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Hi there! I'm Natalie and I enjoy making information digestible and fun. Here are some areas that I have experience in:

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Interview pieces

Upskilling Through Internships:

A mature intern's perspective Internships are not only for the inexperienced, but they are also a great opportunity to learn a new skill, regardless of age. Internships are typically regarded as entry-level work experience, but they are also a great opportunity for people who are returning from a long hiatus, in the midst of a career switch, upskilling for the future, or simply if they want to learn more.

All you need to know about SEL

Social Emotional Learning Kelly with her husband and daughter Resilience can be shaped by the individual characteristics we are born with (our genes, temperament and personality) and partly by the environment we grow up in - our family, school, and the broader society.

Intern introspection

Internships have always been an integral part of a student's academic career. During this pandemic, many internships were rescinded and students were left without a summer programme. For many employers, this is something that cannot be helped as many are working tirelessly to keep their businesses afloat.

The Good Catalogue
Cardboards of compassion | The Good Catalogue

We hardly hear of homelessness in Singapore. But according to Assistant Professor of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy: "You will see it if you look." While largely hidden, homelessness is a problem, but to what extent? According to the study aimed at measuring the scale of homelessness, an estimated 1000 people are living on the streets of Singapore.

The Good Catalogue
Changing the world through the arts | The Good Catalogue

When we think about the theatre scene in Singapore, Buds Theatre is sure to come to mind. Established in 2007, Buds Theatre Company provides platforms for young theatre practitioners to practice their craft and hone their skills.

The Good Catalogue
The Good Life -Social distancing or socially distant? | The Good Catalogue

Cassandra with her guide dog, Elke. Cassandra Chiu tells us more about how Social Distancing has affected Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). Social Distancing has become the norm of late. From marking out spaces to strange contraptions like the Robot Dog, we can see that worldwide, the way we know life to be has changed dramatically.

The Good Catalogue
The Good Advice - A more inclusive society for all | The Good Catalogue

"Be open, there is so much room for love and inclusivity" We're all guilty of stereotyping and labelling people, it's a cognitive shortcut that helps us process the world we live in, but that does not make it okay. I implore all of you to consider your own biases, what is your impression of those living with a disability in Singapore?

Sim Kang Wei

Kang Wei was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that heavily affected his motor skills. As a child, he had to work twice as hard as his peers and struggled to socialise with others.Even though it was difficult, his disability did not stop him from pursuing a degree or becoming a competitive hand cyclist.

Navigating trying times

Mental Health has always been a tricky space to navigate. Even today, with online resources and more awareness about the subject, some still struggle to reach out for help. In light of therapy being labelled as a non-essential service during this crucial time, we reached out to our resident counsellor Trish from Our Journey Counselling and Wellness, for some practical tips and some insight to the importance of social support.