Megan Zahneis

Living life, and writing it all down.

Megan is a student journalist at Miami University, where she is a member of the editorial board of the weekly campus newspaper, The Miami Student, and editor of The Miami Student Magazine.

In addition to her work with student media, Megan has written for The Chronicle of Higher Education, and HuffPost.

Megan believes in the power of well-told true stories and is pursuing opportunities that will allow her to practice bringing those stories to the world.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Big Lie

A professor schemed to get a raise and win his department's respect. Instead, he wrecked his career.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

How a Decades-Old Experiment Sparked a War Over the Future of Psychology

The Stanford Prison Experiment lasted just six days, and it took place 47 years ago. But it has shaped our fundamental understanding of human nature. Now many in the field are...

The Chronicle of Higher Education

No 'Frasorority' for Him: Citing Sexism, Members of Foreign-Service Fraternity Rebel Against Leader

Every year, the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity throws a Christmas party in its chapter house at Georgetown University.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Some Colleges Cautiously Embrace Wikipedia

LiAnna Davis remembers when people didn't want to talk to her at academic conferences.

The Miami Student

Torn between two worlds: Visiting professor balances work and family, continents apart

“Bad news,” Ibrahim explains to his students, “is bad, no matter what.”

The Miami Student

20-year MJF veteran Heckler left strong legacy for journalism students

“I’ve proclaimed today National Gratitude Day,” her status read. “What are you most grateful for?”

The Miami Student Magazine

Doing the Most

"It wasn't until Emma Shibley's senior year of high school that her mother seriously questioned her extracurricular involvement."

The Miami Student

Teaching after Trump: Professors reflect on changes in the classroom

"He's been adding three words to each of his political science lesson plans - 'or maybe not.'"

The Miami Student

Dependence on contingent faculty erodes MU mission

"'It unavoidably tags teaching as a lower-class activity.'”


Bud Selig's love of baseball set path to Hall

"'He came on as a human being, as opposed to some potentate. He was more like the guy next door, like the guy sitting in the seat next to you.'"