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Multi-award-winning journalist whose clients include the Guardian, The Saturday Paper, VICE, The New Daily, InDaily, Fairfax Media, CityMag and Projectory. Contact via [email protected]



the Guardian

Revealed: Rio Tinto's plan to use drones to monitor workers' private lives

In the remote Australian outback, multinational companies are embarking on a secretive new kind of mining expedition. Rio Tinto has long mined the Pilbara region of Western...

the Guardian

Tourist boom for ayahuasca a mixed blessing for Amazon

Seated beneath the domed ceiling of a ceremony hall in Peru's Sacred Valley, Martin (not his real name) picks some fruit out of the communal bowl. "Basically, I confirmed what...

the Guardian

The giant is coming: the true cost of Amazon to retailers and workers

Down Dandenong way, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Amazon is staking out a beachhead for the invasion. Strategically located near freeway connections to Australia's busiest...

The Saturday Paper

Adelaide child asylum seekers on the run

Adelaide youth soccer outfit Far Away From My Mother Homeland won't be fielding a full team anytime soon.

The Saturday Paper

Blue-Light Districts

Deanna tells me she hesitated before climbing inside. "I had to ask if they'd cleaned it," she explains, queasily. "It wasn't too bad I guess." At the salon she used to visit...

The Saturday Paper

Family First and the parties rallying the right

The morning after toppling Tony Abbott, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull bounded out before the assembled Canberra press and began his first doorstop as the nation's leader by...


SA's older workers struggle to find their place

As South Australia's economy attempts a painful transition from old to new industries, older workers are struggling to find their place, reports Max Opray.


If at First You Don't Secede: The Push for Westralia

Wally Lewis' voice crackles down the line from Perth, capital of Western Australia and the most isolated city on earth.


'Disgusting Is the Least I Can Say'

Three weeks ago Hamid Kehazaei nicked his foot. Nothing serious, unless that is you happen to be jammed inside a seething tropical detainment camp.


The weather business: Wind Prospect

The year was 1999 and Michael Vawser was based out of Bristol in the UK, working as an engineering manager for a tiny renewable energy firm called Wind Prospect. This story was...


Salvage City

The success of Adelaide's new small bar movement is often credited to liquor licensing changes and the enthusiasm and hard work of venue owners. But few people know about the...


Beer from above

For over a century the red brick tower of the Central Market has loomed over Grote Street, but nobody quite knows why. Now, a design competition could give it purpose. It is not...

The New Daily

Faces of Gallipoli: men of history

Nine young faces, nine remarkable stories. Pictured (below) together at a training camp in Egypt before deployment, these scouts of the 10th Battalion were some of the very...

The New Daily

Manor from heaven: Living in a church

In the beginning, churches converted people. In renovation-mad Australia, people convert churches: into offices, nightclubs, theatres, and - most of all - homes. It is a...

The New Humanist

Freethinking in the Arab Spring

"Have you unplugged from the Matrix yet?" At a meeting of Middle Eastern atheists and agnostics, AzizĀ“s question is a little unexpected.

Independent Australia

Revolution Tourism

One year on from the January 25th Egyptian revolution, the country's tourism industry is still enduring tough times.


the Guardian

South Australia to build battery storage and gas-fired power plant in $550m energy plan

The South Australian government has announced it will intervene in the national energy market in a $550m plan that seeks to tame the state's turbulent power supply and prices....

the Guardian

Most voters support transition to 100% renewable energy, says Australia Institute

Battery storage technology has the potential to reshape not just the energy and transport sectors but also the upcoming Australian federal election, according to a new report....