Naomi Blinick

Freelance Multimedia Journalist

Naomi Blinick is a biologist, photographer, and conservationist with a diverse background in marine ecology and conservation.



Wisdom, the World's Oldest Known, Banded Wild Bird has a new chick!
Wisdom checks in with her newest chick. Photo credit: Naomi Blinick/USFWS VolunteerBy Holly Richards, USFWSWisdom Returns!On a remote atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,...
A Tiny Reason to Celebrate on Midway Atoll - Island Conservation
Laysan Albatross flock to the wildlife refuge on Midway Atoll every year to nest. Among them is Wisdom, who shocks the world by hatching young well into old age. Each year, her...
Wisdom, The World's Oldest Known Breeding Seabird, Just Hatched Another Chick
The legacy continues.
Honoring the Past, Inspiring the Future
Pearl Harbor Survivors, World War II veterans, their families and visitors from all over the United States and from around the world gathered to commemorate the 75th anniversary...
Pearl Harbor Gram: Double Interment Ceremony
On Dec. 7, USS Arizona Survivors John D. Anderson and Clarendon R. Hetrick were solemnly returned to the USS Arizona in a unique double interment ceremony, hosted by the...
Fishing Gear 101: Harpoons and Spears - Selective Stabbers - The Safina Center
Article photo: Consumers often ask us to describe various types of fishing gear and explain which ones cause the most destruction to the ocean. Another frequent question is why...
Google Books
Marine Photobank advertisement
Pg. 26, full page photo in an ad for Marine Photobank in Seven Seas digital interactive publication
Plover Predator Plan; Affordable Housing in Eastham; More!
Lead article photo in Plover Wire: Seashore eyes lethal removal of predators [CCT]· Eversource announces January rate decrease [CCT]· Town Meeting results from Oak Bluffs and...
12 Tasks that Must be Accomplished to Save the Vaquita
Authors: Mark J. Spalding, President of The Ocean Foundation and Tim Ragen, former Executive Director of the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission Efforts taken to date by Mexico, the...
Reality Computing: Even Better Than the Real Thing?
Imagine taking a snapshot of any object and then creating an exact, physical copy. Even if it's underwater? Thanks to Reality Computing, that's what startup The Hydrous is doing...
New Report Reveals U.S. Fisheries Killing Thousands of Protected and Endangered Species
These fisheries are even fishier than they smell. A new study released this week called Wasted Catch: Unsolved Bycatch Problems in U.S. Fisheries reveals the nine dirtiest...
13 photos is this Jr. Ranger booklet published by the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center
Wasted Catch: Unsolved problems in US Fisheries
Photo featured in “Wasted Catch,” a report by the NGO Oceana on the causes and impacts of bycatch from marine fisheries. Pg. 11.
Photo Salon: Geographic Variation in Clapper Rails
Feature photos for lead article in Sept/Oct 2013 issue. Pgs. 28-37.
Announcing Our June Photo Contest Winner!
Congratulations to Naomi Blinick, our winning photographer for June's contest! This dynamic shot of horseshoe crabs was taken in the waters off Woods Hole, MA. We love the way...
SEA Internation Photo Competition: 2013 Winners
3rd Place winner in Marine Conservation category
NPS: Explore Nature " Oceans Month " Stewardship
Feature photo for National Park Service’s Ocean Stewardship webpage
A Summer Spent Under the National Parks
180 Page book chronicling my three month internship with the National Park Service's Submerged Resources Center through the Our World - Underwater Scholarship Society in 2011.
Featured photo in the book “Plant Life of a Desert Archipelago: Flora of the Sonoran Islands in the Gulf of California” by By Richard S Felger, Benjamin Theodore Wilder,...
Image of the Day
Image featured on Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Image of the Day
Ocean Technology Systems
Banner photo for Ocean Technology Systems website, featuring National Park Service photographer Brett Seymour at the USS Arizona Memorial
Turtles in the Tortugas
Article by Autumn Sartain, featuring photos by Naomi Blinick & Kaare Iverson. Pgs. 6-7.
Notes from the Field: South Florida
Photos featured in a blog post about the long-term monitoring project in the seagrass beds of South Florida under the direction of Dr. Jim Fourqurean.
Deep Impact
Featured photo in a report about bycatch from deep-sea fisheries in the northeast Atlantic
Brett Seymour Photography | kona mantas 3d
Photographs of filming Mantas in 3D in Kona, HI
2012 Funding Proposal
Cover images for 2012 funding proposal
Transitions Magazine
Cover and lead article photos
Marine Ecology, Human Impacts, & Conservation
Landing page photo for “Marine Ecology, Human Impacts and Conservation” unit, National Geographic Education website

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