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Writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. I have been writing and running my own businesses for over 7 years. I have extensive experience in social media marketing and e-commerce websites. I provide content writing services, e-commerce descriptions, blogs, and more. I would love to help you with your content and website, so if that's you then let's chat!

Melissa Critchlow Fine Art
5 Reasons you need art in your home

What about the walls and the spaces on top of and around the useful and convenient furniture? Do they need filling with beautiful pieces of art and decor that speaks to you and either inspires or relaxes you? The short answer is YES. Most definitely yes.

Strength - Art by Jays

SOLD "Strength" is a black and white, minimalist painting that embodies the unique power women possess in the face of their challenges. Inspired by women's inner strength: bold, sweeping brush strokes embody the spirit and grace of a woman's unique energy. This original, minimalist painting will bring a feminine vitality to your space.