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Michelle Crispin

Marketing Consultant & Music Supervisor

Location icon United States

Michelle Crispin loathes talking about herself in the third person but can occasionally be persuaded to do so when it's appropriate.

Michelle graduated with a BA from Jacksonville University where she studied Communications and Music. After touring the world with various bands, (including the notorious Fem 2 Fem) she settled down and got a real job, transitioning to the marketing and promotion side of the entertainment industry.

Eternally curious and committed to slaying the dragons of mediocrity, her knack for generating buzz for her clients earned her the nickname "mediaHo". As a consultant, she is an equal opportunity mediaHo, working with clients in a wide variety of industries - including nonprofit, beauty, health & wellness, real estate, tech, music, film, banking, and live event production.

Fun fact: Michelle is fortunate to live one block from the sparkling Pacific Ocean, however, her phone's autocorrect does not include the word "tsunami" so if you get a text message from her that says "teaspoon" be sure to quickly run away from the beach.

P2PB blog + press
Local Real Estate Agent Goes Viral

[Marketing Strategy, Writer, Publicist] LOS ANGELES March 28, 2018 - Fueled by a record number of newly-hatched women’s movements, many believe the time is ripe for women to move into leadership roles. Diana Roberts believes that the time has been ripe since she was 20 years old, when she left her native Hungary with 350 deutschmark, her parents’ blessing, and the belief that there were opportunities waiting for her in America that she could not find in her homeland. Fast forward 17 years...

4U2C - Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group

[Social Media Management, Music Supervision, English/French Translation] 4U2C works with brands to create productions using content and technology combined with unique and emotionally engaging stories. Collaborations include PINK World Tour, KISS World Tour, Justin Timberlake World Tour, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Heart Ibiza, Dubai World Cup.

PTPB blog
Using Tech in Real Estate Marketing

(Writer) Many people believe technology has become a barrier to human connection. Pier to Pier's Diana Roberts is not one of those people.

P2PB blog
Dressing for Success in the South Bay

(Writer, Publicist) 3 trim ponytailed moms speed-walk on the strand, pushing strollers with their doodle-mixes in tow, chatting about family schedules, recitals, soccer games, and who’s hosting the next happy hour. Their pastel nylon ‘uniforms’ accentuate their pilates-toned figures and blend into the sunny beachside vibe that is the South Bay of Los Angeles.

Ellis Posner Joins Pier to Pier Brokers

(Writer, Publicist) "I'm a millennial trapped in a baby boomer body." ~ Ellis Posner Ellis Posner has a knack for making thought-provoking statements that make you want to scramble for a pen and paper. A seasoned realtor with well over 15 years of experience, Ellis is a NYC native who lived all over the US before settling down to live in the South Bay over 25 years ago. “Many of my clients are millennials. They look at me as their cool older uncle or,” he rolls his eyes, ”their...

Charitable Ventures website & marketing materials
Charitable Ventures

[Marketing Strategy, Branding, Copywriting] Charitable Ventures is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fiscal sponsorship and incubation services to charitable projects in Orange County, California.

RWB Music Services
10 Insider Tips - Auditioning for The Voice

(Writer) 10 Insider Tips - Auditioning for The Voice In 2005 Matt Rhode was hired by Rickey Minor to be an Associate Music Director on Fox’s American Idol, where he worked for ten seasons as an arranger and mentor to the contestants. He later joined NBC’s The Voice during their third season, where he continues to work as an arranger. Beth Rhode has a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance and Music Production from Berklee College of Music and a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies from USC....

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