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Editor/writer with demonstrated ability to source, pitch, report multiple trending news stories daily; experience covering celebrity and entertainment news, fashion, health and wellness, education, public policy among other topics; record of growing social media audiences by size, engagement; feminist, pop-culture fanatic; seeking freelance assignments to craft strategy, create content for digital brands and publishers; Mizzou J School and Georgetown grad.

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The Swimsuit Competition Used to Be the Only Way to Judge Miss America

After eliminating the swimsuit contest, all eyes are now on Miss America and the authenticity of its stand to prioritize "ambition" and "talent" over looks come fall.


When Women Took Up Arms (and Disguises) to Fight in Mexico's Revolution

The Mexican Revolution rose out of a struggle for civil liberties and land and would eventually topple the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz and begin a new age for Mexico.

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Almost Made This Mom End Her Pregnancy - Now She Has 3 Healthy Kids

“Fat, bald and crazy” is how Stephanie Hosford would describe herself during the months that she was being treated for cancer while pregnant with her daughter.

How This College Student Dealt with Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis 2 Months Before Graduation

While planning a post-graduation trip with college friends, Loyola University Chicago senior Anna Wassman was totally focused on saving for her trip — until she noticed a lump...

Over 200 People Remain Missing Amid California Fires as Authorities Say Worst May Be Yet to Come

In the north, the Camp Fire has already claimed 29 lives and destroyed 113,000 acres, deputy chief of Cal Fire Scott McLean tells PEOPLE.

North Carolina Woman Gives Birth 3 Months Early During Trip to N.Y.C. as Local Moms Come to Her Aid

"Everything was meant to be. I was supposed to get my baby this way," Shelcie Holbert tells PEOPLE.

Airbnb Host Claims Nightmare Guest Raided Her Locked Bedroom, Returned to Harass Her: 'I Could've...

Two sisters who put their apartment for rent on Airbnb are alleging that one of their guests got violent and harassed them — and that both the police’s and Airbnb’s responses to...

Pipe Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc Appears in Court as 2nd 'Suspicious Package' to CNN Intercepted

Cesar Sayoc, the man who was arrested for allegedly mailing pipe bombs to influential Democratic figures and vocal Trump critics, appeared for the first time in court at 2 p.m....

Sia Cooper Says She Regrets Her Breast Implants: 'It Makes You Want More' Plastic Surgery

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Khloé Kardashian Tried Not to Gain Too Much Weight to Avoid a C-Section - Is that Legit?

Khloé Kardashian spoke out about one of her pregnancy worries in a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Everything You Need to Know About School Dress Codes and Your Child's Rights

Stories of students who’ve been made to feel humiliated at school for their appearance are a parent’s worst nightmare, and it seems like they’re becoming more and more common.

Female U.S. Open Player Gets Violation for Removing Shirt on Court, Officials Call It a Mistake

France’s Alizé Cornet received a code violation at the U.S. Open on Tuesday for removing her shirt on the court sidelines in a moment caught on camera.

Inside Asia Argento's Troubled Year: From Losing Anthony Bourdain to Facing Sexual Assault Claims

Before October 2017, few people knew the actress's name. Now, she's a figurehead of #MeToo — and the main reason the movement's been accused of hypocrisy.

Kavanaugh Has the Votes to Be Confirmed to the Supreme Court

On Friday, the Senate voted 51-49 to advance Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination to final vote, expected to take place on Saturday, after no more than 30 hours of floor...

John McCain Refused to Take Direct Flights From D.C. to Phoenix - And There's a Sweet Reason Why

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What to Expect

BRANDED CONTENT: What to Know About Children's Hospitals Before You Need One

When your child wakes up with a fever or gets a scrape that needs more than a Band-Aid, you want to know exactly where to go to help them feel better right away.

71-Year-Old Woman in a Wheelchair Survives Bear Attack in Her Kitchen: 'There's Blood Everywhere'

A bear broke into the home of a New Hampshire woman early Tuesday morning. She survived and called for help.

14 of Meghan Markle's Favorite Vacation Spots (and What She Does When She's There)

Before she was a duchess, Meghan Markle served up amazing vacation style and travel tips!

Israeli President Makes Emotional Request for Prince William's Palestine Visit

Prince William and Israeli President Ravlin discuss peace between Israel and Palestine on day three of William's Middle East tour.

Variety Massive Summit

Mapping #MeToo

How #MeToo evolved into a global movement across industries gender, race and class. Reporting by Maura Hohman, presented by Linda Ong at Variety Massive Summit.