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Maggie Ward

Marketing, Copywriting, and Social Media Professional

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Three years of experience writing engaging content for large audiences. Social media manager. Diligent, resourceful, and dependable.

Process | Robbins Architecture

Robbins Architecture uses timeless design principles of proportion, light, and materiality to shape a home. With thoughtfulness and care, Celeste and her team weave each of these elements with a client's vision to create homes that radiate warmth, elegance, and livability.

Morlights | Lighting Design

Morlights is a collaborative that uses light as our medium and we are passionate about partnering with you to bring your vision to life.

Hoerr Schaudt
Rob Gray Serves on 2019 ASLA Student Awards Jury

On November 15-18, landscape architect professionals around the country will convene for ASLA's annual Conference on Landscape Architecture, held this year in San Diego. During the conference, the winners of the ASLA 2019 Awards will be formerly recognized.

Hoerr Schaudt
Plant Layout Begins on the Old Chicago Post Office Rooftop

The weather may be turning, but plant layout has just begun on the Old Chicago Post Office rooftop. Earlier this month, the CA team headed out and up to the rooftop, installing the plants that will soon create a neighborhood park on this urban rooftop.

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This Is What Guests Will Eat at the Royal Wedding

When British and American cuisine come together, the royal wedding menu will never be the same. Paul McErlane/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock Oh, to dine like a royal. And to party like one! What a party it will be. On May 19th, beloved Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle will marry.

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The Top 30 Milkshake Shops in America

Find spots in America to get the best milkshake. From interesting flavors to organic ingredients to shakes on a budget, this list has it all!

Taste of Home
How The McDonald's Happy Meal Has Changed Over the Years

The Packaging Was Inspired By Cereal Boxes After hearing about Yolanda's "Menu Ronald," McDonald's commissioned advertiser Robert Bernstein to design a similar item for its American stores. Robert modeled the boxes after a lunch pail, with the golden arches as handles.

Taste of Home
The Surprising Thing You Should Never Order at a Steakhouse

Shutterstock / TMON Be careful how you order your steak. "Medium-rare" doesn't mean the same thing it used to. We've all heard how to order steak: medium-rare, which translates to an internal temperature of 135°F.

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The Most Iconic Fair Food from Every State

Taste of Home Wisconsin Cream Puffs: Wisconsin State Fair, August 1-11, 2019 As America's Dairyland and home to award-winning cheeses, you might expect fried cheese curds to be Wisconsin's top fair pick. That's not the case, though! The stand that draws the longest lines at this fair is for cream puffs.

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These 12 Popular Food Brands Have One Thing in Common

View as slideshow Make a difference from your kitchen pantry. These food companies are dedicated to improving the world we live in, with missions from environmental sustainability to fighting child hunger. King Arthur Flour via facebook.com King Arthur Flour This 100% employee-owned flour company is all about giving back to its communities.

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27 Secret Phrases You Would Only Hear at a '50s Diner

View as slideshow Paint a bow-wow red, shingle with a shimmy and a shake, drown the kids?? Welcome to the wacky world of diner lingo, where elephants have dandruff, the salads have warts, and your server might kindly ask the chef to put the lights out and cry.

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