Mary Petiet

Author / Reporter / Content / Copywriter

As a child, I loved to write and tell stories. As an adult, I love to tell the stories of others as a reporter and content writer. I write to make your stories and your content sing. In the James Beard Award-winning Edible Cape Cod Magazine, my stories connect consumers to farms, and I am lucky to contribute content to various websites, including the Amsterdam Mamas, where my work promotes local businesses. I am versatile, and love to sink my teeth into feature and promotional pieces. I can report the news, write about travel or food, and keep your content relevant. I am a published author and a citizen of the world, with clients in the US and Europe. I work hard to keep my storytelling fresh and concise, so it can also work for you and your company.

Amsterdam Mamas
Tiny Needles With Big Results: Bluesky Acupuncture

If you are currently feeling off-kilter, whether you are suffering from migraine, back pain, fatigue, menstrual or menopausal issues, or your skin is not in as good condition as you would like, Elif Aran Kayra of Bluesky Acupuncture may be able to help.

Top Haunted European Destinations

Sinister apparitions. The walking dead. Ghost carriages and the eternal shades of dogs and horses. Europe is the well known home of many tourist attractions, but there is a darker aspect of the continent that might also appeal. A haunted forest, castles with plenty of bumps in the night, ghostly cities with ghoulish underground ossuaries, and terrifying tales of murder and unrest.

Amsterdam Mamas
Introducing Charley's Recreational Workspace

A workspace with all the comforts of home? Is it possible? Here's the scoop on how Charley's unique concept of a merged work/life space can bring a lot of "gezellig" time to Amsterdam's working families. When Omri Rodin and Emily Pines couldn't find a productive workspace in Amsterdam which could also accommodate their new daughter, they ended up creating one themselves: Charley's.

Survival Guide To Dutch Coffee - The magic of the brown beans!

This survival guide to Dutch Coffee is all you need to know! One thing fuelling the Netherlands is coffee, and you might need to pace yourself to keep up with the Dutch. The Dutch love their coffee, and it can be hard to match them cup for cup.

How to Have a Green Vacation in the Netherlands

Eco-consciousness is a way of life in Amsterdam, a city that's consistently received high scores on the Sustainable Cities Index. Windmills dot the landscape, and the circular economy is taking hold. Recycling initiatives reduce waste, and bikes reign over cars.

Edible Cape Cod
Cape Cod Day Trip: Barnstable

Of all the villages on the shores of the Cape, Barnstable is my favorite. It is a place of sun and sand, tidal flats and marshy creeks. Main roads lined with historic homes of sea captains lead to a working harbor from which you can catch a plate of hot fried clams or a sunset cocktail overlooking the water.

Edible Cape Cod
Alasdair's Burger Quest

This spring I went on a mission with my son Alasdair to survey the burgers of Cape Cod. Alasdair loves hamburgers so we made a perfect team as we ate a lot of meat and met a lot of great people providing tasty food.

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