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Florence Welch Has Conquered Her Demons And Found Hope

Florence Welch first appeared on the south London music scene in 2OO8 in a haze of hedonism, red hair and glitter as the frontwoman of indie band Florence + The Machine. Now - a decade later - the band has three number-one multi-platinum albums and countless Grammy, BRIT and MTV awards, while the 32-year-old has several Gucci campaigns and a best-selling poetry book to her name.

Why Professor Laurie Santos's happiness course is the most popular at Yale

Courses at Yale usually attract students in their dozens. So when Professor Laurie Santos saw that nearly 1,000 people had registered for her new course in little over a week, she was taken aback. Her first thought was, "That's weird", the 42-year-old primate psychology expert says with a laugh. Her

How to become a 21st-century cavewoman

It's 9.30am. I am standing in a semicircle around a scented candle with a group of strangers in an office space in Manhattan, watching our problems, figuratively at least, go up in flames. "What's the one thing you're committed to not bringing into the space today?"

the Guardian
'These are not normal times': a journey through New York City amid the pandemic

Running through Manhattan from the Battery to the Bronx, Broadway is New York City's lifeline. So in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak - and the raft of restrictive measures being implemented across the city and the state in an attempt to contain it - it seems like a good place to check the prevailing mood.

The Observer
Keeping up with the Sussexes: will Harry and Meghan be LA's hottest ticket?

Touching down to a city in lockdown cannot have been what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had in mind when they had imagined starting a new life in Los Angeles. With a stay-at-home order in place, all activities usually associated with the city - premieres, parties, events and schmoozing - were on hold when they reportedly arrived last month, and studios had stopped production.

ES Magazine
Britney's Back

She has sold 100 million records and created some of the most memorable music moments of our time. As her Piece of Me tour comes to London, Britney Spears talks falling in love again, motherhood and reinvention.

the Guardian
Hundreds of young people join Greta Thunberg in climate protest outside UN

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg was joined by swelling and excited crowds of American teenagers at a protest outside the UN headquarters in New York on Friday, in a further blossoming of the youth environment movement given extra thrust by the Swede's transatlantic boat crossing.

the Guardian
'It was like a war': survivors describe horror of attack at Jewish supermarket

Yossi Steinmetz was still in shock when he returned to the scene 24 hours after narrowly escaping with his life during Tuesday's attack that killed six people in Jersey City. Just seconds before the shooting started, the 30-year-old had been inside JC Kosher Supermarket - the grocery store where five people, including the attackers, were killed - before going to the synagogue to worship next door.

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'I suffer through it': how US workers cope without paid sick leave

Wanda Coker has life-saving dialysis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Despite feeling tired, nauseous and suffering cramps from the four-hour treatments that do the job her kidneys can no longer can do, the 52-year-old rushes back from the clinic to her home in Durham, North Carolina.

The Guardian
Ghislaine Maxwell Socialite accused of helping Epstein groom young girls

The death of Jeffrey Epstein over the weekend has put renewed focus on the British socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused in civil court documents of conspiring with the disgraced financier to recruit and groom underage girls for sexual abuse.

the Guardian
Trump lawyers argue impeachment case is 'flimsy' as trial looms

Lawyers acting on behalf of Donald Trump on Monday branded the impeachment case against him "flimsy" and a "dangerous perversion of the constitution", setting the stage for the opening of his long-awaited Senate trial on Tuesday.

Sunday Times Style
Good vibrations? Where mindfulness meets clean eating

At New York's "high-vibration" restaurant abcV, pretty much everything on the menu is made from plants. To my right, a group of millennial women nurse wine glasses filled, not with booze but with luminous, cold-pressed carrot juice as they enthusiastically nibble crudités.

Evening Standard
Yalitza Aparicio thought she'd been 'decieved' when she landed Roma role

Before being cast as the star of Alfonso Cuarón's groundbreaking film Roma, Yalitza Aparicio's only acting experience consisted of telling fibs to her mother as a child. "I would say that I was going to go and do some work for my school and I was just having fun with my friends, but my mum is smart so she would always know that I was lying," she says, laughing.

the Guardian
New York's Strand bookstore fights back over landmark status

In its 92-year history, the Strand, a New York institution and one of the world's largest independent bookstores, has endured everything from the Great Depression to the explosion of Amazon. It is a cruel irony, then, that having survived against the odds, the latest potential threat to the third-generation family business comes from an organisation whose purpose is supposed to be to protect.

the Guardian
Slave Play: the Broadway show sparking an intense debate on race

Slave Play does not officially open on Broadway until next month, but just a few nights into previews the ground-breaking drama is already sparking an animated debate over race, drawing queues down the street and the attention of some of the biggest names in theatre.

the Guardian
New York's MoMA unveils $450m expansion and 'remix' of collection

New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) unveiled its new $450m expansion on Thursday in a revamp of the gallery - including a radical "remix" of its permanent collection, which will see famous works exhibited alongside those of lesser-known artists.

Evening Standard
Sir Antony Gormley: BTS are bringing art to a whole new audience

Sir Antony Gormley has praised BTS for bringing a new audience to the "self-serving" art world as he unveiled an installation in New York in collaboration with the South Korean boyband. The London artist's sculpture, which opens today in Brooklyn Bridge Park, is formed of 11 miles of continuous looping aluminium tubing.

the Guardian
Ocasio-Cortez wants '9/11-style commission' on family separations

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for a "9/11-style commission" to investigate child separation on the border with Mexico on Saturday, and said the US government has a life-long responsibility to children it severed from their parents, to provide them with mental health support.

Sunday Times News Review
Glenda Jackson has a new role - telling us all to go easy on Mrs May

"I am invariably a big, big disappointment to people because they expect me to be something I'm not," Glenda Jackson says matter-of-factly over coffee in a sunlit corner of a tea house on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. If she is at all bothered by this, she doesn't show it.

the Guardian
Author Marianne Williamson on 2020 run: 'The best thing I can do is be myself'

Marianne Williamson, until recently best known for her Oprah-endorsed self-help books, got less than five minutes' airtime in the first round of Democratic presidential debates. But her contributions were memorable. Having instructed fellow candidates to "get deeper than the superficial fixes", she referred to the prime minister of New Zealand as "girlfriend" and issued a challenge to Donald Trump.

Evening Standard
Sex and the City star steps up battle to become next New York governor

On a hot and sticky evening in a Brooklyn park, the so-called "Cynthia effect" was on full display. "This is a David and Goliath battle, but there is a path to victory," said a defiant Cynthia Nixon, 52, to cheers and applause as the Sex And The City star addressed supporters at a canvassing event for her campaign to become the next governor of New York.

Seeking sanctuary in books

It was a fleeting encounter with the underside of a prominent author's shoe that got me thinking about my relationship with bookshops. Outside on the summer's evening streets of Manhattan, its inhabitants moved with their trademark unapologetic purpose towards post-work drinks, exercise classes, jobs, trains, parks, home, money, hope.

Evening Standard
Young & True

Rising star Odessa Young is proud to be in a new film which portrays modern teenagers as they really are

Ashley Graham

Cover story for Wonder Women issue

Sunday Times Style
Welcome to the workout factory

Forget spinning - at Project, the fitness version of a tech incubator, trainers test new ideas on the public.

Evening Standard
Zadie Smith: 'I asked to use my husband's book title. Feel free, he said'

Zadie Smith said she is in "quite a lot of trouble" after she took the name of her husband's as-yet-unpublished poetry collection and used it as the title for her latest book. The London author's book of essays came out earlier this month with the title Feel Free.

Evening Standard
It's a Brit Broadway takeover

London theatre is in a golden age in New York, with hits like Angels in America and Harry Potter about to open. It's the real special relationship, says Miranda Bryant

Evening Standard
Angels in America gets a heavenly reception for Broadway transfer

Andrew Garfield and the cast of Angels In America took Broadway by storm as the British production made its debut in New York. The marathon performance of the National Theatre's revival of playwright Tony Kushner's two-part play started at the Neil Simon Theatre at midday yesterday and ended with four curtain calls and a standing ovation after 10pm.

Evening Standard
Letter from New York

2.5m shrug off terror attack to cheer on marathon runners

Evening Standard
Ai Weiwei: Britain must take more responsibility over refugee crisis

Ai Weiwei called on Britain and other major powers to take "much more responsibility" for the refugee crisis as he unveiled his largest ever public exhibition in New York. The dissident Chinese artist, who is based in Berlin, said there is "no excuse" for Britain and the US not to do more to help the world's refugees - especially in light of the Iraq war.

Evening Standard
1984 on Broadway considers getting a nurse in for queasy audiences

Producers are considering recruiting a nurse for the hit stage adaptation of George Orwell's 1984 because so many theatregoers have been taken ill during performances - including Jennifer Lawrence. Reactions to the play, which has transferred from London to Broadway, have included vomiting, fainting and shouting.

Let NYC dance: The battle to save New York City's nightlife

Features With the end of the "no dancing law" in sight, we take a look at why this is finally being addressed Miranda Bryant 20 September 2017 The inscriptions of presidential quotes, mahogany paneling, chandeliers and plush deep red carpets of the council chambers of New York City Hall in Manhattan are a world away from the warehouses and make-shift spaces of Brooklyn's DIY scene across the river.

Evening Standard
We can teach London how to clean up toxic air, says Mexico City chief

Rooftop gardens, bicycle rental as a serious commute option and mandatory vehicle emission tests could help bring down London's toxic air pollution levels, according to Mexico City's environment chief. Secretary Tanya Müller García said her city - once notorious for its poor air quality which was among the worst in the world - had managed to drastically cut pollution levels since the Nineties through a raft of measures.

Evening Standard
Letter from New York: Trump divides opinion as tensions bubble below surface

Outside Trump Tower, the New York home of America's divisive president, it is back to business as usual - on the surface at least. In the absence of Donald Trump, who has not been back to his hometown since his inauguration in January but whose wife Melania and son Barron remain, the 58-storey building on Fifth Avenue has ceased to be a focal point for his detractors.

Evening Standard
Kate Hudson says it would be a "huge step forward" if America had a female leader

INTERVIEW: Kate Hudson plays two rival election candidates in a new calendar - but when it comes to the US presidential race, her loyalties are far from divided. The Oscar-nominated actress is backing Hillary Clinton in next year's election, saying it would be a "huge step forward" for women's rights if America had a female leader.

Evening Standard
Lord Sugar: We should all move to China if Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM

EXCLUSIVE: Lord Sugar dealt a fresh blow to Jeremy Corbyn today, saying "we should all move to China" if the new Labour leader ever becomes Prime Minister. The star of TV's The Apprentice also raised fears that Mr Corbyn could "shut down" London's booming property market with sting-the-rich policies and controversial housing plans.

Evening Standard
Snapchat does not encourage child sexting, says founder

EXCLUSIVE: A co-founder of Snapchat has denied that his app encourages children to exchange explicit photographs on their phones. CEO Evan Spiegel said users were more likely to send innocent "selfies" than offensive material. Spiegel, 23, speaking on his first visit to London, rejected accusations about the app, which lets users share photos that self-destruct within 10 seconds.

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Dizzee Rascal: Black, white, we'd all fight...

INTERVIEW: Dizzee Rascal today called for greater investment in the capital's youth clubs as he told of the crucial role they played in transforming him from an ordinary teenager on an east London estate to a global star.

Refinery29 UK
How A Move To New York Made This Brit Realise We Don't Take Mental Health Seriously

The doctor gave me a pamphlet with a phone number on that I could call to see if I would qualify to speak to a therapist. But the idea of having to make the same revelation again to a faceless stranger in a call centre and have to "prove" my need to talk was too daunting, and the doctor's response made me feel like it wasn't that important to seek help after all.

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10 reasons why you should visit Marfa, Texas

The Marfa experience starts part-way through the seven-hour drive from buzzing and densely populated Austin to the arid plains of west Texas. As motorways give way to one seemingly endless straight road through the desert, a view only interrupted by mirages and hovering birds of prey, the looming emptiness ahead is almost overwhelming.

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Miranda Bryant: On salaries, football is a game of two genders

Later this month, London hosts a landmark moment in English football. A record 55,000 fans have bought tickets to see an England women's friendly against Germany at Wembley on November 23 - the first time they have outsold the men.

Evening Standard
Miranda Bryant: Schools should not be fodder for reality TV fans

From Channel 4's Educating the East End to Channel 5's Too Tough to Teach?, London school-based reality dramas have become a feature of prime-time weekday television. The format has even now been licensed for shows in China and elsewhere. It's not hard to see why.

Evening Standard
London 2012 Olympics: I carried the Olympic flame

"When you carry the torch you are the only person in the world carrying the Olympic flame," an official reminded me as I got on the bus with 10 other torchbearers in the Devonshire town of Okehampton this morning. And the people of Devon were today in no doubt about that.

Evening Standard
Miranda Bryant: Without a check on rising rents we will be forced out

With a petition calling for a rent cap in London attracting more than 62,000 signatures, critics of rent controls argue that a cap would lead to an exodus of private landlords. As one of London's 2.2 million private-sector tenants -around a quarter of the capital's population - I think there's a more pressing issue.

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