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Mary Ware

Content Writer

Location icon United States of America

“When I outlined the project to her, she quickly understood our requirements and produced excellent quality descriptions. She has no problem keeping to guidelines and deadlines. She completes her work quickly while maintaining high quality work. She has been very pleasant to deal with, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any writing jobs.”
- Leigh Maher,

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little more about me. I am an enthusiastic and flexible content writer with experience researching and producing content for a wide range of industries and organizational needs, though I specialize in the Education and Travel industries. I tailor each piece of work to the unique needs of my client, and enjoy learning about the style and vision for each one prior to completing a task. My ultimate goal is to create content that excites your customers and audience and gives them a clear picture of who you are as an organization and how they will benefit from collaborating with you.

I have personally worked in a variety of areas including education, government and non-profits, and in business, and have a background in sales and community outreach. The skills I have gained from these industries help me to connect with many types of organizations, as well as to produce SEO-optimized content that is industry specific.

I look forward to working with you to see how I may be of service to your company or organization!



Lexia Learning
Understanding the Unique Needs of Title I Students

With more focus than ever on reaching proficiency levels on state achievement tests, schools are using Title I funds to help students in need attain academic goals. Before creating and implementing programs, it is important to understand what exactly Title I is and how it can be used.

Travel Fashion Girl
2016 Spring Fashion Trends to Pack in Your Suitcase

Loving all the 2016 spring fashion trends but don't know how to incorporate them into your travel wardrobe? Let us show you how! Written By: Mary Ware As travel fashion girls we all know how important it is to pick the right clothes to make traveling light possible, but just because we are packing light doesn't mean we have to sacrifice style.

Exploring America's Irish roots on Boston's Irish Heritage Trail

Summer may be coming to an end, but its never too late to plan the perfect getaway. If you are interested in stepping back in time and exploring Irish history, but a trip to the Emerald Isle seems too monumental, there are plenty of options here in the U.S.

FluentU English
34 Essential ESL Vocabulary Words to Survive the Winter

Baby, it's cold outside. The snow is falling and the temperature keeps dropping. People are definitely not shy about sharing how the cold weather makes them feel - very grumpy, for the most part! Have you noticed that? Winter is here, that's for sure.

Reason to Celebrate Draws Record Crowd to Dublin Pride

Good news makes people want to dance in the streets, and Dublin's annual pride parade provided just the venue to do that. Tens of thousands, with some estimates reaching 60,000 participants, joined the party this past Saturday, June 27th, easily surpassing and nearly doubling the amount the parade has seen in prior years.

Travel Fashion Girl
What to Wear in Boston

Wondering what to wear in Boston? This local's approved packing list will help you prepare your packing list for year round style! Written By: Mary Ware Surrounded by the unmatchable charm of New England, and all of the outdoor adventure that comes with it, Boston is an amazing city with the perfect blend of historical landmarks and modern excitement.

Ireland debates response to Syrian refugee crisis

Countries around the world have started to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis, with governments trying to scurry to determine how many refugees they can accept and what type of services can be provided. Ireland is no different, though there is some internal debate over just how many refugees the country may be willing to take in.

Top 10 Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a popular year-round vacation destination. There are many activities and events during all seasons, as well as landmarks and museums to explore. Additionally, the natural surroundings ensure plenty of outdoor adventure and fun for the entire family.

Top 10 Things to Do in Prague

Known as the City of a Hundred Spires, Prague is an architectural and cultural gem in Europe. With cobblestone streets, impressive Gothic and Baroque cathedrals, and a winding river with over 30 bridges...

Travel Fashion Girl
Travel Purses: Which One's Right for You?

After you've carefully planned out your travel wardrobe, these accessories can instantly provide style and function, but at the same time, can also be a distracting downfall if not chosen properly: travel purses. Choosing the right purse for your type of travel and personal style is essential to a successful trip.

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