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Marina Kamenev

Journalist and Content Writer

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Journalist with over 14 years experience in the ever-changing media industry. Written for a wide range of publications including Time, The Atlantic, Marie Claire, Sunday Life and The Monthly. Practiced content writer for Antelope Media, a Sydney-based copy writing agency. Highly skilled investigative researcher and interviewer. Passionate about topics related to parenting in the age of social media, as well as health, lifestyle and science.



The Sydney Morning Herald
Why these women decided to 'divorce' their mothers

Years later, aged 33, Annabelle made a decision which is unthinkable to many: she cut her mother out of her life. While she receives a raised eyebrow when she mentions it to acquaintances for the first time, her predicament is not entirely unusual.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Why three women made the tough decision to leave their children

She believes mothers who leave their children should be supported by their community. "The decision is often reflective of an extreme form of maternal instinct - an altruistic desire to ensure their children's best interests are considered first." MELISSA COLLINS 50, four children "When I separated from my husband, we were living in Warwick, in southeast Queensland.

Daily Life
Married women and mums also have the right to choose

Women over 30, married and established mothers account for a significant number of those who seek abortions, but stigma means we rarely hear from them. Photo: Stocksy Lisa was two months away from going back to work after the birth of her second child when she realised that her period was late.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Should we celebrate the sadder parts of life to cope with them better?

Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size In July 2016, Betsy Davis invited friends and family to participate in a celebration with a difference. At 4pm there were tamales, followed by cocktails. Guests then rifled through Davis's possessions, selecting keepsakes to take home.


The Monthly
The sperm drought

In 2010, Alice and her partner, Natalie, found themselves at a Sydney fertility clinic ready to start their family. Alice had recently completed her master's degree and was in her early thirties, approaching an age where women are encouraged to panic about their fertility.

The Monthly
Australia's first body farm | Marina Kamenev

The landscape surrounding Australia's first body farm looks like a slice of Australiana from a Tom Roberts canvas. Wiry eucalyptus trees reach through the canopy for broad, open skies. The soft, mustard-coloured earth is carpeted with twigs and beige leaves, soggy from the recent rain.

The Monthly
Ticked off

In July 2015, in Pymble, on Sydney's upper North Shore, Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan was bitten by a tick. Her head "swelled up like the Elephant Man", she tells me. Her naturopath, a "miracle worker" she had been seeing for 20 years, was unavailable so Lenoir-Jourdan, a writer and journalist who runs a PR company, went to a variety of GPs to get a diagnosis.

The Monthly
Screen addiction

The courtyard outside The Cabin, Australia's self-proclaimed "leading outpatient addiction treatment centre", is a mixture of pale brick and concrete. Beige bleeds into grey and then into cream. There's a smattering of meticulously sculpted plants and well-groomed senior citizens in the vicinity - unremarkable given the Edgecliff location, in the marrow of Sydney's eastern suburbs.


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