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Mysson Victor

Seo Specialist, Founder and Content Strategist, The Penny Matters

A chief believer in the power of a pen,
and a dedicated mentor.


Passionate write and a dedicated mentor. Let's walk through this together.

Founder and CEO, Dream Possible- A Talents appraisal and mentorship platform

The Penny Matters
Are you promoting your business enough; Tips to Successful Online Promotion.

Continuity is the main reason why most businesses spring up. In fact no one would want venturing into something that is not a going concern; a business that would collapse or get liquidated in a year or two. To achieve the main objective of continuity, growth and progress, every enterprise needs customers.

The Penny Matters
Developing the Art of Self-discipline

I am recounting those moments in life when you literally feel like you shouldn't do anything, and no one should prompt you into doing anything either. Its funny how human beings are wired to operate. However, am not saying that we are sometimes lazy, of course you know that already, but I must admit that...

The Penny Matters
Writers Must Earn From Their Writings!

I was seated outside the venue while Eric Opon, an enthusiastic poet was busy making a call to someone, God knows who. The sky was already being tinted yellow and I could feel shivers of cold run down my spine as the cold breeze made its way through the opened panes of the window fixed...

On Relationships

Getting Laid
11 Habits of Highly Successful Daters

Everyone deserves the best when it comes to romantic relationships. This mindset describes why people can be very choosy when it comes to finding a suitable partner. Humans are naturally mutually attracted by the first impressions they try to create, but there is always a need to look for something more substantial that will make the partnership last.

The Penny Matters
Five Reasons Why You Should Never Cry After a Break-Up

The earth is the most funniest place in the universe where hypocritical hearts dominate and self-gratification acts occur daily, one could guess it is a norm. Maybe it is, I will have to acquisition wisdom from my grandpa; a man of few words who normally jokes mathematically, "One's wisdom is inversely proportional to the number...

Getting Laid
How to Ask Him Out

So, you're ready to date him, but you are not even sure whether he is at all interested. As a lady, you probably have the perception that a guy should be the one to ask you out, so you decide to wait. However, he doesn't seem to be forthcoming.

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Becoming a Millionaire: Ten Must-Read Books

Success and prosperity are the two tied aspects which every living mortal is trying to achieve, and in so doing, success has gained mystery overtime, with man venturing to understand it. He is always studying how it happens, why it happens, who has achieved it and how, as well as searching other possible ways in which it can be achieved.

The Penny Matters
What is Enough? Will the World ever be Satisfied?

It is that world again. World you hope to live in a little longer , perhaps till you achieve your goals and see your now little kids grow into accomplished men and women in the society. From a distance, you watch them as they play with mud, cooking ugali with soil and singing the songs...

Breaking the Barriers; Becoming the Mentor you were Born to be.

By Myson Humane When it comes to the realm of mentorship, self-drive takes the need. It is a field that calls for something more than dedication, commitment, donations or even passion. Serious mentors will tell you it's not a walk in the park, true mentors will whisper, "It depends!"

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