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ResCube Provides Safety and Simplicity

ResCube, One Call Alert's recent mobile wearable PERS (personal emergency response system), is an easy-to-use alert system that just might be one of the smallest PERS on the market. With just a click of a button the device is connected and the wearer can share medical information via a built-in speaker and microphone.

MobileHelp Now Uses 3G

The transition to 3G connectivity is also vital because of expected 2G shutdown in 2017. Robert Flippo, president and CEO, MobileHelp, says, "With outright 2G shutdown scheduled for 2017 and network coverage expected to be impacted negatively even between now and then, it's been paramount for us to get our devices onto 3G as quickly as possible.

Preview Available to Test Virtual Apps

Linux can be an ideal platform for many industries because of its 3D modeling and high-performance graphics. Citrix customers have been asking for virtual desktop support for Linux 3D applications. These customers want to send their employees secure global access with their mobile and desktop devices, all while controlling business-critical intellectual property.

FiLIP 2: An Updated Wearable for Children

Filip Technologies introduces FiLIP 2, the next generation wearable phone and locator for children. The first generation FiLIP launched in 2013, with goals of addressing issues such as cyberbullying, inappropriate texting, and keeping track of the child's location. FiLIP 2 maintains those goals, while boasting an improved wristband design, adjustable sizing, enhanced durability, and additional colors.

SkyWave Reveals New Cellular Gateway Platform

What makes this cellular gateway platform fully programmable and configurable is the integrated SkyWave Lua Services Framework and open Linux environment that allow for the simplistic development and integration of custom M2M applications. The cost-effective solution permits moving from self-contained small M2M message formats to a HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution.

Northern Star

'Hoarding' art exhibit portrays hardships of obsessive behavior

The first unorthodox piece that grabbed my attention was "Fuller and Grand" by Guy Loraine. "Fuller and Grand" shows an obsessive search to locate a missing acorn under an oak tree. "Fuller and Grand" includes diagrams, photos, hordes of acorns and a wall dedicated to mapping out the acorn's location.

TV class changes to reflect technology

Chown's teaching assistant, Ben Tondera, said the pair can offer a lot to their students while keeping them entertained. "We just kind of engage with them and each other, and we try to have as much fun as we can with them for three hours a week," Tondera said.

Just Sayin': Justice League movie, seafood and Kenya Moore

I don't understand how the production team is going to be able to pull off a Justice League movie when characters and casting are going to be a problem. "Green Lantern" wasn't successful and the hero is a major component to the team.

Steel Band makes crowd 'happy'

The band first played "Summer Song," which had a tropical quality to it. The song was appropriate since Sunday's weekend felt like summer. "Summer Song" felt like you were lying on a beach while the steel drums serenaded you. The next song played was "Man in the Mirror," a classic by Michael Jackson.

Tabletop Day includes mixture of compelling games for Saturday

Local gaming store New Game in Town, 811 W. Lincoln Highway, is a huge advocate of this day. Employees provided plenty of tables and free board games for people to play. The tables filled up quickly with about 40 people throughout the event.

Music therapy helps local, African hospices

Staffers at the event received donations to aid Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice of South Africa and KishHealth System Hospice of DeKalb. The proceeds will be split in half and go to both hospices. "Music therapy is using music for a nonmusical goal," said Jen Conley, KishHealth System music therapist.

'All That' Tribute Show brings '90s back to NIU for the night

"We wanted to do something that kind of celebrates all the students today that were in the '90s," said CAB President Richard Moore. The performers entered to the theme song from the sketch comedy series "All That." When the crowd went wild during the performance, I knew it was going to be a crazy night.

Confectionary store has chocolate bunnies for all

"So Easter is a lot of molding," Todd said. "It's big bunnies, small bunnies, getting stuff ready in pre-packaged stuff for baskets." The process of molding is not a family secret, Todd said. It begins with melting chocolate in a machine, tempering the chocolate, placing it in a mold, cooling it and shaving off the unnecessary remains.

Ray's pulls perfect pork

The menu includes barbecue foods and fried chicken. Sandwiches cost about $8 while baby back ribs can cost $15 to $20. Sides, including french fries, cornbread and onion rings, ranged from $2 to $4. The prices were reasonable for the portions I received. The pulled pork I ordered was huge and was cooked to perfection.

Artists take charge in local Beatles cover show

The event began with the gentle melody of "Octopus's Garden" on a ukulele and guitar. From there, a mixture of Beatles and original songs were played. I was delighted to hear two renditions of "Norwegian Wood." One interpretation was mellow and more representative of the original version performed by the Beatles.

'Need for Speed' runs on fumes

Immediately after being released, Marshall seeks revenge on opposing racer Dino Brewster, played by Dominic Cooper. Marshall makes his way to California to take on Brewster for one final race and to prove his innocence. "Need for Speed's" biggest road bump was its blunt predictability.

'Lightwire' brightens Egyptian

The show featured dancing flowers, sword fights, soaring birds and a damsel in distress. The team used electroluminescent wires to create the images. "It's really exciting to be able to bring something like this for the community," said Alex Nerad, Egyptian Theatre executive director.


The show, which was at the Holmes Student Center's Art Gallery, consists of several grayscale, risqué paintings of exposed women. Each piece has a hole where the face would be for observers to put their own face in. The exhibit shows how some women feel trapped in their own bodies.

Sportsjunkies411 | NBA Draft: Winners and Losers

The 2014 NBA draft was loaded with talent on Thursday night. This draft could be the best class since the 2003 draft when LeBron James was selected as the first overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, there were some mistakes, despite all of the available talent.

Sportsjunkies411 | Cheering on a Logo ... Colors, Too

On May 20th, 2014, the Charlotte Bobcats officially became the Charlotte Hornets. The Charlotte Hornets were originally a franchise from 1988 to 2002. This change back to the Hornets has me rejoicing with excitement, since the team will be bringing back a retro look. Fans may not realize it, but a team's appearance is important.

Sportsjunkies411 | Just What Is Amnesty Anyway?

How Does Amnesty Work? A team must pay the waived player's salary, but that salary no longer counts against the team's salary cap and tax purposes. Why Would a Team Use Their Amnesty? Teams only want to amnesty players when their performance does not justify burdening their cap space.

Sportsjunkies411 | NBA's Best and Worst Current Coaches

Coaching is critical to the success or failure of any team. Look across any league's history and you'll find numerous examples of storied coaches taking a rag tag group of players and turning them into a contender, or, in some cases, the league's best.

Sportsjunkies411 | Are International Players Worth the Risk?

One strategy teams use during the NBA draft is to sign international players. While its a risky move for any franchise, a team can ink an international player and then decide to wait a few years before formally adding them to the roster.

Sportsjunkies411 | Mavericks Are Ready to Run

The Dallas Mavericks are ready to make a title run, but apparently the media hasn't gotten the message. They'll tell you about LeBron James' return to Cleveland, Carmelo Anthony decision to stay with the New York Knicks and even the Miami Heat's post-Finals hangover, but the Mavericks?

Sportsjunkies411 | Cavs Need Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers went from being one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference to one of the best when LeBron James announced his return to Cleveland, although they aren't ready to win just yet LeBron decided to ditch the Miami Heat after four seasons, leaving Miami's "Big Three" and a team that won two championships and went to four straight finals.

Sportsjunkies411 | Shooting Guard: The Disappearing Act

Great shooting guards are becoming a thing of the past. It's time to say goodbye to the days of Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexler and even the Kobe Bryant of days past. The league's current crop of shooting guards doesn't even approach their talents and the position and its importance is dwindling as a result.

Sportsjunkies411 | Rule 7.13: Baseball's New (Worst) Rule

Think you know baseball and it's rules? Take a look at what happened during the Miami Marlins and Cincinnati Reds game on July 31, 2014: Your browser does not support iframes.For the experts who thought Zack Cozart was out by a mile, you're, unfortunately, wrong and here's the reason why: Rule 7.13 A runner attempting to score may not deviate from his direct pathway to the plate in order to initiate contact with the catcher (or other player covering home plate).

Sportsjunkies411 | Ertz, Green, Eifert Poised for Breakouts at Tight End

In the football world, tight end has never seemed like an important position. They throw a few blocks, catch a few passes, nothing that gets fans all that excited. Everything changed when Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski entered the league and redefined the role with record-setting, position altering play that set new performance standards upon which their peers and future players would be evaluated.

Sportsjunkies411 | Minor League Hitters Give Cubs Hope

If you're a true Chicago Cubs' fan, there's no better place to be outside of Wrigleyville in the Summer than Iowa. The Hawkeye State is home to the franchise's Triple-A minor league team, the Iowa Cubs, which is currently the best farm system in baseball with three top prospects vying to join the team full-time.