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Writer & editor specializing in travel, dating, personal finance, pop culture, & lifestyle topics.

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I’m a writer & editor specializing in travel, dating, personal finance, pop culture, and lifestyle topics.

I write regularly for Bustle, as well as freelance for various outlets (everything from content writing to analyzing screenplays).
My writing has also appeared in places such as Forbes, LearnVest, Yahoo, MSN, Business Insider, Marie Claire UK, xoJane, Scary Mommy, Elite Daily,
Purple Clover, the L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune's RedEye, The Daily Dot, HelloGiggles, and Simplemost.

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Now you can spend the night in this "Game of Thrones"-inspired hotel made of ice and snow

Even though we have to wait until 2019 for the next season of Game of Thrones, there's still one way to stay connected to the show. Now you can spend the night in this Game of...


You can now take a "Beauty and the Beast" CRUISE

Just when we thought we couldn't possibly be more excited about the new Beauty and the Beast movie (is it March 17th yet?!), it turns out we can. Now, you can take a Beauty and...

RedEye Chicago

No rent: My life as a couch-surfer

It's not a new concept. I've found places through the decade-old, a global hospitality and homestay network in which hosts open up their homes to guests free of...


How To Avoid The 7 Fights From Hell When You're Traveling With A Partner

It's the moment you've been waiting for, and perhaps dreading (a bit) - traveling with your significant other. Maybe it's the first time you're traveling together, or maybe it's...


This airline gives you a bizarrely luxurious perk if you fly first class

Flying first class is ~way~ different than coach, and this airline now gives you a bizarrely luxurious perk if you fly first class, reported The Independent. Yep, Emirates will...


What happens when Duchess Kate Middleton takes a trip solo? We'll tell you: HATS and ROBOTS...

ICYMI, Duchess Kate Middleton went on a trip the other day - solo - and it looked like she had an ~amazing~ time. Yep, on October 11, she spent the day in the Netherlands, which...


Check Out This Incredible Swiss Alps Hotel 'Room' With No Walls

Is your dream vacation an escape to a totally private and secluded destination-surrounded only by nature? Well, now your wish can come true with a stay in this open-air hotel...


These Marble Caves In Chile Look Unreal

You may have read about going to Patagonia in guide books. From hiking to seeing unique wildlife, such as the red Culpeo fox, it's definitely a place on my travel bucket list....


SleepBus, The New (And Fun) Way To Get Between L.A. And San Francisco

Now, all your sleeping-on-a-long-bus-trip dreams have come true-at least, if you're going from L.A. to San Francisco or vice-versa. Introducing SleepBus. SleepBus started in...


Need A Nap During A Layover Or At Your Office? The Sleepbox May Be The Answer To Your Dreams

Don't you hate when you're at a public place, like an airport or train station, your flight or train is delayed, and you desperately need a nap?! I think we can all agree on...


This Mom Used Her Maternity Leave To Travel The World With Her Husband And Baby

Have you always wanted to travel the world with your partner... and 10-week-old baby? Well, you can. Just ask Karen Edwards. Hailing from London, the 32-year-old nurse used her...


10 Camping Tricks, Because You Don't Need To Be "Roughing It"

With spring in full swing, it's camping season again, and we found all the tricks you need to have a great trip! 1. DIY Egg Storage Eggs are a camping essential. But...

Dating, Relationships, & Sex


9 Reasons Dry January May Be The Best Thing For Your Dating Life

With Dry January in full swing, millions of people are taking the challenge by not drinking alcohol for the month. ICYMI, it's the annual movement that puts the focus on...

Marie Claire

Demi Lovato Shared Why She Doesn't Talk About Her Sexuality

Words by Natalia Lusinski From the editors of HelloGiggles Demi Lovato has been in the news a lot lately. She keeps releasing new songs, and we cannot get enough of them. Now,...


Here's how many people are using Tinder because they're bored, not because they want to date

There seem to be two kinds of people in this world - ones who love Tinder and ones who hate it. Now, a new study revealed how many people are using Tinder because they're bored,...


11 Dating Resolutions To Make In 2018

With 2018 a few days away, it's the perfect time to reassess your dating life. By making a few New Year's dating resolutions, it could mean the difference between continually...

Business Insider

If you take hormonal birth control, you need to know about this new study

The INSIDER Summary: * A recent study suggests some hormonal contraceptives are linked to depression. * Women who used hormonal birth control had a higher risk of being...


What Nobody Tells You About Freezing Your Eggs, According To Women Who've Done It

If you want kids, but not yet or are not sure, some women see freezing their eggs, aka fertility preservation or oocyte cryopreservation, as a security blanket of sorts. The...