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Natalie Rose Miranda

Journalist / Photographer

Location icon United States

I aspire to be a journalist and photojournalist. I am dedicated to my craft, and I love the storytelling aspect of journalism. I strive to be honest and ethical in my endeavors to collect quotes, deliver facts and capture photographs.

The Sundial
Consenting To Condoms

Plush white snow seems much scarier at 2 a.m. when the Big Bear sky is dark enough to swallow it whole, and snow-capped mountains with winding, narrow lanes are a feat too daunting for a car without chains. In a critical moment, a young woman needed to decide to take on a potentially dangerous commute...

The Roundup News
The revelations in tribulations - The Roundup News

A young girl alongside her father, helps him change door knobs, fix plumbing and lay down flooring to earn the wages that pay the family bills. However, it is on the job that she realized her contributions were only a band-aid applied to a bigger issue.

The Bull Magazine
Spray Paint Maven - The Bull Magazine

A 7-year-old stuck at a railroad crossing stands along a stretch of metal tracks that extend as far as the eye can see. A swiftly approaching train of 70-plus graffiti-cloaked cars-painted with culture and history-flies by the face of a child, offering her first glimpse into the world of street art.

The Bull Magazine
Stringing It All Together - The Bull Magazine

Crimson statement necklaces made from authentic coral reef are layered precisely and delicately fastened onto the neck of a woman that embodies cultural pride. In Nigerian culture, the color red represents the strength and endurance of people that live there. Pamela Adewoyin is the ceo and founder of Lola Ade, a jewelry line influenced ...

The Bull Magazine
REVIEW: RING Donuts - The Bull Magazine

Petite rings that fit perfectly in the palm of one's hand are spongy in texture, sweet in taste and warm and cozy with every bite. RING Baked Tofu Donuts is a specialty donut shop that crafts gluten-free, GMO-free and nut-free baked goods with vegan options available upon request.

The Roundup News
Hearts beat for hoofbeats - The Roundup News

More than 35 horse breeds stomped their hooves, strutted their stuff and trotted before a crowd to showcase their characteristics. Their long manes, diverse coloring, spots and even stripes, were on full display as spectators clapped and cheered for the exchange of horses in the arena on Saturday, Nov. 11.

The Bull Magazine
Serving Those Who Served - The Bull Magazine

Inside a Los Angeles salon, wooden floors and a posh interior give the room an inviting atmosphere. The hairdresser stations are spaced uniformly, with dark espresso-colored leather seats and tall narrow mirrors that line either side of the walls.

The Roundup News
Fire evacuation, animals find stable ground - The Roundup News

Owners found safety for their horses and large animals in the Pierce College Equestrian Center evacuation zone, escaping danger from the fire that broke out in Sylmar at 4 a.m. on Dec. 5. A brush fire, dubbed the Creek Fire, prompted mandatory evacuations for people and animals alike.

The Roundup News
Forum for none - The Roundup News

Transparency is our friend. It is only a foe to those who try to fight against it. The hiring committee voted in closed session against a public forum for the Pierce president search. A public institution, such as a community college, should inform its populace, instead of choosing to keep them in the dark.

The Roundup News
Pesticides removed - The Roundup News

Written by Shaleah Green and Natalie Miranda Pierce College has initiated the use of peppermint oil and barn owl boxes to help rid the campus of rodent infestation without harming the wildlife. Last semester, faculty members had expressed concerns about the rabbits and squirrels that became victims of animal poison, which was housed in fake ...