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Daily Esports
Fall Guys Season 2 is live along with a new game mode

In late August, Mediatonic's Fall Guys took the gaming world by storm. While its popularity has certainly slowed down since then, the game is still going strong and just got its second major update. Season 2 is now live and brings new stages, new cosmetic items, and a new game mode.

Esportz Network
Overwatch League Off-Season is full of Changes | Esportz Network

Nov 15 has come and gone which means that each Overwatch League team is now required to have eight players under contract, and all players who are unsigned are free agents. Overwatch has a sign and trade deadline set for June 15, 2020, but there have already been plenty of big changes over the off-season.

Motor City Bengals
Detroit Tigers: Looking back on a rough 2019 season

2019 was the second-worst season in Detroit Tigers' history, and the third-worst season of all MLB teams since 2000, behind only the infamous 2003 Detroit Tigers and the 2018 Baltimore Orioles. The statistics aren't pretty, but it is important to take away as many positives as possible from such a rough season.

Esportz Network
How did Sigma reshape the Overwatch meta? - Esportz Network

Sigma is getting hit with nerfsnow in patch 1.40 but will continue to being a top pick in competitive Overwatch. The double shield meta began from Sigma and paired with Orisa, it's had almost as many complaints as GOATS.

Motor City Bengals
Detroit Tigers snap losing streak against Seattle Mariners

The Detroit Tigers played the second game of a three-game series against the Seattle Mariners tonight and were able to snap an eight-game losing streak against the team with a 3-2 victory. Detroit got off to a hot start, picking up two runs in the second and a third run in the third, and never let go of the lead.

Imanileo Writes
Mental health awareness is more important now than ever

In a world where depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions plague millions of people, it is time that mental health is acknowledged as a medical issue. Thankfully, big organizations and celebrities have begun to join the fight to raise awareness for mental health.

Imanileo Writes
The NFL preseason begins in August

August is here and with it comes the beginning of the 2019 football season. For football fans, this is one of the most exciting times of the year. It's time to get the fantasy league together, find tickets to the big games, and get friends together for watching parties.

Busting Brackets
Houston Basketball: Cougars are a real threat in the NCAA Tournament

Houston Basketball was able to snatch a No. 3 seed on Selection Sunday despite an ugly loss to Cincinnati in the AAC championship final. Houston still had an impressive season, finishing 31-3 overall and only losing to UCF, Temple, and Cincinnati. Houston is a No.

Viridian Forest
Detective Pikachu is great for Pokemon as a franchise

Believe it or not, Pokemon has been around for over two decades now. Almost everyone is aware of the Pokemon series, but not everyone is into it. With gaming culture on the rise, the movie Detective Pikachu will undoubtedly bring in new Pokemon fans.

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