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We are giving a platform to stories that deserve to be told and carving out more space for female voices in sport, be that at grassroots or professional level.


Data: A Modern Medicine is a literary exploration of the relationship between art, science, and data design; the three elements that have allowed us to understand the interconnectedness of all things.

Hidden Door

SONIC SCULPTURES: VISUAL ART SCARE THE DEER/ SHISHI-ODOSHI AND ROUND OF APPLAUSE Calum Scott and Charlie Cook both use the potential of combinations of electronic and physical forces- of gravity and water to create sculptural outcomes. Starting in the Leith Theatre, Calum's installation can be found at the uppermost part of the building- on the rooftop.

Hidden Door

Visual Art preview - Between Site and Sight The themes of illumination and repetition pervade the practices of Rachel McBrinn, Alison Piper, Lucy Wayman and Valerie Reid. Each artist anchored by a sculptural impetus, bringing to the fore both traditional and contemporary approaches to moving image and installation works.

Sport's Hidden Crisis: Men and Eating Disorders

As we watch athletes fly across our screens, breaking records and raising the flag for our nation we understand these individuals as figureheads, elite and invincible. However, behind competitive sport lies a hidden crisis... As the Coronavirus pandemic has ceased televised sport, the BBC took this pause in activity to address the stigma around men's sport and eating disorders.

2020 ART MARKET IN REVIEW - Electric Artefacts

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to thrust the economy into turbulence, the digital art landscape remains buoyant regardless. A new generation of artists and creatives who grew up in an era of ubiquitous digital technology assume their work should not be limited to a single, physical exhibition space.

The Metaverse Papers: The Electronic Highway - Electric Artefacts

Outlier Ventures recently published The Open Metaverse OS Paper. It is a fascinating read on how we may expect to interact with the internet in years to come. Electric Artefacts delivers you an outline of key takeaways presented in the paper.

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