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Naomi Wengier

Content Specialist, Marketer & Professional Writer. Creating Magic with Words.

Professional Writer & Blogger & Lover of Yoga, Music & Travel.

Available for Creative, Content and Copywriting, Design & Email Marketing

Please phone: 0431 138 067 or email me at [email protected]


Creative Projects / Classes

The Power of Content Marketing | Skillshare Class

Created for entrepreneurs, first time bloggers and small business owners. In this class, you'll learn how to create and apply your own content marketing strategy to your business, discover tips for first time blogging, uncover the basics of email marketing and find out why website copy really matters.

Website Content

BBB Advisory
Advisory Services

BBB Advisory are a team of professional consultants who specialise in operational excellence and change management. Whether your organisation is about to embark...

About Us

At OSE, we’re all about setting the digital world on fire. As a growth and ROI-focused digital transformation agency, our job is to deliver cutting-edge online experiences for our clients...

Melius Advisory
Melius Advisory

Melius Advisory provides expert services, scalable solutions and commercial advice to small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups to enable them to grow their business in a...

Talent Street
Talent Street

At Talent Street, we have a team of genuine, knowledgeable and experienced recruitment specialists who are committed to providing positive, authentic and memorable...

STYL living
STYL living

Whether it’s boho, luxe, contemporary or a modern styling look you are after, we have an exclusive collection of exotic and colourful home décor, bone inlay furniture and stunning...

PeopleSmart NOW
DISC Profile & Coaching

PeopleSmart Now understands human behaviour. We offer coaching and educational products for developing human potential. Through our unique DISC assessment and transformational coaching...

Awolve Fitness
Services - Awolve Fitness

Personal Training At Awolve Fitness, you don't just get a workout, you get a session with a trainer who understands YOU and what you are trying to achieve. Having a healthy lifestyle consists of good nutrition and good exercise...

CCd Group
About Us | CCD Group

CCD Group evolved when company partners, Rob Fenwick and Anthony Lloyd shared aspirations on their future vision and respective careers. Both partners had similar personal and professional values and felt these could be translated...

April9 | Digital Consulting
About April9

April9 Digital Consulting is a Brisbane-based digital consulting agency, who specialise in software and app development. We are behind the pretty apps and online buzzing. Our team of software and digital experts...

ESA Group

Established in 2010 with a vision to become one of the most dedicated outsource companies for various sectors in Australia, ESA Group is a respected and well-known group of specialists who provide quality services to a large number of Australian businesses.

Valhalla Gyms
Valhalla Strength Shop

If you're looking for quality heavy lifting products, then look no further than Valhalla Strength Equipment. We offer a range of specialised powerlifting and strength equipment to suit any kind of lifter...

Website Content Writing

If swimming with whales is on your bucket-list, then you have arrived in the right destination. Tonga is one of the only countries where you'll be able to swim with the majestic Humpback Whales...

Keyz - Uber Rentals and Uber Finance

Here at Keyz we understand people need a chance to succeed and have flexible options available to everyone. Whether you are looking to make more money...

Carlisle Homes
Home Designs Web Copy

Carlisle Homes employs highly skilled and creative architects, home designers and builders who use customer feedback and modern architecture and design principles to create award winning house plans...

Blog Articles

NW Creative
5 Steps to Creating a Stand-Out LinkedIn Profile

Whether you're a business owner, an employee or CEO, your LinkedIn profile is one of the first impressions you get to make. Here are 5 steps to creating a profile that stands out and makes others want to connect and do business with you.

Nebulex SMB Blog
The Small Business Guide to Getting Social

Social media is fast becoming a fabric of society and a vital part of our online lives. As more social platforms and applications flourish, it unlocks new and uncharted territories for businesses to explore, promote products and services...

Nebulex; Digitalstory
8 Essential Questions to Ask Your Website Developer

A website can be a very valuable business asset to small business owners so it's important to get it right the first time. Websites are not just a 'set and forget' marketing tool and a poorly designed website...

Nebulex; Digitalstory
5 Steps to Starting Your New Business

Starting a new business venture can be exciting and terrifying. You get to be your own boss, pursue something you're passionate about and take control of your destiny. However, you have also now accumulated a never-ending to-do list.

How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Business

"Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson When it comes to running your business successfully, a growth mindset can be one of your... leadership...

Nebulex; Digitalstory
4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Virtual

For a growing number of businesses, working remotely and conducting business online has become a new way of life. The world is changing, and with that, so is how and where we work.

Sleep Sophie
Sleep Soundly with Celliant and Sophie

There is nothing more frustrating than a restless night's sleep. It affects your mood, mental clarity, energy levels, and even your quality of life. The average adult needs around 6-8 hours...

Collaboration: The Key to Small Business Growth

Collaboration is a rising trend on the business scene. It can generate creative thinking and give each business an opportunity to not just survive, but also thrive. Business owners are...

A9 Property
Is property investing right for you? - A9 Property

With 10 years of investing in real estate and 6 properties under him, A9 Property director, Thiago knows a thing or two about property investing. Investing in this market is a big decision to make but one that can be very financially beneficial down the track. READ MORE...

Tis the season to be in style at Differente

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Southern hemisphere and what better way to celebrate the festive season then with holiday-ready outfits you can wear anytime. The holiday season is more than just unwrapping...

Linkedin / NW Creative
The Benefits of Small Business Collaboration

"Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much" Collaboration is the new buzz word that is taking the entrepreneurial world by storm. It is a powerful tool for business growth and can help business owners save time...

The Infinity Experience
Bali's Best Surf Breaks

This article was originally published on Infinity Holiday's travel blog; The Infinity Experience. Since then it has been edited ... Bali has some of the best breaks in the world which makes it a fantastic destination for surfing. The dry season is from April to October, and is the best time to get out into the water.

Social Profile Writing

Melissa Brown - Melius Advisory | LinkedIn

As founder of Melius Advisory, I provide consultancy and professional services to business owners in Brisbane and regional South East Queensland. These services help them...

Tomomi Wynne | LinkedIn

I have a passion for educating people, helping them discover their own self-worth and seeing the greatness in themselves and others. As a women who multi-tasks well, I am not only founder and certified DISC practitioner of PeopleSmart Now...

Hester Van der Elst - Causa Sui Counselling | LinkedIn

As a current accredited member of the Australian Association of Social Workers and with an impressive list of related qualifications and focused skills training behind her, Hester is a compassionate and patient...

A9 Property | LinkedIn

April9 is a Brisbane-based digital consulting agency, which specialises in software and app development and have a proven record of successfully creating and deploying the best in technology. From building apps for start-ups...

AG Chef Consulting | Facebook

With over 10 years working as a Chef all over the world, Alfredo’s main role as a Chef Consultant at AG Chef Consulting is to help small to medium business owners with improvements in facilitation, staffing and workplace regulations...

Awolve Fitness
Facebook About Copy

Dario delivers a unique personal training style which doesn’t just target the body, but also the mind. As a certified personal trainer, Dario specialises in 1 on 1 personal training, fitness, nutrition and strength and conditioning...

April9 Digital Consulting | Facebook

April 9 Digital Consulting is a Brisbane-based digital consulting agency, who specialises in web and software development and are behind the pretty apps and online buzzing. Our team of software and digital experts...

Fashion Runaway
Fashion Runaway

"Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you're going." – Pharrell Williams.

Bio's & Print Publications

Bio of Jillian Hamilton

Jillian is the Managing Director of Manage Damage, an Australian risk management advisory firm. As a well-known speaker and mentor, Jillian's great ability to form positive relationships has made her known throughout the entrepreneurial world for being a strong and insightful business leader.

Creative Writing

Why Yoga and Meditation is More than Hippy Shit

"Yoga is paying attention to what it means to be alive" whispered my yoga teacher as we lay in shavansa (the corpse pose) after an intense yoga session. As I listened to the silence of 20 people in the room in calmness, hearing only my own heartbeat, I understood exactly what he meant.

Elephant Journal
Six Wise Lessons from our Natural World.

PUBLISHED ON ELEPHANT JOURNAL ... When I was younger, I would head into our backyard and talk to the birds. I thought they could understand me. I would spend hours out there chatting to my visitors. Talking to the birds hasn't changed, thankfully, and nature continues to captivate me.

Thought Catalog
What Chester Bennington Taught Me About Vulnerability

This article has taken many months to come to fruition. As a writer, I struggle with being vulnerable. I'm scared of not being liked, of being judged and revealing parts of myself that are very raw, which can then be opened up to criticism and judgement.

LinkedIn Pulse
Content; The KING of your business

Content Marketing is a long term relationship, not just a one night stand. Do you remember the time you were scrolling through Facebook and came across a new blog post from a business you followed. You only had a 10 minute lunch break but this article was so enthralling you clicked into it and was transferred to their website.

NW Creative
How to create an amazing online reputation

Did you know that your online presence can either make or break you? In this new digital world almost every business can be found online, and judged by how well they manage their online reputation. Yes it can be time-consuming but it is a very important part of managing your business.

NW Creative
Why we should have a strategy behind our social media

A few months ago you may remember your Instagram feed being flooded with posts letting you know that Instagram was changing and advising the best way to stay in touch. This was due to a mass panic regarding Instagram's new algorithm.

Infinity Holidays
Highlights of Tokyo

Lilly from Infinity Marketing smiles as she recounts her experience from a trip to Japan, where she spent 8 days in the quirky but fascinating city of Tokyo.

LinkedIn Pulse
How I got my groove back and healed my writer's block

My grandmother's words always echoed in the back of my mind while growing up. "You should be a journalist" I forgot, I went travelling, pursued other interests and lived in a town known for it's wild partying. My creativity got suppressed and with that so did my ability to share my voice and words with the world.

The Infinity Experience
The Ultimate NZ Snow Trip

Snowboarding and skiing have always been on my bucket list, so when I was asked to represent Infinity by attending a seven day snow trip around the South Island of New Zealand with Haka Tours, I jumped at the chance! I met another two of my fellow travellers at Brisbane airport and we embarked on what was...

The Infinity Experience
Cambodia; Off the Page

Working in the travel and marketing industry has opened my eyes up to more places that I had ever thought about visiting, Cambodia being one of them. This was a country I had never given much thought to ... untill I had to research and write about this unique destination for work.

Email Marketing


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