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Award-winning, highly adaptable communications professional with a diverse portfolio of successful leadership in communications strategy, content and support for private businesses, nonprofits, associations and foundations. Deep experience in media, multi-platform writing, video production and the cooperative business model.

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Social Media Post Compilation

Sampling of social media content for varied clients across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

Constant Contact
4-H Foundation E-News

The memories created through 4-H experiences are like no other, and connecting with fellow 4-H alums is a great way to keep those memories vibrant and stay engaged with 4-H today.
Flatiron Breaks Ground on LAX Automated People Mover

Flatiron has announced that the LAX Integrated Express Solutions joint venture team broke ground recently on the Los Angeles International Airport's Automated People Mover project for Los Angeles World Airports.

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4-H Foundation E-News

Colorado's 4-H youth, staff and friends made an admirable showing at a very hot 2018 Pedal the Plains cycling tour held September 14-16. The 200-mile route began in Kiowa, continued on to Bennett and finished in Limon.

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Investing in Disability Etiquette Training Yields Huge Returns

Brace yourself. I'm about to share some jaw-dropping statistics with you. Believe it or not, more than 56 million Americans- that's 19 percent of the population-have some sort of disability. It's a staggering number that includes the 3.8 million U.S.
Kasper Institute

At the Kasper Institute, everything is personal. Joe Kasper, Ph.D. created the institute with one simple goal in mind: to help people live their best lives through personalized, holistic health education programs.
Fire and Ice: 4 Reasons Prospects Go Cold

"Was it something I said?" you wonder. Why did your hot new prospect suddenly turn as cold as ice? It's a predicament every one has experienced (if you haven't yet, you will- and more than once).
Refresh Retreat Sales Page

In today's world, women face intense pressure and unrealistic expectations every day, in every part of their lives.


Colorado Country Life Magazine
Carving out an Artistic Legacy on the Eastern Plains

By Mary Peck - Nestled in the heart of northeastern Colorado's peaceful, rolling plains lies the little town of Merino. Cattle dot the fields, students fill the award-winning junior-senior high school and, on Main Street behind a century-old curtained storefront inviting no attention whatsoever, sits a fascinating array of spectacular sculptures.

Colorado Country Life Magazine
"Pioneering Power" Documentary's Cooperative Spirit

By Mary Peck October is National Cooperative Month, a 50-year-old tradition and time for co-ops across the country to reflect on their principles and share the value of cooperative membership with others.

Colorado Country Life Magazine
Forces for Good

By Mary Peck – We all know at least one. Maybe more than one. Perhaps you’re the one. They are passionate “Star Wars” fans, and they’re doing a tremendous amount of giving back to their local communities.

Source Magazine
Riding Into The Sunset

By Mary Peck - Snowstorms have a way of defining major life events. A nasty winter storm in Wyoming in 1975 set Gary Small on the path to a lifelong career in 4-H. The storm forced the 19-year-old to stop over in Douglas, Wyoming. He was heading to his family’s ranch from Northwest College in Powell.

Colorado Country Life Magazine
100 Years of Wilderness, Wildlife and Wonder on Rocky's West Side

By Mary Peck - Smoke from smoldering sage wafted through the still evening air as the setting sun cast a glow on Grand Lake. It was September 2014, and a group of visitors and locals was gathered in a circle on the lake's north shore as part of a special blessing of the sacred lake ...

Special Projects


Colorado 4-H Foundation
2016 Annual Report

For more than 60 years, Colorado 4-H youth have had a friend, mentor, and tremendous inspiration in Dr. Cleon Kimberling.

Press Release
Highlands Wind Expansion

Colorado’s newest renewable energy facility is already growing. The current 67-megawatt Colorado Highlands Wind project – from which Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association receives 100 percent of the power – is expanding to 91 megawatts.

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State 4-H Leadership Conference

Aligning your company with the Colorado 4-H program clearly communicates your support for the value of strengthening all communities, and in particular rural communities, through education and cooperation.

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