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Writing, editing, and marketing guru. I'm a quick learner, a self-starter, and incredibly motivated to be the best at what I do every single time.

Stem Cell: The Magazine
Stem Cell Therapy Costs and Insurance

I previously acted as the Editor-in-chief for Stem Cell: The Magazine and this is one of the pieces I wrote to fill in for one of my writers.

The Blurred Line of Consent in Denver's Queer Nightlife - OUT FRONT

Like many Friday nights prior, Jake Cameron and his husband went out to one of Denver's gay bars to have a few drinks and de-stress. For the couple, LGBTQ bars were an important part of their routine. It was a chance for them to connect with like-minded individuals in a comfortable atmosphere.
Not So Crazy Star Wars Fan Theory Proposes That Jar Jar Was The Ultimate Villain

Bonkers fan theories are nothing new, but this one just might take the cake: Jar Jar Binks may, in fact, be a wildly capable force user and perhaps the uUltimate Sith Lord behind the machinations of the entire saga. As Redditor Lumpawarroo posits, in a post that equals the breadth and research of a PhD [...]

Human Rights Campaign
HRC Nebraska Volunteers Canvass for Workplace Equality

Post submitted by HRC Guest Contributor Nate Schaaf On March 22, six volunteers set up an informal headquarters at Omaha furniture store Hutch to prepare for a day of canvassing on behalf of the Equality is Our Business initiative, a simple pledge demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion for all in the workplace.

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