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I am an award-nominated journalist, writing on a wide range of topics including race, feminism, pop culture, social issues and relationships. Former writer for HuffPost and Arts and Culture Editor at gal-dem, I am now working part-time as gal-dem's Opinions Editor. In 2017 I graduated with a First Class BA in Psychology from Cambridge University, going on to work as the University's Welfare and Rights Officer for one year.

Over the two years I have been shortlisted for Fresh New Voice Commentator of the Year, and for the Observer / Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism.

I have bylines in The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, HuffPost, Vogue, Dazed, HUCK, ROOKIE, gal-dem, Glamour the British Journalism Review and others.



the Guardian
A moment that changed me: realising I was black | Micha Frazer-Carroll

"A 'black girl'. How weird is that?" I laughed. I'm met with silence from my mum's side of the dinner table. "It's not weird. It's what you are." Like one million other people in the UK, I'm mixed race. Up until I was a teenager, I'd never considered I could be anything else.

Lockdown showed me how space can be political | gal-dem

After coronavirus broke out and many countries began to go into lockdown, CityMapper published data showing how busy cities had ground to a halt. Suddenly, for anyone who was not a key worker, the invisible daily map of our movements through space, was condensed to a number of square metres.

the Guardian
Hair discrimination is intertwined with racism. Let's follow California, and ban it

As the beads, in every shape, size and colour, rattled on to the wooden school desk, my deputy headteacher finally understood. It had been an emotional struggle: much to her distress, my sister, aged six, had been called out of class for wearing long, tiny braids with colourful beads at the ends - a common style among Caribbean kids.

How to Say No - Rookie

"Yeah," you lie through your teeth. "Definitely, sounds great." We've all been there. Once again you're having an out-of-body experience as you watch yourself say the dreaded "yes" in response to a request that you have (or had) no intention of fulfilling. Why did I say that?

INDIE Magazine
Yrsa Daley-Ward is the Stormzy-approved poet you need to know

Micha Frazer-Carroll talks to Penguin-published poet Yrsa Daley-Ward about life, strife and storytelling. While her Instagram poetry brims with optimism her debut poetry collection, her debut book tackled a complicated journey with regards to sexuality, mental health and her highly religious upbringing.


The Independent
Opinion: 'The Tate and the Southbank Centre are showing that arts workers, especially low paid...

Culture Art Features As executives retain their comfortable salaries and annual bonuses, London's biggest arts centres continue with their brutal lay-offs of staff. It's a scene that our columnist Micha Frazer-Carroll is all too familiar with Friday 04 September 2020 15:10 W hen Southbank management announced, amid the most brutal round of lay-offs in the organisation's history, that the mammoth arts centre was rebranding as a "start-up", they faced a lot of raised eyebrows.

The Independent
From I May Destroy You to Sex Education, therapy on TV is too far-fetched

Culture TV & Radio Features From 'I May Destroy You' to 'Sex Education', depictions of therapy onscreen range from daft to downright immoral. Our new arts columnist Micha Frazer-Carroll won't take it lying down Friday 24 July 2020 12:50 A t the emotional climax of I May Destroy You 's ninth episode, I came across a distraction that I couldn't stop thinking about.

the Guardian
University culture nurtures racism - I see it all the time | Micha Frazer-Carroll

For the first time in my four years at university, it's starting to feel like campus racism is being noticed more widely than by the students who experience it. I'm writing in the wake of "Punish a Muslim Day", a concept that feels dystopian but one about which students at my university rightly felt it necessary to circulate an open letter expressing their concern.

Caroline Calloway and the complicated ethics of publishing personal essays online | gal-dem

Photography via Yiggie9 / Wikimedia Commons Last night, for the first time in years, all of my friends were reading the exact same thing. Caroline Calloway, an American Cambridge graduate with nearly 800,000 Instagram followers and a more recent reputation as a master scammer, was the subject of a newly published essay by her former best friend and ghostwriter, Natalie Beech.

The Independent
Reading about racism won't turn you into an ally - but it's a step towards it

In 2014, Reni Eddo-Lodge wrote a blog post titled "Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race". In 2017, after finding virality, that blog post became a book of the same name. Last week, it topped the UK bestseller list, making her the first black Brit ever to occupy the position.

Why we shouldn't be celebrating Jay-Z becoming a billionaire | gal-dem

When I think about the late capitalist hellscape we spent our formative years absorbing, one smash hit song stands out - and the hook goes: I want to be a billionaire, so freakin' bad . This week, we found out Jay-Z beat Bruno Mars to the punch, stacking up a billion dollars in his extensive fortune.

SAGE Journals
And the Winner Isn't... - Micha Frazer-Carroll, 2019

The newsroom I work in looks nothing like any other in the country. Unlike 94 per cent of journalists in the UK, every staff member at gal-dem is a person of colour. With our ethos centred on changing the landscape of journalism in the UK and beyond, we've been fortunate to win, and be nominated for, a number of awards.

Huck Magazine
As long as fascists are on TV, people will throw stuff at them

While nobody seriously thinks viral confrontations are going to halt the rise of the far-right, these incidents are a reflection of how we're all feeling: fed up. For the second time on his campaign trail, Tommy Robinson has been milkshake-d.

Huck Magazine
Cut out: how austerity targeted communities of colour

Austerity wasn't the beginning of the rampant systemic inequality that faces communities of colour in this country. By the 2007 financial crash, households made up of people of colour already saw a 44 per cent poverty rate - twice that of their white neighbours. So when the 2010 Conservative-Lib Dem coalition embarked on the violent...

Huck Magazine
Institutionally racist: A brief history of police brutality in the UK

Over 20 years since the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, the report's findings remain true: the UK police are institutionally racist. Here, writer Micha Frazer-Carroll explains why the fight for justice is nowhere near over. Over 20 years since the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, the report's findings remain true: the UK police are institutionally racist.

It's time to end the posh tradition of jeering in Parliament

When I was a kid, there was only one exception to my family's 'no TV in the morning' rule, and that was BBC Breakfast. The news didn't enthral me, but there was one bit I found strangely entertaining: on green padded seats in wood-panelled rooms, posh politicians shouted and heckled at each other.

HuffPost UK
Why I Embraced The Power Of 'Maybe', And You Should Too

The world is full of tick boxes, particularly in our social lives. We want answers and RSVPs, and we want them now. From the cult of the 'yes man' to the 'it's okay to say no' revolution - as celebrated in countless lifestyle columns - it sometimes feels like we're caught in a tug-of-war between definitives.

HuffPost UK
Can We Learn Anything From The Strange, Watered-Down Politics Of Awards Ceremonies?

"Gay rights", they said. I was scrolling in the deep in Grammys and BAFTAs Twitter coverage when the video, the length of a third of a Vine, popped up, with a couple thousand likes. It was The Favourite stars Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz, spliced together in the two-second clip, on camera, saying the two simple words for a fan who had asked them to.

Huck Magazine
Right-wing nation: how the UK media became broken & biased

Is the mainstream media biased? At first, the question can feel both uselessly broad and overwhelmingly subjective - how would we even measure it? Answering it also isn't helped by the arbitrary nature of the shifting 'centre'. But a glimpse at research on public opinion, as well as clear examples of platforms giving airtime for...

HuffPost UK
Your Good Intentions Are Not The Point - Learning How To Avoid Harm In The Future Is

We've just emerged from a week-long storm surrounding a of journalist and Strictly winner Stacey Dooley that many people of colour described as perpetuating white saviourism. This debate isn't new, and I'm sure this won't be the last time it rears its head, but what did surprise me was a near-obsessive focus on intent that cropped up from Dooley's defendants.

I'm a black student at Oxbridge - here's the real story

Last week, a conversation we see splashed across front pages and threaded out on Twitter every year was rehashed again. David Lammy publicly criticised Oxbridge for low admission rates for black students, and dishonest reporting. To any black student at Oxbridge like myself, this doesn't seem newsworthy, it's a fact negotiate with every day.

HuffPost UK
What To Make Of Theresa May's Shallow Display Of Black History Month Solidarity

On Tuesday, images emerged on Theresa May's Twitter of the prime minister, at a podium, speaking down to a sea of black faces. Alongside, a shot of a group of young black people, most appearing to be in their late teens and early twenties, stood outside Number 10 clutching booklets brandished with the title "future leaders".

Why we should celebrate Beyoncé's pregnancy in the era of Trump | gal-dem

Beyonc é is pregnant with twins, and black Twitter is on fire. But, just days ago, many of us were out on the streets protesting Trump ' s newly introduced immigration bans. At a glance, this seems like a bit of a juxtaposition - perhaps testament to how distractible our collective consciousness is in the face of what is, essentially, celebrity gossip.

British Vogue
Why We Need To Rethink The Term "Streetwear"

When you're a writer covering someone else's work, the more guidance the artist can give you, the better. But when Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Raymond tweeted a piece of simple advice in November, it marked a revelation. "To all the writers newly covering Pyer Moss, thank you and welcome," the Haitian-American designer wrote.

Varsity Online
Don't let Cambridge fool you: there's more than one way to succeed

The University's Equality & Diversity Strategy opens with a quote from former Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz: "The University's diversity plays a key role in sustaining its academic excellence." While Borysiewicz was invested in equality as Vice-Chancellor, his statement also points towards more problematic elements of the university's approach to diversity, in that it must be advantageous to be permitted.

Varsity Online
We must recognise BME people need different mental health support to others

This month, it emerged that black students at Cambridge are less likely to get Firsts than their white peers, while not one student who identified as 'Black Caribbean' scooped the top grade. While discussions springing from stats like this are commonly centred on educational background, there are other stories to be told by the figures.

Varsity Online
Not just tea and condoms: welfare is political

Tea, pet-a-puppy days, and a freshers' week confettied with condoms and lube sachets galore. These might be a few of the first things that come to mind when students think of welfare in Cambridge. For many, welfare officers and their activities exemplify wholesome, soft-and-cuddly aspects of the college community.

We all have mental health. Did you forget?

By Micha Frazer-Carroll CN: Depression, anxiety, exercise, alcohol, hallucinations, doctors "But is there a difference, when we discuss 'mental illness', and when we talk about 'mental health problems'?" I stared at my supervisor blankly. There are lots of reasons why I love studying Psychology - being forced to have conversations like this is one of them.

The Cambridge Student
The Oscars boycott: Not just a temper tantrum

Next month, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Spike Lee, and other black actors and filmmakers will boycott the Oscars in protest of this year's startling all-white acting nominees list.

The Cambridge Student
Mental health is not just a Week Five issue

It's Week Five. Most of you will have a host of existing connotations attached to this phrase. Much student speculation, debate, and campaigning has surrounded the notion that the infamous 'Week Five Blues' is a damaging, institutionalised euphemism that acknowledges and condones the pervasiveness of mental health problems at Cambridge.

Black Ballad
Black Women Are Not 'High Maintenance', We're Oppressed | Black Ballad

Published: Wednesday 23rd March 2016 9:06PM 'eff your beauty standards. Last month, for the first time in my entire life, I discovered a sustainable hair routine that produced results that didn't make me want to cry or tear my hair out due to frustration. In fact, I sort of liked the look of it.


the Guardian
How to support friends through their mental health struggles

Bristol University students and representatives have spoken up about the student mental health crisis and the state of provisions at the university. While student activists continue to push for better support, there are things we can do on the ground to support our friends who are struggling.

What I learned from founding Black Lives Matter

Deep fakes, influencers, viral fashion - we live in a world unrecognisable from the one we stood in ten years ago. As a chaotic decade comes to a close, we're speaking to the people who helped shape the last ten years and analysing the cultural shifts that have defined them.

British Vogue
We Cannot Let Coronavirus Give Way To Racism

Since its outbreak, an unexpected side-effect of Covid-19 has been the discrimination and prejudice faced by ethnic groups - particularly east-Asian people - across the world. But how do we combat this stigma and xenophobia during a pandemic? By addressing the issue, thinking beyond yourself and engaging in mutual aid

Why you should learn how to have lucid dreams in lockdown | gal-dem

In addition to the outbreak of a global pandemic and the enforcement of international lockdown, something strange is happening across the world. When the sky falls dark and we switch out our lights to go to sleep, something odd is taking hold - not of our bodies, but our minds.

How are big companies still getting away with ripping off black women's work? | gal-dem

When is black women's work going to start being taken seriously? Yesterday the BBC landed in hot water when Yomi Adegoke, co-author of Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl's Bible tweeted out a picture of the broadcasting company's ad campaign on women in sport alongside herself and Elizabeth Uviebinené's release, where she spotted a few...tiny...similarities...

Now that Danny Baker's been fired by the BBC, a brief history of 'monkey racism' | gal-dem

If you have a Twitter account, phone or internet connection, you'll know by now that Danny Baker said something very racist. Yesterday evening, a racist image cursed our feeds - Danny tweeted out a black and white picture of a small chimpanzee dressed up in a suit, sandwiched between two "parents", with the caption "Royal baby leaves hospital".

the Guardian
'The boys' club has been obliterated': meet the women of colour shaking up comedy

In 2017, Tiffany Haddish, the breakout star of Girls Trip, told the Guardian that she has never wanted to "steal the show". "I'm not a thief. Where I come from, you don't call someone that." This week, Haddish is going to practise what she preaches, handing the mic over to six comedians she thinks deserve our time.

Living my best life

Videographer Ivan Berrios gets the inside scoop on some of pop culture's biggest moments

HuffPost UK
How Do You Navigate Mental Health Problems as a Student?

"I know it's common to have ups and downs...but the downs were really low. So low that I couldn't see myself coming out of them." Jade*, a 23-year-old medic at Kings College London, developed anxiety in her second year of university after she experienced emotional abuse.

HuffPost UK
Someone Needs To Tell Cosmetics Companies That Black People Don't Have Black Palms

What colour are dark-skinned people's palms? If you don't know the answer, you might be in the same boat as the staff over at BECCA, the most recent brand to be accused of racial insensitivity in its advertising. Over the weekend, the Australian cosmetics company came under fire on social media for a bemusing cover-up.

HuffPost UK
'Windrush' Refers To Families Like Mine - So Why Had I Never Heard It Before?

Growing up in the UK, I didn't see or read a lot about British Caribbeans. As a kid, w e only studied the West Indies once in my 14 years at school - and I remember going to the cinema to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, but feeling disappointed and misled when I didn't spot many people who looked like me in it at all.

How to Do a Braid Out - Rookie

A quick, simple, sustainable style. Like so many other black girls, hair has always been a highly emotional and personal subject for me. My early teenage years were characterized by countless hours of straightening, searing, blow-drying, and sobbing in front of the mirror; snapped hair bands and combs; and tens upon hundreds of "miracle products" rinsed down the drain.

HuffPost UK
Black Is The New Black: An Exhibition Celebrating British Heroes

Black History Month is associated with heroes such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, and perhaps Harriet Tubman. But all of these names are American heroes from the 20th century. What about the people who are making black history today, particularly in the UK?

Tory MPs, if they were milkshakes | gal-dem

Milkshakes are delicious. Dense, rich, and lacking transparency, sometimes they remind us a bit of Tory politicians. So, completely unrelated to recent news events, we started thinking about the MPs currently circling around the Tory leadership, and reimagined them as milkshakes. That's right, shakes for everyone.

HuffPost UK
Demi Lovato's Statement Is A Reminder We Need To Be Honest About Relapse

Recovery is different for everyone where mental illness and addiction are concerned, but there are still many common misconceptions and stigmas that surround relapse. Yesterday, Demi Lovato debunked some of them when she released her first statement since being admitted to hospital following a and suspected drug overdose.

HuffPost UK
These Volunteers Bake Birthday Cakes For Children Going Through Tough Times

For kids, the smell of candles and the taste of a sweet fluffy sponge can be the cherry on top of a good birthday. But all over the UK, many families find it difficult to provide birthday cakes for their children, whether it's due to lack of funds, health issues, or temporary living conditions.

Colours May Vary
Positive News #102 'Together, We Will Thrive'

Positive News is a quality independent publication which brings us 'Constructive Journalism' in the form of good news, progress, possibility and solutions. Issue #102 is titled 'Together, we will thrive'..

How to Set Boundaries - Rookie

Have you ever felt like someone is pushing you? Let's say your friend really wants to go to a party, but you'd much rather have a night in. The friend doesn't want to go alone, and is guilting you into coming, even though you've made it clear that you don't want to.

An Anxious Person's Guide to Public Speaking - Rookie

Tips and tricks for calming your nerves and engaging your audience. Public speaking never came naturally to me. I'm shy, I generally avoid large groups, and I have struggled with anxiety my entire life.

Managing Rumination - Rookie

The other day, I experienced a textbook case of rumination. Browsing my local bookshop, I stumbled upon an awesome coloring book that I just had to buy. I was in a great mood. Nothing could bring me down. And then it happened.

Checks and Balances - Rookie

I am very much opposed to racism, misogyny, fatphobia, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination. I don't like constructs that deny my or other people's humanity, and that put lives at risk. For this reason, I've dedicated lots of time to fighting prejudice in my writing and activism.

Something Uncommon - Rookie

Shared interests aren't the be-all and end-all of a friendship. "Just because she likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soulmate." As the credits rolled and I left the movie theatre after seeing (500) Days of Summer for the first time, this was the one line I couldn't stop thinking about.

The Cambridge Student
How to support your friends

Exam term can be busy, and stressful. Sometimes simply keeping yourself afloat can feel hard, let alone looking after others. Issues of time, distance, and isolation encouraged by the Cambridge setup can make it hard to know how and when your friends need support.

This illustrator is educating people on bulimia and bipolar on Instagram

By Micha Frazer-Carroll CN: Bulimia, bipolar, drugs, alcoholism, stigma Janet Ford, a 36-year-old artist living in Vancouver, documents her experience with bulimia and bipolar through art. Having stumbled across her recent comic-style series, in Instagram's much-utilised #100Days format, I caught up with her on her work.

Black Ballad
7 Lessons Travelling Has Taught Me As A Black Woman | Black Ballad

Published: Monday 27th July 2015 7:00AM Sometimes its not as simple as stepping on a plane and seeing the famous landmarks... So, summer's here and many of us are packing up and jetting across the world for holiday fun. But how does the travelling experience differ for black women?

HuffPost UK
LGBT+ Cards To Make Valentine's Day Less Heteronormative

Valentine's day can be heteronormative. Too often celebrating love can be seen as synonymous with celebrating gender norms, 'traditional' relationships, and loads of other restrictive ideas of what love should look like. It can also be super commercial.

Beyond Perfect - Rookie

I tried to bypass sloppy firsts and skip straight to emotional maturity. It was like a light switch had been turned on. The night of Emily's* party, the first Friday of the ninth grade, was the night that everybody suddenly started making out with each other.

Black Ballad
Beyoncé, Formation And The Lessons We Learnt | Black Ballad

Published: Thursday 11th February 2016 10:09AM Formation was groundbreaking, but where do we go from here? The release of Beyoncé's Formation was without a doubt one of the greatest political pop culture moments of the year so far. Throwing the internet into temporary mayhem, its messages surrounding police brutality, black power and radical self-love made an important statement.

Black Ballad
Finding Role Models In A Whitewashed World... | Black Ballad

Published: Wednesday 24th June 2015 7:00AM Why does the colour of success always have to be white? At times, I've felt like someone like me could never succeed. Living as a mixed race girl in the UK, my teenage years were bombarded by images and ideals of white success, talent and beauty.

HuffPost UK
This Café Is Giving Out Free Lunch In Exchange For Acts Of Kindness

What was the last genuinely kind thing you did for someone? Sometimes it's easy to forget that making someone else's day better, or helping improve their quality of life, can be the matter of a small gesture. Kindness Café, a new pop-up launched by Gosh Food, is encouraging you to do just that.

How I stopped living like I was in a movie

I was partially raised by the media. Movies and television had a profound effect on me as a teenager. Like your average awkward, gangly thirteen-year-old, consuming stories on the screen and skimming for enchanting and eye-catching female protagonists became a standard pastime.

HuffPost UK
FOMOMG - Meaningless Acronym Or A Real Concern For Twenty-Somethings?

"At 18 I wanted a house by 23. At 23 I wanted to have yearly earnings of nearly a million by 25." Familiar with FOMOMG? No, I wasn't either, until model, brand founder, and Instagram influencer Leomie Anderson used the acronym - which stands for "Fear Of Missing Out On My Goals" - in a candid Instagram post about inadequacy and imposter syndrome.

Mini Mall: Memorabilia - Rookie

These nostalgia-filled objects will make you smile. Jumbo Instant Collage Kit One of my favorite things to do is make collages, but it can be difficult to find that perfect picture/pattern/texture to use without digging through a billion old magazines. But BEHOLD! This collage kit is the solution to such crafting conundrums. It comes in a big (JUMBO!)

Are You Lost Yet
When they blur together: photographing mixed race identity

In a fascinating interview, young photographer Hanna Stephens spoke to AYLY about her experiences as a photographer, the problems she faces herself when trying to represent her mixed English and Japanese identity and how mobile photography is challenging neocolonial representations of the world. The interview was conducted by our creative writing editor, Micha Frazer-Carroll.

HuffPost UK
The Best Lidos In The UK For The Ultimate Staycation This Summer

Lidos popped up all over Britain in the 1930s, but as the heatwave roars on and we think about our wellness, lidos make a great choice for a summer day out this year. We picked seven of our favourite lidos from around the UK that are worth taking a paddle at this summer.

Previews and reviews

Homecoming shows, more than ever, that none of us can be Beyoncé

None of us can be Beyoncé. I was more aware of this than ever in the run up to Homecoming, when Netflix's Facebook account posted the following comment below a teaser vid: "Reminder: if you aren't that fussed about Beyoncé there is no obligation to watch this.

HuffPost UK
Why The BBC's 'Killing Eve' Is The Feminist Spy Thriller You Shouldn't Miss

"I think about you all the time. I think about what you're doing and who you're doing it with. I think about what you eat before you work...what shampoo you use." On first hearing, the words from the trailer of ' Killing Eve ' sound like they might either be said to a lover or partner, or perhaps, on the flipside, something darker, and more twisted.

HuffPost UK
7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Season 2 Of Netflix's Atypical

' Atypical ', a Netflix original about an autistic 18-year-old navigating his social world, is back for a second run, and is majorly switching things up for the main characters this time around. Season one saw our protagonist, Sam, making his first foray into the world of romance, and both him and his neurotypical (non-autistic) sister exercising their independence as they edge closer to adulthood.

the Guardian
The new Ikea advert: an Instagram hot take, straight from the 17th century

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there's a deficit in Swedish furniture stores' hot takes on social media practises. Ikea has finally broken this silence, calling upon us to stop taking pictures of our food using our dearest role models: the landed gentry of 17th-century Europe.

the Guardian
Monday's best TV - The Big Fat Quiz of Everything; My Sheepdog and Me

Former Countdown host Jeff Stelling isn't going to worry Rachel Riley and co with this bog-standard quizzer. People who aren't very good at answering general knowledge questions have chosen to be contestants anyway; Stelling hurls medium-to-easy teasers at them that begin or end with a given letter.

the Guardian
Friday's best TV: Mastermind, Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year

The question setters for tonight's episode have the opportunity to uncork pub quiz classic: the middle name of Harry S Truman. The contestant specialising in the life of the 33rd president of the United States will probably have seen that one coming, however.

the Guardian
Catch-up and download: From Inhuman Condition to I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Inhuman Condition Inhuman Condition This polished Canadian webseries offers the sort of brooding sci-fi that wouldn't be out of place on a bigger budget show. Set in a world where supernatural beings including werewolves and zombies roam freely but are treated as outcasts, it's the job of therapist Dr Kessler (Torri Higginson of Stargate: Atlantis fame) to make sure that they stay safe.

The Cambridge Student
Review: Right Place Wrong Time

As we draw towards the end of term in a place that often feels steeped in misogyny, if you need somewhere to channel your feminist rage, Right Place Wrong Time is a viable outlet.

The Cambridge Student
Review: Improv Actually

Many of those who entered the Playroom last night to catch the Impronauts' Valentine's production, Improv Actually, may have done so hesitantly. Improv, seemingly by its very nature, is hit and miss. People struggle with the genre due to its sometimes self-parodying focus around energy, spontaneity and chaos.

The Cambridge Student
Review: Lemonade

Widely considered to be one of the most influential artists of the millennium thus far, Beyoncé is no stranger to surprising fans. But Lemonade's release provided a double blow of shock value - not only was it surprise album, breaking a media silence that lasted almost three years, but it also revealed a more personal, vulnerable Beyoncé, that fans had never been exposed to with such rawness, and so unapologetically.

The Cambridge Student
Review: Clybourne Park

First taking to the stage in 2009, the themes of race relations, 'political correctness' and gentrification in Bruce Norris' Clybourne Park seem as relevant as ever in 2016. Cambridge Arts' Theatre's current production stylishly serves its audience food for thought, however it seems as if more creativity, thought and character development could have gone into the piece.

The Cambridge Student
Review: Killer Joe

'New pressure on University divestment' in our fifth issue of term. | Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers.

The Cambridge Student
The Meat of the Matter: Chatting to Sweeney Todd

'New pressure on University divestment' in our fifth issue of term. | Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers.

Screen Time - Rookie

Two TV shows and a podcast about the mysteries of life. TV Show: Easy (Netflix Originals) Neatly packaged as a series of eight half-hour episodes, Netflix original is a portrait of sex, love, and romance in 2016. Each installment focuses on different characters, ultimately creating a spectrum of the joys and struggles we navigate in everyday relationships.

Screen Time - Rookie

Mermaids, a science podcast, and more media to devour this weekend. Classic Movie: Mermaids (1990) Thanks to the Netflix series Stranger Things , the 1990s coming-of-age queen, Winona Ryder, is once again gracing our screens. Since she pretty much narrated my early teens, it's making me all nostalgic, so my rec this week is one of her first movies, Mermaids.

In Print - Rookie

Recommended reading about identity, family, and wisdom. Shade Magazine Shade Magazine is a ongoing collaborative project featuring emerging artists of color from all mediums, most notably photography, music, and film. Artists of color are usually silenced, ignored, or misrepresented in the art world.

News and Factual

London university accused of blocking campus access for students considered a 'threat' on Queen's...

King's College London is alleged to have blocked access to campus for students considered to be a "security threat" today, in light of a visit to the university by the Queen. In a statement seen by gal-dem, student group Justice For Cleaners has claimed the ban affected access to "all campuses, libraries and cafes", and prevented students "from attending exams, work shifts, classes and assessed presentations".

HuffPost UK
Family Of Windrush Migrant Who Died Walk Out Of Inquest Amid Row With Coroner

The family of a Windrush migrant who died while trying to prove his British citizenship have withdrawn from his inquest. Dexter Bristol, 57, collapsed in the street and died following the Windrush scandal, which saw British Caribbeans who had lived in the UK for decades deported, detained and denied access to benefits and healthcare, as they could not prove they were in the country legally.

HuffPost India
Could Wave Of Action Result In Meaningful Change For Black People?

To those simply catching clips of masked protesters and statues toppling, the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK may seem unclear. The issues protesters and supporters discuss are wide ranging: deaths in police custody, experiences within the criminal punishment system, Windrush, immigration policies, the curriculum, imperialist statues , the disproportionate number of Black people dying from coronavirus .

HuffPost UK
Friends Join Fight Against Threat Of Deportation Of Two Teenage Brothers

Dozens of friends of two schoolboys who face being deported from the UK joined them to hand in a petition aimed at halting the plans. Fearing their lives would be at risk if they were sent back to Pakistan, brothers Somer and Areeb Umeed Bakhsh, aged 15 and 13, hope to be granted asylum.

HuffPost UK
'Fighting For Our Lives' - How It Feels To Be Black In 2020

Get the latest on coronavirus. Sign up to the Daily Brief for news, explainers, how-tos, opinion and more. Niellah Arboine is tired of being constantly reminded her life is at threat. "It's coming from so many directions right now.

HuffPost UK
US Open 'Regrets' Penalising Female Tennis Player For Removing Her Top

The US Open has apologised to a French tennis player for sanctioning her after she briefly removed her top on the court. Alizé Cornet, the world number 31 player, had noticed that her top was on back-to-front after returning from a 10-minute heat break during a match at the championships in New York on Tuesday.

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Sandi Toksvig Says Women Are Being Edited Out Of Panel Shows

Sandi Toksvig, current host of the quiz show ' QI ' and co-founder of the Women's Equality Party, has said that women are edited out of television panel shows, and regularly face poor treatment. The 'Bake Off' host told the Radio Times: "There are panel shows that struggle to get women on, and that's because the women feel marginalised and stupid."

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Keira Knightley Says Sexism Means People Don't Take Period Dramas Seriously

Keira Knightley has suggested that period dramas aren't taken seriously because they focus on women characters. "There's a negativity around them because predominantly they're female," the actress said at the Toronto Film Festival, according to the BBC. She also said she'd previously considered swearing off the genre, but was drawn back in by strong scripts.

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Teenage Depression May Influence Their Parents' Mental Health Too

Young people's mental health is of increasing interest and concern to researchers, policymakers, and families alike - but can treating teenagers' mental ill health also improve the wellbeing of their parents? New research suggests that it can.

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'Sue Your Geography Teachers': Why People Are Not Happy With Theresa May's Tour Of 'Africa'

As the prime minister began the second leg of a three-day trip across three countries in the African continent in a bid to bolster Britain's post-Brexit position, Twitter had some complaints. Users of the social network, including historian Mary Beard, took it upon themselves to impart a quick geography lesson upon news outlets who appeared to be struggling.

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Paramore Will No Longer Perform 'Misery Business' In Their Live Shows

Hayley Williams, the lead vocalist of Paramore, has announced that the band will no longer be performing what's arguably one of their most famous songs, because of slut-shaming lyrics. "Once a whore, you're nothing more, I'm sorry that'll never change," is the line in the song that has drawn widespread criticism in recent years.

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Rents fall as landlords remain nervous over Brexit

Almost half of lettings agents are reporting nervous landlords following Brexit, with 12% reporting asking rents have fallen over the past 10 days. In a report published on Monday, the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) says last month's referendum vote has not rocked the rental market "yet", however, uncertainty over the future of Britain's role in Europe is making landlords jittery.

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This Café Lured Ryan Gosling To Visit Using Nothing But A Life-Sized Cardboard Cutout

Ryan Gosling made one fan's dream come true when he visited a coffee shop in Toronto, following a bizarre and ambitious social media campaign to get him to drop in. The actor was planning to visit the city for its annual film festival when he became the centre of the campaign, which eventually persuaded him to grab a cup of joe with the owners.

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This Is The Funniest Joke From The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A stand-up comedian whose show centres on his working class roots has won the funniest joke competition at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Adam Rowe, 26, netted 41 percent of the public vote in the contest, run by TV channel Dave.

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You Can Now Get Paid To Travel The World And Drink Gin

Not achieving all you hoped for in your current job? There's that old phrase - if at first you don't succeed, try, try, a-gin. And now you can. This week, Bombay Sapphire and Inception Group have collaborated to make your happy hour dreams come true - they are now advertising for a global ambassador whose job it will be to jet around drinking gins from across the globe.

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Serena Williams Opens Up About Postpartum Emotions: 'I Felt Like I Was Not A Good Mom'

Serena Williams has spoken out about "postpartum emotions" she has experienced following the birth of her daughter, Alexis Olympia, describing challenges she has faced since becoming a mother 11 months ago. The 36-year-old tennis star shared an Instagram post on Monday with a candid caption about mood changes and how she learnt her feelings were "totally normal".

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This Yorkshire Chippy Has Become A Must-Visit For Chinese Tourists

A Yorkshire chippy has put itself firmly on the map after translating its menu to cater for the busloads of Chinese tourists who turn up every week to sample a great British staple. Scott's Fish and Chips, near York, welcomes about 100 tourists every week, according to manager Roxy Vasai.

Daily Links: Liability Edition - Rookie

A new song from Lorde, and more. Happy Friday! Get ready for the weekend with this edition of Daily Links... Lorde released a new song called "Liability" from her upcoming album Melodrama, which will be released on June 16. Read this poignant essay about existing in public space as a trans and disabled person.

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Please Enjoy This Footage Of Meryl Streep Reacting To The US Open

Over the weekend, tensions ran high at the US Open finals, the annual tennis championship that has delivered all sorts of twists, turns, and controversies this year. But at the Novak Djokovic and Juan Martín del Potro matc on Sunday , an unexpected curveball came from the audience - what's that?

Daily Links: Sledgehammer Edition - Rookie

Rihanna's futuristic new video, Brexit updates, and more. Welcome to July! Let's get it started with this edition of Daily Links... Rihanna goes full-on Afro-futurist in the video for her new single, "Sledgehammer." The song is on the soundtrack for Star Trek Beyond, in theaters this month.

Daily Links: Modern Art Edition - Rookie

Amandla and Mars talk about creativity and representation. Plus: Animal rights, police brutality, & more. Happy Friday! Get into the weekend with this round of Daily Links... This conversation about art between artist Lorna Simpson and Art Hoe Collective members Amandla Stenberg and Mars is necessary and refreshing.

Daily Links: Humanitarian of the Year Edition - Rookie

Rihanna receives a prestigious award. Plus: More on Moonlight. Hello! Start your morning with these Daily Links... Rihanna accepted Harvard's Humanitarian of the Year award, and that brought me a lot of joy. For MTV News, writer Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib breaks down the history of women's rap beef .

Daily Links: Personal Best Edition - Rookie

Rihanna tops the charts-and her own record. Plus: More of what we're reading this Thursday. Good morning! Get ready for Thursday with these Daily Links... Rihanna achieved a new personal record for top-five Hot 100 hits. With 22 top-five hits, she is only bested by four other musicians: The Beatles, Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson.

Daily Links: Westminster Bridge Edition - Rookie

Updates on the terrorist attack in London. Start your Thursday morning with the latest edition of Daily Links... At least four deaths and multiple injuries have been confirmed in a terrorist attack on London's Westminster Bridge and the U.K. Parliament. Check out Myles Loftin's photography series, Hooded, which deconstructs public conceptions of black men in hoodies.

Daily Links: The History of "Umbrella" Edition - Rookie

A look at one of Rihanna's biggest hits. Plus: Brexit is in motion, & more. Good morning! Say hello to Thursday with this edition of Daily Links... MTV News delves into the history behind Rihanna's massive hit, "Umbrella," for the song's 10th anniversary.

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Frenchy From 'Grease' Is Actually Doing 'Dancing On Ice'

Didi Conn, aka pink-haired, bubblegum-blowing Frenchy from 'Grease', is coming to 'Dancing On Ice'. The 67-year-old actress is the 11th celebrity skater confirmed for the show's 2019 run, which will see 12 starlets taking to the ice with pro skaters before a panel of judges, presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, and of course, the nation.

Daily Links: No Justice Edition - Rookie

Remaining charges were dropped in the Freddie Gray case. Another Thursday, another round of Daily Links... The remaining charges have been dropped against the police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray. Dismissed as "slacktivism," the Ice Bucket Challenge funded a major ALS breakthrough . Online activism is both powerful and valid!

Daily Links: The State We're In Edition - Rookie

Politics in the U.K., race in the U.S., and tragedy in France. Morning, Rooks! Friday's round of Daily Links is here for you. Theresa May has become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom .

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People Are Discovering 'Fleabag' After Watching 'Killing Eve' And It's Too Much For Them To Handle

With all episodes available online, many of the 'Killing Eve' fandom have raced through the series and been left with a massive hole in their lives. But for anyone who's been reading up on Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the brains behind it, you'll have now realised she is also the creator and star of 'Fleabag' - the witty and hilarious comedy featuring the candid (and sometimes cringeworthy) antics of an angry, confused young woman.

Daily Links: Hungry Eyes Edition - Rookie

A new street art series critiques consumption. Plus: Questions Muslims are tired of hearing, & more. Before the weekend: Here's a fresh batch of Daily Links! Parisian artist Lor-K turns abandoned mattresses into giant sculptures depicting food, as a metaphor for consumption and waste.


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Guardian Weekend: gal-dem takeover | The Guardian

I guest edited this takeover issue of the Guardian Weekend magazine. Featuring interviews with Michaela Coel and Gemma Chan, and pieces by Afua Hirsch, Dina Torkia and Simran Randhawa