Nick Cowling

Copywriter / Content Writer


Life is all about embracing your passions and developing your skills. With writing I can do both.

As a skilled and innovative professional writer I know that writing must have personality and a character of its own to remain relevant. With my years of practical experience I know how to craft stories that excite and entice. I know how to authentically convey a unique tone of voice, and I can drive the reader to pursue a desired course of action.

When not writing I can be found screaming at the top of my lungs at a Western Bulldogs game, frequenting one of the many cafes in Melbourne's Inner West, or looking with envious disgust at the latest attempt to re-invent the burger.


708/250 Barkly Street, Footscray Apartment Copy

This is an apartment listing I wrote when my partner and I sold our apartment. I consulted with the real estate agents to make sure it met their tone of voice and complied with industry standards.

Skills Test - "Copywriting In Action" Short Course (RMIT)
Sennheiser Urbanite Copy Example

A project I completed during my enrolment at RMIT for the "Copywriting in Action" short course. I incorporated the techniques and methods taught to me, using my passion for headphone and audio equipment as the feature of the copy.


Offset no. 11
Cruising in the Meadows

A semi-autobiographical story recounting one of the many Friday nights my friends and I might have had. Based around my youth in Altona Meadows, a suburb in Melbourne's West.

Offset no. 14
The Shrunken Giant

A short story that recounts a turbulent period in my life. Originally written as a form of catharsis, it was a bonus that it developed into a coherent story.

Casefile Podcast Script Submission
Elliot Rodger

A script I produced to be submitted to the true crime podcast Casefile. Based on the mass shooter Elliot Rodger this required a lot of research from a wide variety of sources including police reports, news articles, and videos.


Garages Page Content
Trusteel Fabrications

Onsite SEO content I prepared for a client. The garage holds a special place in Australian Culture and I wanted to bring that to the forefront to create a stronger connection to the audience.

Home Page Content
Axcent Conveyancing Services

SEO content produced during my employment at Spotzer. This was for a conveyancing firm in Williamstown, VIC. This required extensive research to ensure accuracy and readability.


Weekend Notes
Truganina Park, Altona Meadows

Looking for a park that will offer a stunning view of Melbourne and the bay that is only 20 minutes from the CBD? Read on!

Holiday in Cambodia by Dead Kennedys

Ever had a song that immediately made an impact on your life? Thanks to some fine young Americans singing about Cambodia I had such an experience. This also doubles as a music recommendation.

Prizes Offers Deals
Get To Know The Online Dating Basics

Not the same novelty it was when this article was first published (I met my partner on Tinder) but still an interesting piece if you are looking for a time capsule.


Weekend Notes
The Last of Us - Game Review

A review of a video game I played. I wanted to convey my enjoyment of the game through the review and I feel I succeeded in this aim.

Weekend Notes
Children of Men - Film Review

The most overlooked film of recent times Clive Owen stars as Theo in "Children of Men". Last one to die please turn out the light.