Mark Simborg

Storyteller. Lead Generator. Brand Builder.

Seasoned B2B and B2C content writer and strategist with experience across a wide range of verticals. I love using storytelling to build brands and drive traffic through the funnel, and no matter what I'm writing about - be it cyber security or jeans - my goal is always the same: to turn new or repeat visitors into bonafide sales leads, and to write things people want to SHARE.

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Why Top Retailers Are Losing Customers At Checkout (infographic)

A look at how long it takes mobile shoppers to abandon their carts at major retailers, and why...


5 Ways to Help Your Aging Workforce Embrace Digital Transformation

Ghost-written thought piece for tech CEO.


What does data management have to do with CX?

Brochure for DataStax


Reason's for Refinancing | Paramount Equity® Blog

Refinancing your home is a tried and true method for homeowners to save money or enjoy financial flexibility. With near historic low interest rates and the possibility of rates...


How to Create an App (From Idea to Deployment)

Since they began appearing on our smart phones back in 2008, apps have made an incredible rise to power. There are now more than 2.2 million apps available on Android and more...

jausás & co

jausás & co (about us - home page)

jausás & co believes every building - be it a home, office, hospital, factory, studio, or store - is a work of art in the making. We import high-quality, European-made tilework,...


Historic North Beach Pub Tour (product teaser/description)

Once home to fortune seekers, fisherman, international sailors, and writers, North Beach still maintains a distinctly bohemian and Italian flair, making it the perfect hood to...

Grooming Lounge


Attack those wrinkles, puffs, crow’s feet, dark circles and creases. Learn the special ingredients behind the very best eye wrinkle creams for men.


4 Ways to Supercharge Your Mobile Checkout By Black Friday (ebook)

The world of ecommerce is rapidly shifting from desktop to mobile, but the only merchant with a seamless, one-touch mobile checkout process that doesn’t scare off 2 of every...


How to Elevate Your Project Management Skills | Replicon (blog post)

Being a project manager is tough. It requires top-notch interpersonal and organizational skills and the ability to successfully interact with team members and stakeholders...

Meta Science News

New Laser is Revolutionizing Eye Surgery (blog post)

LASIK, the most popular vision correction procedure of the last decade, has a new rival. The "femtosecond laser" operates at one-billionth of a second. It sends short pulses to...


Shredding Again (feature article)

The ocean crashes a mere 300 yards away, across Hwy. 1, close enough to hear its rumble, and taste the salty air.


Getting Car Insurance for Teens (blog post)

Ever ask 'Am I insured when I drive other cars?' Read our article, How Auto Insurance Works When You're Driving Someone Else's Car, for answers!

Wyzant (print brochure)

We're Here to Help. Private tutoring at affordable prices, in person an online.

SVS Sound

How to Build the Ultimate Home Theater (blog post)

Even if you’re not an audio-video expert or connoisseur, your senses allow you to appreciate the difference between regular home movie, music, TV and gaming experiences and a...


Tapping into nature's genius (feature article)

Mention of sound is scantly present in the droves of UFO documentation, and if anything it is the absence of sound that is remarked upon, often with exclamatory glee: "Totally...


Optimizing Credit Risk for Increased Lending Profitability (blog post)

There is significant change going on within the lending industry. With the pressure from nonregulated competitors growing in all segments, from payments to wealth management to...

Silver Jeans

The Best Fitting Women's Jeans for Your Particular Curvature (blog post)

When it comes to clothes that shape and frame your figure, a dress usually comes to mind first. But that’s not the whole story. The best-fitting women's jeans belong here, too.