOST) internship program. BOOST will give business school and engineering students the chance to apply their operations management theory into real world applications, helping manufacturers in the process.

Know Your Rights When Purchasing A Used Car

A friend of mine once unwisely bought a used Volkswagen Beetle while we were attending university together. He didn't have a car and was tired of bumming rides from friends everywhere he went. He haggled the owner down to just a few hundred dollars for the car, which had a fresh coat of paint and a recent oil change to its credit.

Inside SAP
SAP launches big data rapid deployment solution

By Nicholas Greene SAP has announced the launch of its rapid-deployment solution for SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence, designed to both speed up and simplify Big Data initiatives for business. The SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence solution enables businesses to acquire, analyse, and present data quickly and affordably from a variety of sources, by combining [...]

Inside SAP
New Facebook-based customer intelligence solution for marketers

By Nicholas Greene SAP will combine Facebook's scalable Custom Audiences targeting capability with its own solutions for customer engagement in the new SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution powered by SAP HANA. This combination of insight with customer engagement will assist marketers with the delivery of their messages at higher rates of conversion and precision, while [...]

Inside SAP
Baseliner launches in Australia

By Nicholas Greene Plaut Australia has announced that Baseliner, an SAP Value Added Reseller and Service Partner, will bring the SAP Cloud for Customer solution to local customers. Baseliner first tested the waters in Kuala Lumpur in 2012, and has since grown to offer solutions based on SAP Cloud for Customer to commercial and government [...]

Inside SAP
Cloud, HANA deliver for SAP APJ in 2014

By Nicholas Greene Demand for the SAP Cloud portfolio and the SAP HANA platform were the company's two most notable trends in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region in 2014, according to the company's most recent financial results. Across APJ, non-IFRS cloud subscriptions and support revenue grew 98 per cent year-on-year in Q4 2014, and [...]

Advanced Gas Technologies
Nitrogen & Oxygen Generation Experts - Advanced Gas Technologies

Industrial nitrogen and oxygen generators can produce nitrogen or oxygen on demand for a fraction of the cost of conventional nitrogen and oxygen sources such as cylinders, dewars or bulk liquid supply. Nitrogen and oxygen can be generated from atmospheric air. The air we breathe is composed of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.

US waste storage development hinges on political push

The biggest obstacle to the commercial viability of consolidated interim storage facilities in the United States is politics, Pierre Oneid, Holtec International Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer, told Nuclear Energy Insider. "It's not a technical issue, it's a political issue," Oneid said. There are people out there that don't want us to exist.

US funding package supports rising SMR activity

The fiscal 2016 Omnibus Appropriations Act was signed into law December 18, boosting nuclear energy funding from $914 million in 2015 to $986 million in 2016. Within this plan, the government raised funding for SMR Licensing from $55 million to $63 million, signaling higher activity in SMR licensing this year.

US AP1000 projects advance on revamped EPC terms

Ambitious plans for Small Modular Reactor (SMR) development have heightened the interest in the modular construction being used to build two Westinghouse AP1000 reactors at the Vogtle site in Georgia and two reactors at the V.C. Summer site in South Carolina.

US one-step license gains rely on comprehensive build plan

The Part 52 regulation allows the licensing of a facility before it is built to ensure safety issues are addressed at the start of the process. Up until this procedure, the NRC issued a construction permit based on a preliminary design and safety issues were not fully resolved until the end of the licensing process.

Daddy Design

No matter if you've been in business for 20 years or 20 minutes, we know how important your your budget is to your bottom line. For that reason, we strive to offer an affordable price range. We aren't the kind of business that will slap one price on our services and expect every customer to pay for it.

BIM and Modular Construction

If you've ever taken the river boat tour in San Antonio, you've probably heard the tale of one of the greatest feats in the history of modular construction. Rising up 21 stories above the Riverwalk is the Hilton Palacio del Rio, which was built in 1968 for the World's Fair.

Overcoming Discrepancies in 3D Design Modular Builds

In his recent blog, my colleague Tim Kelly wrote about modular design and how 3D Design is a perfect fit for being able to reduce cost and increase scaling on projects like hospital rooms, dormitories, and so forth.

Pokémon Go Has World Buzzing Over Augmented Reality

Have you ever been a fan of a local band that suddenly hits No. 1 on the charts? Or loved a TV series that nobody else watched until it suddenly swept the Emmys? That's the feeling that I and a lot of people in our industry are experiencing these days with the spread of viral sensation known as Pokémon Go.

5 Traits to Look for When Creating an Effective BIM Team

In my past role as a BIM manager, putting a team together is something I took very seriously. BIM is so new that there aren't a lot of "set in stone" guidelines for recruiting, but there are qualities we looked for in people who can best leverage the tool set to provide information to project teams. Great Communicators.

Advanced Gas Technologies
Worley Parsons Nitrogen Generator Case Study - Advanced Gas Technologies

At the end of the previous decade, Encana Corporation, a large international natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids producer, contracted Worley Parsons, a global engineering, procurement, and construction giant, to serve as project manager for construction of its gas compressor station set in Weyburn, SK, Canada.

White Paper

To print out or download the paper click here Thirty years have passed since Gary P. Brinson, CFA, Randolph Hood, and Gilbert L.

Advanced Gas Technologies
Polaris Injection Molding Case Study - Advanced Gas Technologies

Gas assist injection molding is a technique used the world over to manufacture complex plastic parts by applying uniform pressure throughout the molded part. Pressure from nitrogen gas creates channels within the part, which eliminates warping, sink marks, and internal stress.

Top Men Shavers
How to Use Beard Oil

Beard oil? You might be asking yourself why in the name of all that is manly and true would you need any sort of product in your beard. Anything oiled when it comes to personal care products has a distinctive feminine feel to it: Our wives and girlfriends use rejuvenating oils in their hair and Oil of Olay on their skin.

Top Men Shavers
Best Beard Balm For Each Skin And Hair Type

As beards and facial hair become more and more the signature way for a man to define his own style and sense or fashion, the personal grooming marketplace for all things facial hair has exploded.

Top Men Shavers
How To Use Beard Balm Effectively

If you're reading this, you have a beard. Congratulations on being awesome. You've graduated into that upper echelon of manliness that most poor saps never even realize exists. You've joined the ranks of some of the greatest figures in human history, from Jeff Lebowski to Leonardo Da Vinci to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

SkyeLine Studio, LLC
Food Photography Lighting Tips | CT Restaurant Photography

The way food tastes is one of the main reasons customers return to a restaurant after their first visit. However, good food photography has a huge impact on getting customers through the door in the first place. Crisp, vibrant and appetizing food photography of your best dishes and cocktails is a must.

4 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

Whether it's for an upgrade, a move to another part of the country, or a shrewd financial strategy, the decision to sell you house is never one made lightly. Not only does it mean packing all your belongings and relocating your family, but it also can put enormous stress on you during the process of waiting for offers, managing negotiations, and traveling the long road until closing day.

Why a Checklist is Important When Moving

When you're moving, it's easy to believe you've got everything covered. You've called the moving company, rerouted your utility payments, canceled the cable, and grabbed so many unused cardboard boxes from the supply closet at work that you could probably build a house out of them.

Why it's Important to Pick a Reputable Moving Company

Moving is an investment of both your time and your money. Odds are if you're looking for a moving company, you've already sunk a lot of both into the place your family is moving to, and you're doing everything you can to minimize costs wherever possible.

Move to Katy

When most people think about Katy, TX, they think about one of three things depending on how old they are - rice fields, Renee Zellweger, or high school football. But for those in the know, Katy has also turned into the ideal Houston suburb to move to - with great schools, gorgeous master-planned communities, and a fantastic school system.

Professional Packers

When you've gotten past the adrenaline rush of finding a new place to live, the harsher realities that encompass a move set in. Changing the utilities over, setting up the new cable service, letting your legion of contacts know you're moving to a new address, and of course: the packing.

Why You Should Choose a Professional to Pack Your Items vs Doing it Yourself

When you're preparing to move your family or business to a new location, packing up your belongings can be one of the most daunting parts of the transition. Sure, moving the couch or the coffee table usually only requires two strong pairs of arms and a moving truck, but taking the truly valuable stuff - paintings, pictures, antiques, heirlooms, and one-of-a-kind family possessions is a lot more stressful.

Decluttering Before the Holidays

November, is a peak month for pumpkins and cranberries, but not quite for moving. From May through September, half of the moving done in the United States occurs during the summer season. Fortunately enough, that means by now you're all settled and perhaps ready to reorganize just in time for the arrival of family and friends.

A Perfect Month to Buy a House

The 2016 calendar is dwindling down and while most are out holiday shopping, you should be searching for the home of your dreams. Here are two BIG reasons to house hunt in December. 1. on your side, yes it is! Motivated Sellers-Their reasons to move can vary from job relocation, financial hardship, or personal opportunity.

Packing tips to remember for your next move | Foxx Movers

Relocating to a new house is more than a mere change of residence. It means creating new ties with neighbors, the community, and finding your footing. With so much to do, it's essential to make the process of moving, at least, as smooth as possible.