Mia DeAngelis

Freelance Writer/Designer

Location icon United States

Passionate about bringing ideas to life.
Natural Visionary...

"With various experience in presenting research material, I am able to produce strong essays, articles, and presentations--diving into the relevant issues our world faces today. My strength in producing highly effective email marketing campaigns and social copy engages consumers; helping them not only to understand a company's products/services, but fall in love with them. Through graphic designing for social and print, I create images that stimulate the mind, as well as the spirit. This becomes a total experience for the viewer, all while getting the clients mission and goals across."

...More importantly though, skilled in people. Let's reach your's today.



Robert Morris University/Phi Beta Lambda
Your Ad Here.

Presentation utilized in a class assignment, as well as a Sales Presentation competition for Lamar billboards. Presentation earned 100%, as well as a 1st Place at the PBL-FBLA State Leadership Conference in Harrisburg, PA.

Hiring Project

Creative brief project containing multiple objectives to complete for different, "fake" clients.

Team Chemistry
Alia Musica Proposal

Worked as a team to collaborate on this proposal given to the owner of Alia Musica.

Graphics Examples

Colonial Hub Social Media
Cupcake it Out

Describes a teaser of cupcakes provided during the first week of classes.

Colonial Hub Social Media
I Want Candy

Posted to advertise self-serve candy station at Colonial Hub on that specific date.

The Pitch - Alia Musica
Cultural Dischord Flyer

Mockup flyer for possible inclusion in creative pitch to Alia Musica

RMU Print Flyer
Phi Beta Lambda Movie Night

Posted to spotlight and provide details of upcoming movie night. Was created as a print flyer.

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