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Mark Simborg


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Experienced content writer with a background in newspaper journalism and a masters degree in fiction.

(NOTE: Below is just a sampling of my work. Bylines that aren't me were ghost written by me. Also —I accept bribes in the form of good beer. )

Three Tips For Communicating More Effectively As A CEO

I have worn a lot of different hats in my day: football coach, software engineer and now CEO of a data management company. All of them are unique with very different demands, but one common thread through them all is the need to communicate well.

How to Elevate Your Project Management Skills - Replicon

Being a project manager is tough. It requires top-notch interpersonal and organizational skills and the ability to successfully interact with team members and stakeholders alike. Project managers need to be cheerleaders and coaches, as well as leaders and team players. Almost all of us, at some point, will be part of a project - if ...

The Six Benefits of Real-Time Chat For Your Mobile Workforce

Nostalgic AIM users shed a collective tear as news that the pioneering chat app will close its windows forever at the end of this year. Pushed to the sidelines by the likes of Facebook and Google Hangouts, AOL can no longer compete.

AI and Data Management - 4 Facts to Know

Thanks to advances in computational power, reductions in computing costs and the rise of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly critical role in the success of the modern organization. More and more tasks that were previously handled by data management professionals are being tackled by intelligent machines today.

6 Ways Millennials Can Overcome Their Stereotypes, From a Millennial CEO

Millennials get a bad rap - perhaps deservedly. While there are always exceptions, generally speaking, millennials have less patience and (forgive me) fewer skills than people of earlier generations. They're finickier, dicier, more restless. They're also less loyal and not afraid to take full advantage of happy hours and vacation time.

Shredding Again

The ocean crashes a mere 300 yards away, across Hwy. 1, close enough to hear its rumble, and taste the salty air.

Amazon Web Services (landing page)
What are Microservices? | AWS

Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development where software is composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs. These services are owned by small, self-contained teams. Microservices architectures make applications easier to scale and faster to develop, enabling innovation and accelerating time-to-market for new features.

DataStax (case study)
Capital One Answers "What's in Your Wallet?" With DataStax Enterprise

A financial industry leader as famous for its credit cards as its Samuel L. Jackson-starring "What's in your Wallet?" commercials, Capital One's applications generate huge amounts of data, the mining of which has become of paramount importance for making critical business decisions.

jausás & co (home page)
jausás & co

Jausás & Co imports hand-picked contemporary tilework, wallcovering, and outdoor furniture from Spain and Italy for designers and architects.

DataStax (ebook)
What does data management have to do with customer experience?

Companies are in a race to set themselves apart from the competition in a meaningful way. Pre-Internet and pre-cloud, beating the competition meant out-advertising them, out-spending them, out-maneuvering them, or getting to a certain demographic before they did.

DataStax (landing page)
Designed for Hybrid Cloud

Most of today's enterprises are headed for hybrid and multi cloud data architectures, if they're not there already. The issue is that this transition to hybrid cloud often comes with drawbacks, such as data silos, cloud vendor lock-in, and data governance concerns.

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