Michael Lindgren

Freelance writer and editor

Born in Jackson, Michigan, educated at Dartmouth College. Former book editor and bookseller; reviews and essays in Washington Post, many more. Jersey City, NJ.


Promised Land Calling: Remembering Chuck Berry, 1926-2017
In the beginning, there was Chuck. Forget Elvis Presley; everyone knew who the real king was.
New bios of baseball legends Stengel, Durocher
Longtime New Yorkers and curious younger baseball fans alike will be happy to celebrate Opening Day with biographies of emblematic New York baseball men.
Rock'n'roll's first intellectual sophisticate: Paul Simon
Paul Simon was never very happy about his appearance, according to Peter Ames Carlin's biography "Homeward Bound."
Briefly Noted: Garments Against Women by Anne Boyer
This hybrid meditation from Kansas City poet and philosopher Anne Boyer is a frankly astonishing expression of great beauty, pain, and force.
Happiness Is a Warm Debate
I moved to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2000, where I found myself living among men who were not much like me.
Cheever in Charge
This spring's double-barreled canonization at last allows us finally to pose the question: Was Cheever great?
On Abigail Welhouse and "Bad Baby"
Not for Abigail Welhouse mopey displays of emotional distress.
In four books, four different visions for fixing higher education
In a famous episode of "The Sopranos," Tony takes his teenage daughter on a college trip to an idyllic New England hamlet...
Why I Hate Brooklyn Lit: A Dissent
Michael Lindgren is a veteran book reviewer with The L Magazine and has long been a dissenting editorial voice on the subject of the nascent Brooklyn literary scene.
Slang and the City: Friendship
Near the end of Emily Gould's engaging debut novel Friendship, a jaded older woman gives protagonist Amy Schein some advice.
Review, 'Football: Great Writing about the National Sport'
"A rude and brainless subculture of fascist drunks," Hunter S. Thompson wrote of sportswriters.
'The Cool School: Writing from America's Hip Underground'
I was cool once. Honestly.
The Last Book I Loved: Dream Songs
My relationship with John Berryman's Dream Songs, like the songs themselves, is murky, complicated, obscure in origin, and not easy to explain-not even to myself.
Abstract art exhibitions | Museums & Attractions | Time Out New York Kids
Some adults may find it mysterious, but abstract art is often enchanting, even coherent, to kids.
Poet Kay Ryan brings 'The Best of It' to her reading Sunday in Cleveland
The poems in Kay Ryan's astonishing collection "The Best of It" are so crisp and immediate that they seem effortless.
Against the Grain podcast
Against the Grain is a podcast about culture, books, music, and art. Hosted by Mike LIndgren. Based in Jersey City.

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