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Joshua McCormick
Expand Your Worldview By Loosening Your Judgments

(Photo Credit: McKenna McCormick) In this post, it is my goal to make a distinction between the psychological acts of judgment and opinion. To some, this might seem like a trivial endeavor, but once we dig into the depths of the distinction, it will become clear how knowing and recognizing the difference between making a judgment or forming an opinion impacts your worldview and relationships with others.

Joshua McCormick
Balancing Your Relationship: Using Healthy Compromise To Grow Closer

I remember from a young age being told "you can't always get what you want." Through our formation years, we are taught to share, make decisions with others needs in mind, and build friendships through collaboration. When deciding what to do on a Friday night with friends, there is a sharing of ideas and we work together to make a decision.

Quest Through Chaos
Welcome to the Quest

Hello Friends and seekers of understanding. This first post serves as an introduction into the type of material and subject matter I want to develop through this endeavor. I think its clear that the world is strange and the internal workings of the human even more complex.

Quest Through Chaos
Managing the Inner Critic

I don't know about you but I find myself talking to myself a lot. Not out loud(most of the time at least) but I notice an underlying dialogue present through most of my days and it has a fairly significant impact on my mood.

Journey to May 3rd

This is a letter to the editor I wrote and had signed by the HACF President