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Marj is a freelance food and travel writer and photographer intent on finding the hidden story. A former reviewer for Mietta's Eating and Drinking in Australia, she writes a weekly column in The Sun newspaper, as well as for Blank GC, The Cove magazine, Destination Gold Coast and for her own site Good Food Gold Coast. Her work has also been published in Café Culture, and the Sunday Telegraph.

“I’m fascinated by all things food, and the search for the story behind the plate," she says. "Food is not just about existence. It’s a cultural activity which involves passion. For me, it's the conduit to find people who really care about what they do, who bring colour and flavour to others’ lives rather than simply existing in the mundane.”

Australia's Gold Coast
Gold Coast's Gourmet Producers | More Gold Coast

From established factories to fledgling businesses that are already negotiating the export of their products to overseas markets, the Gold Coast is home to a growing number of unique food producers. Join us as we meet some of the city's artisan producers; the people behind the products we can buy from supermarket shelves, restaurants, suppliers, and an array of shopfronts.

Good Food Gold Coast
A Tasmanian Getaway

A trip to Tasmania is the essential compact island journey. It's the 'island of everything' with all the elements of a great holiday plus an escape from the summer heat. Founded by force, for many of its settlers Tasmania has been a place of new beginnings.

Blank Gold Coast
Crab Carnival 2018 at The Balcony Bar, Byron Bay - Blank Gold Coast

"Are you sure you want to go out in this weather?" he asks. "Crabs!" I reply. Just one word. It's enough to get us moving from the comfort of the lounge, out into a storm wild enough to blow crabs up onto the beach; not enough deterrent, though, to keep us from eating crabs with Sean in Byron Bay.

Good Food Gold Coast
Tasting Plate Tours

There's no better way to find out about a region than through its food. Food is a universal experience. Moreover, it's a highly enjoyable way to gain insights into culture, to gain knowledge, and to make new friends with similar interests.

We Are Gold Coast
Award-winning Gold Coast restaurants

With dining venues opening in record numbers, the city has established itself as a foodies paradise, unrivaled in its constantly evolving offering. And it isn't just locals that think so. Gold Coast restaurants are being recognised around the country and the globe for its unique offering.

Blank Gold Coast
Food review: The Oak Café - Blank Gold Coast

Little things count. A greeting from wait staff or a friendly smile from the open kitchen, water immediately brought to the table, a bowl of water for someone's dog... it all adds up to make a village. The Oak Café, Mudgeeraba's latest culinary edition, is fabulous; so good, in fact, that we'd travel out of 'the city' across the highway to dine there.

Blank Gold Coast
Food review: The Inky Squid - Blank Gold Coast

I've fallen in love with the sea again, that mother of all things salty and succulent. It's a slow burn, this love affair, our household gently veering towards pescatarianism. At the newly-refurbished Pavilions Marketplace, The Inky Squid Fish & Chippery is beached on the mountaintop, a few steps from sea views.

Good Food Gold Coast
The North Room

It's relatively easy to find food for comfort or food for freshness on the Gold Coast, but far more difficult to find food for inspiration. The North Room has it all: the comfort of known ingredients, impeccably sourced produce, presented with a twist to entice and surprise both the eye and the palate.

Discover Ipswich
A tale of Springfield - Discover Ipswich

It's our first visit to Springfield, the suburb advertised as 'a place where you can truly live, learn, work and play'. We've heard the stories. Now it's time to pay a visit.

Discover Ipswich
A tale of Ipswich - Discover Ipswich

The 'grande dame' of Queensland country towns, Ipswich may not immediately spring to mind as a holiday destination. Yet there's lots to discover here in our own backyard, a fascinating history which unfolds before our eyes, a laidback lifestyle away from the bustle of city streets and people who will greet you in passing and happily talk about the town they love.

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