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5 very basic mistakes beginning surfers can avoid

From your home to the beach, there are many mistakes that almost every surfer is guilty of. After all, we were all beginners one point. Check out this list of some very basic...


Nature Is a Woman's Place: How the Myth That Bears Are a Danger to Menstruating Women Spread

Ladies, do you have a secret fear a bear will track and attack you when you're menstruating in the wild? Everyone else, do you avoid going camping in bear country with...

A guide to surfing in the Bay Area

Northern California's Bay Area has wildly diverse waves that can scare the crap out of you one day, then give you the ride of your life the next. This guide will help you find...

Beppu, Japan: My Goal: Get Naked | Trip by Skyscanner

By Megan Seelie For a culture that appears to have as rigid social norms as the Japanese, they certainly have no qualms about stripping down to their skivvies with each other....

Trip by Skyscanner

Margaret Seelie Travel Tips & Activities - Trip by Skyscanner

Trip by Skyscanner helps you find places to stay, eat or play that are perfect for you

Ever Felt Like a Breath Mint? | Trip by Skyscanner

By Megan Seelie I have discovered that Alaskans really love talking about bears. A bear conversation transpired during my hitchhiking with almost every ride. I am not sure what...

Diablo Magazine

On the Water

The towering white shipping cranes welcomed me into another world, where seals followed me like puppies.

Diablo Magazine

A Day Away: Jack London Square

Itching for an island getaway but can’t afford the flight? Believe it or not, Oakland’s Jack London Square offers a great escape in your own backyard.


Summer Ain't Over: Mollusk Jamboree In Big Sur

As days get shorter, we daydream in fluorescent-lit offices of music festivals and moments at the beach.

Jetty Girl Surf Magazine

Surf Photo Friday - Get Stoked on Lady Shapers

I imagine there are more women out there in the surfboard building industry, and I look forward to the day when I look up 'women making surfboards' and hundreds of names appear....


Athleta / Gap

Short & Long-form

Catalog copy, blog posts, and product naming.

Women Sports Film Festival

Press Release

Craft Carriage


Craft Carriage is a line of artisanal wraps for jars and bottles. Hand-bent wood and up-cycled leather straps, these coozies and six-pack holders turns heads weather you're at...

iLab // Haiti

Brand Storytelling

We are here to let Haitians decide. iLab // Haiti has found its home at Haiti Communitere, an established resource center where tools and classes give locals a space to take the...

Mullowney Printing


UNPLUG from computers, phones, and email to reconnect with letters, ink, and art. During this one-day letterpress workshop you will be given your own space on the press bed to...



a zine for waterpeople

A print magazine with big ideas and intrepid design, SEAWITCHES is a bi-annual publication. Our stories are rooted in nature and diversity. Like the witches and warlocks who...

The OTHER Project

creating community around diversity

Promote diversity in action sports by having live events, film premiers, panel discussions, and fundraisers. Partner with like-minded organizations to symbiotically grow our...