Michelle Bobzien

Content SEO Strategist | Marketer & Writer

United States

Greetings! I am an experienced and passionate content project manager and writer. I have a knack for organic SEO and branding, offering a highly sought-after combination of creative and technical skillsets.

A content strategy is all about writing and positioning toward a particular audience. During the process of writing, editing, or developing content strategies, there are many tactics used to reach goals. Typically, the goal is to reach and influence the right PEOPLE at the right TIME and in the right PLACE. Ensure high-quality content and get more by gaining trust and brand loyalty. Or, solve a problem. In any case, good content CAN continue to have a purpose long after the publish date.

There is so much to share! I have written, published, or edited, hundreds of website pages and twice as many blogs. I have experience with audio and visual elements and have worked with a plethora of industries and digital platforms. The attached portfolio represents just a small sample of content and writing projects over the years.

My vision for the next decade is to be part of a collaborative team. If you're on that team, then I can't wait to meet you!

Michelle Bobzien

Private Client - One Method I designed to share SEO outline for New Pillar Pages
Writing Template for Business to add a New Pillar Page to Website

Content strategy projects always begin with a client needs analysis and an audit. As a result, it was found that the client would benefit from more in-depth information on their website. To support new pillar pages, an SEO writing template like this was prepared for each individual topic.

Private Client Content Strategy to Gain Local Market Share
Content Strategy To Gain Local Market Share

This is a "one-sheet" overview of a content strategy designed for a client who's goal was to obtain more market share.

Leaning Tree Marketing - VERY BASIC profile website that I manage and contribute to
Content SEO Freelance Services | Leaning Tree Digital Marketing

HOME PAGE- (PERSONAL PORTFOLIO WEBSITE) Good content is more than a bunch of words. It has the potential to influence people and be ranked by search engines like Google. When you choose to work with The Leaning Tree Digital Marketing, you'll gain access to a powerhouse of Content and SEO services. TARGET: B2B, business owners, agencies MARKETING GOAL: Informational & Navigational. PERFORMANCE METRICS: Traffic, link clicks, time on site, pages read, and inquiries.

Debt Advisors Private Client - Static Web Page for Local Signals. Hundreds of static pages and blogs written for this client over 13 years.
Bankruptcy Lawyer Milwaukee | Debt Advisors Law Offices

LOCATION LANDING PAGE (PREVIOUS DIRECT CLIENT): 2600 N. Mayfair Road, #700 Milwaukee, WI 53226 Phone: (414)-755-2400 Hours: Mo-Fri 9a-5p & Sat 9a-12noon. We are local bankruptcy lawyers who are experienced in helping people get out of debt while holding on to as many assets as possible. TARGET: B2C. Adults 25-54, Wisconsin Resident (local search) Search Engine Results for focus keywords. MARKETING GOAL: Transactional & Informational. PERFORMANCE METRICS: Users, local organic keyword...

Action Law Offices Private Client - Hundreds of Static Pages & Blogs researched, written, SEO optimized & published on WordPress over period of 10 years.
Commercial Truck Accident | Action Law Offices Article & Blog

BLOG COPY (PREVIOUS DIRECT CLIENT) Commercial truck accidents are on the rise. This means more injuries and fatalities to car drivers and their passengers. Know your rights and whom to call for help. TARGET: B2C, A18+, commuters, commercial drivers, Wisconsin Resident MARKETING GOAL: Navigational & Transactional. PERFORMANCE METRICS: Users, Organic keyword visibility, and position tracking by the positive impact (SEMrush). Page views, landing page performance, and goal conversions...

PRWeb- Press Release to Announce Contest Win
Bankruptcy Law Firm Earns Best of Milwaukee

PRESS RELEASE (PREVIOUS DIRECT CLIENT) The bankruptcy practice most recently participated in and won “The Best of Milwaukee” contest sponsored by an alternative news source referred to as “The Shepherd Express.” Clients cast their votes to support the people at this amazing bankruptcy law firm. TARGET: B2C. Local 25-54 Adult Population, Media Outlets MARKETING GOAL: Informational & Navigational. PERFORMANCE METRICS: Visibility/Reads, Headline Imps, web crawler hits, media pick-ups &...

Blog Copy Template for Copywriter to expand upon - Website
How To Set Deck Posts

BLOG COPY-(WHITE-LABEL WORK)Setting deck posts without proper research and advance preparation can lead to disaster. This is why we’ve put together easy-to-follow steps, quick tips, and video resources. TARGET: B2C. Adults 25-64, homeowners, DIY’s MARKETING GOAL: Transactional & Informational. PERFORMANCE METRICS: Traffic, Clicks, Conversions, Sales Revenue

Blog Outline for Copywriter to Expand Upon - Website
Solitary Bees: Trap Or Provide Home For Them?

BLOG COPY (WHITE-LABEL WORK) Solitary bees are interesting; many, but not all are harmless. Some can be efficient pollinators, and others can be a real problem. TARGET: B2C. Adults 25+, Gardeners, Homeowners, Hobbyist MARKETING GOAL: Informational. Transactional. PERFORMANCE METRICS: Article traffic, click-through rate, conversions, bounce rate, time on site.

Blog Copy - Website
Better than Ever: The New Face of My Dwelling

BLOG COPY (PREVIOUS DIRECT CLIENT) In a special announcement, My Dwelling merges With Shorewest Realtors. The previous owner has now become the “Managing Broker” of My Dwelling and oversees a team of nearly ten agents and supportive office staff. TARGET: B2B & B2C, real estate professionals and home buyer/rental market inquiries. MARKETING GOAL: Informational. PERFORMANCE METRICS: Traffic, internal link clicks, bounce rate, and inquiries.

Ad Copy - Print & Web
Jenkins Jaguar F-Type Hype

AD COPY (PREVIOUS DIRECT CLIENT) Jenkins Jaguar invites you to test drive the first roadster from Jaguar in 40 years. (If you dare.) The beauty is parked in our lot and says, "I have arrived!" Jaguar F-Type V8 S Convertible. TARGET: B2C Adults 35-54 MARKETING GOAL: Transactional & Informational. PERFORMANCE METRICS: Sales. Selling one vehicle would easily cover the cost of all marketing efforts for that vehicle. Note: Leaning Tree Marketing also designed the dealership logo.