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Film has been a lifelong passion of mine. Even when I was about 6 years old, I would write film ideas. It is something I hope to make a career out of and is something I enjoy doing. Since 2013, I have delved into the world of film blogging and film criticism and I hope to share my passion and knowledge of the film world with other outlets.

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Gay Essential

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You Can't Escape Lithuania -, Gay Essential Talks To Romas Zabarauskas

Watching You Can't Escape Lithuania is an experience that is indeed inescapable. So much so that by the time it's over, you can come up with your own theories as to what the...

Cinema Sentries


The Cloverfield Paradox Movie Review: A Surprise Sequel That Gets Lost In Orbit

The Cloverfield Paradox built a lot of hype by announcing that it would be available to stream on Netflix right after the Super Bowl. But unfortunately, the hype surrounding the...


Phantom Thread Movie Review: An Ambiguous Tour De Force

One way to describe is that it is very cerebral. There's always a lot of focus on the faces of the characters, forcing you to analyze what is going on in their heads which will...


Proud Mary Movie Review: A Frustratingly Bad Taraji P. Henson Vehicle

When watching the retro opening credits of Proud Mary where our main heroine is getting prepped up with the song "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" playing the background, it seems like...


The Shape of Water Movie Review: A Poetic Love Letter to Cinema

One word can be used to describe : Poetic. The Shape Of Water is a poetic demonstration of the magic of storytelling and after the ambitious yet divisive Crimson Peak, it is a...


Desert Hearts Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: An Unsung Queer Classic

I never wanted to end. I didn't want to leave behind the breathtaking scenery of the desert and I definitely wanted to see more of the chemistry between the two leads. isan...


Coco Movie Review: Pixar's Best Since Inside Out

Even though Coco follows a standard Disney formula with its storyline about a young child trying to find their true calling, like with Mulan and Moana, it still manages to find...


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Movie Review: The Most Timely Film Of 2017

Martin McDonagh may be a director from Ireland, but it is eerie how he has crafted a film about America that is so timely with . It deals with a woman starting a rampage against...


Lady Bird Movie Review: Greta Gerwig Soars in Her Directorial Debut

Actress Greta Gerwig has proven her naturalistic acting chops in films like 20th Century Women, No Strings Attached, and Jackie. But now, she has announced herself as an...


The Killing of a Sacred Deer Movie Review: An Ambiguous yet Intriguing Nightmare

When The Killing Of A Sacred Deer first starts, we get a glimpse of a beating heart being operated on with an ominous choir singing in the background. Right then and there, it...


Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review: Marvel's Best Comedy to Date

The previous films have proven to be quite a mixed bag. The first film by Kenneth Branagh was interesting because of how it played into Branagh's Shakespearean sensibilities....


A Bad Moms Christmas Movie Review: A Bittersweet Glass Of Eggnog

When the film Bad Moms came out last year, it managed to become a massive summer hit towards the ends of the summer season. It made $183.9 million worldwide and became the...

Film Inquiry

Film Inquiry

THE FAITH COMMUNITY: A Terrifying "Found Footage" Story That Falters

With a low budget at about $100,000 and a limited setting, The Faith Community manages to incite fear with its horrific concept rather than the use of jump scares and CGI monsters.

Film Inquiry

WHEELMAN: This Vehicle Needs Newer Parts | Film Inquiry

Films that are set in one place and/or have a limited amount of character have proven to be the most intriguing because of the various ways that filmmakers could have fun with...

Film Inquiry

NO DRESS CODE REQUIRED: An Urgent Cry For Equality

As I was watching No Dress Code Required, I kept asking questions: Why? Why does it matter? Why are people devoting such energy into making sure two men, who are strangers to...

Film Inquiry

REBEL IN THE RYE: An Ambitious Yet Chaotic Biopic | Film Inquiry

As imperfect as is, I will say this: As somebody who is aiming to become a professional film critic and build a career in writing, Rebel in the Rye is a good reminder of the...

Film Inquiry

BEACH RATS: Terrific Film- Just Don't Call It "Moonwhite" | Film Inquiry

As I give my review for , I'll just get one thing out of the way. I'm sure people will write this off as a "white " or call it "Moonwhite" or whatnot. There are similarities...