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5 very basic mistakes beginning surfers can avoid

From your home to the beach, there are many mistakes that almost every surfer is guilty of. After all, we were all beginners one point. Check out this list of some very basic common mistakes we see all the time. So if you're brand new to surfing, take notes.

Nature Is a Woman's Place: How the Myth That Bears Are a Danger to Menstruating Women Spread

Ladies, do you have a secret fear a bear will track and attack you when you're menstruating in the wild? Everyone else, do you avoid going camping in bear country with menstruating women? As a woman who surfs in California's red triangle ( known for regular shark attacks) and who loves hiking in the wild, this is a topic that I think about regularly.
A guide to surfing in the Bay Area

Northern California's Bay Area has wildly diverse waves that can scare the crap out of you one day, then give you the ride of your life the next. This guide will help you find the wave you're looking for in the frigid Red Triangle.
Beppu, Japan: My Goal: Get Naked | Trip by Skyscanner

By Megan Seelie For a culture that appears to have as rigid social norms as the Japanese, they certainly have no qualms about stripping down to their skivvies with each other. It is true, I aspired to get naked with multiple women, but, it is not what you think...
Ever Felt Like a Breath Mint? | Trip by Skyscanner

By Megan Seelie I have discovered that Alaskans really love talking about bears. A bear conversation transpired during my hitchhiking with almost every ride. I am not sure what the fascination is, perhaps it is the pride they have about living in a bear infested state.

Diablo Magazine
On the Water

The towering white shipping cranes welcomed me into another world, where seals followed me like puppies.

Diablo Magazine
A Day Away: Jack London Square

Itching for an island getaway but can’t afford the flight? Believe it or not, Oakland’s Jack London Square offers a great escape in your own backyard.

Jetty Girl Surf Magazine
Surf Photo Friday - Get Stoked on Lady Shapers

I imagine there are more women out there in the surfboard building industry, and I look forward to the day when I look up 'women making surfboards' and hundreds of names appear. Until then, please join me in getting stoked on lady shapers!


Craft Carriage

Craft Carriage is a line of artisanal wraps for jars and bottles. Hand-bent wood and up-cycled leather straps, these coozies and six-pack holders turns heads weather you're at cafe, bar, or picnic. Do good, look great.

iLab // Haiti
Brand Storytelling

We are here to let Haitians decide. iLab // Haiti has found its home at Haiti Communitere, an established resource center where tools and classes give locals a space to take the future of Haiti into their own hands.

Mullowney Printing

UNPLUG from computers, phones, and email to reconnect with letters, ink, and art. During this one-day letterpress workshop you will be given your own space on the press bed to print whatever you like. You can set metal or wood type, carve a linoleum block, or print fabrics. Each participant will leave with at least twenty 3x4" letterpress prints of their own work.


a zine for waterpeople

A print magazine with big ideas and intrepid design, SEAWITCHES is a bi-annual publication. Our stories are rooted in nature and diversity. Like the witches and warlocks who have come before us, we revere Mother Earth. We are soul surfers, spear fishers, mountain climbers, and folks who feel the hum of the universe around us. There is a beautiful and vibrant void in the media for diverse stories – stories about old people, young people, LGBTQIA+ folks, people of color, men, women, different...

The OTHER Project
creating community around diversity

Promote diversity in action sports by having live events, film premiers, panel discussions, and fundraisers. Partner with like-minded organizations to symbiotically grow our messages and missions. Curate, brand, manage, and market all events. Craft podcasts, stories, videos, and media for publication.


S.S. Vallejo

The S.S. Vallejo houseboat in Sausalito California is home to the Varda Artists Residency Program. Living on a boat at the intersection of suburban streets and the sea necessitates rubber boots when leaving at high tide. Dead crabs litter the driveway, and dense fog clings to the hills until noon. This is a place of constant motion and if you sit still long enough to observe, the subtle swaying of the boat and the filling and draining of tides reveal themselves. At the height of the...

M Magazine
Shanghai: Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Imagine a place and time where the far east and the west coexist, where villas of nineteenth century Europe neighbor dragon laced temples, where Chinese women dress in petticoats and twirl delicate umbrellas, and the inks of Chinese art are complimented by the oil paints of the west.

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
Moving Through The Fire: Cynthia Brix and Will Keepin

The story of Cynthia Brix and Will Keepin cannot be told without honoring the stories of many women, men, and LGBTI people around the world. Through the Gender Reconciliation project, the two have given workshops in Australia, Colombia, India, Kenya, South Africa, Europe, and the United States.

The Hunt (A [email protected] Friday Gathering at BAM/PFA)

The crashing cymbals, that even Stewart plugged his ears for, induced a shock that hastened heart rates, increased anxiety levels and seemed to put its listeners on edge. Upon closing my eyes a primal feeling arose inside me as if I were an animal being hunted in the night.

Mel Bockner: Five Artists in One

Each work tempted me to the next like a carrot on a stick with a continuation of the concepts that he wove throughout the gallery using photography and painting.

The Fecal Face Decade

I had already seen many of the pieces displayed in the show online, which made seeing these tangible pieces like visiting old friends.

Sleeping in Public

A tall slight man carried a blank sign through the sea of seated people, silencing them in his wake.


Surf Feminism
The Other Project: Interview With Margaret Seelie

In 2004, I got on a soft-top in Australia when I was studying abroad there. All the foreign exchange students were sent on these trips around the country including a trip to take a surf lesson on the coast. I was stoked. I had loved surfing since I could remember.