Nancy Creighton

Writer • Editor • Designer • Layout

A genuine spork-- I'm a generalist and do both words and visuals well.
My art education gave me a wonderful basis in design and composition; on-the-job training and independent study rounded out my education.


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My new TV thinks I'm hearing
by Nancy Creighton My new TV is not bad, it's perfectly serviceable. But it's got a built-in assumption-- that television viewers are hearing people. In these days of diversity,...
A genuine spork
I'm a real, true, genuine spork. "Huh?," you say. A spork -- one thing that does two jobs, i.e., a spoon and a fork merged as one utensile. [Here's a titanium one from...
What we do for love
It's always the small things that show real love. Betty and I currently have two cats and one dog, all wonderful members of our family. Tippy is the oldest at nearly 14, and I...
"...WAS IN TOWN SHOOTING LAW ABIDING CITIZENS." That's what the closed captions said on my local noon news report today. But it wasn't a story about a horrible crime wave. No,...
Pet Peeve -- wrong use of curly apostrophes
This is the most popular piece on my site. Writers and designers looking for guidance find this through a web search, and several of them have told me they appreciate this post.
Support Your Local Deaf Artists
This article covers ideas for art shows in non-traditional venues. I also explain how asking artists to donate original work for fundraising devalues the work of the artist.
De'VIA Manifesto
I was part of the workshop sponsored by Deaf Way that resulted in Deaf View/Image Art (De'VIA). I was involved as both a fiber artist and writer.

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NC's Work (my photos, etc.)
This is the board where I upload photos I take for fun. I use an iPod Touch and a variety of photo manipulation apps to create "iphonography."
IMI Supplemental
For this document by Betty Colonomos, I did the layout to complement the Deaf Interpreter Curriculum book, choosing different colors and fonts from the curriculum.
Vocational Rehabilitation Internship
I did the layout and cover design for this project using stock images. This manual is designed for reading on computer or tablet screen, with larger than normal font sizes and...
Deaf Interpreter Curriculum
I created the logo for this project, and designed the book's layout and function. Another person did the layout with my tutoring along the way.

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