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Molly Raycraft


Location icon United Kingdom

One of the Top 15 Journalists to follow in B2B marketing (named by Directive).

I'm a journalist at trade magazine B2B Marketing. I write SEO-friendly content aimed at professionals. I'm also the host of The B2B Marketing Podcast.

Caught in a maelstrom? How to lead your team through a crisis

Nobody wants to believe a crisis will happen to them - but you can bet your luck that what you don't plan for will bite you on the butt. Molly Raycraft gathers advice on navigating those stormy waters.A crisis is like a shark attack.

From 0 to 60: How F5s digital transformation took off

It's through content that marketing sows its seed, but it's digital that allows the seed to grow. Molly Raycraft talks to Shallu Behar-Sheehan director at F5 Networks about how she implemented this theory.

Winning the battle for talent

Finding and keeping talented staff was the number one challenge agencies faced in 2018, our survey shows. Molly Raycraft speaks to agencies successfully reeling in the best to discover how they're doing it

B2B Marketing's top 20 women making the biggest impact in tech

When we decided to write this article, we were slightly apprehensive. Would we be able to find enough female martech experts to shine a light on? According to a report by PwC only 5% of women in technology are in leadership roles. But rather than focusing on what there isn't, we wanted to focus on what there is.

How to budget and plan for your new ABM programme | B2B Marketing

Dive into the depths of account-based marketing and you'll likely reach undiscovered treasures. But knowing how to budget for resources, equipment and training will determine whether you sink or swim. Molly Raycraft talks to Lisa Skinner, VP marketing at Localytics, Vera Loftis, MD at Bluewolf, and Claire Nash, group strategy director of Momentum ABM.This feature has been written exclusively for our members.

Lessons from a 20-year tech marketing career

Gareth Case, CMO at Redstor, has been in B2B marketing his entire career. He's always been in the tech sector, except for a two year role in recruitment which gave him access to a different perspective. But he returned to technology quickly. "I've always been into technology.

Is it right to drop the f-bomb in marketing?

Another bland marketing email lands in your inbox, but this one contains the kind of explicit language that would have got you a real rollicking at school. But the question remains, does it grab the right kind of attention? Molly Raycraft writes

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