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10 Tips for Demonstrating ROI at Your Next Tradeshow

Return on investment, return on objective, return on experience—any way you slice it, it’s about delivering success for your event stakeholders. And it’s up to you, the show organizer, to demonstrate to all parties that they got what they came for. Your job is to create a healthy environment—offering education and engagement opportunities for attendees, attracting a qualified audience for exhibitors, and delivering traffic to the show floor—so that everyone is set up for success.

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From Site Visit to Closing Ceremonies—Keeping Your Event Secure

Meeting planners are used to putting out fires. The key to a successful meeting is anticipating and preparing for every possible contingency. The same is true for risk management—but how do you prepare for emergencies that you might not even have thought of? Creating a risk management program is square one.

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My Great British Baking Challenge

I’m a home baker who loves watching The Great British Baking Show. I decided to embark on my own Great British Baking Challenge by baking through the Bake Off! I hope you will join me, or at least read along, as I attempt every challenge the contestants on the show are given. On your mark, get set…BAKE!

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The Medium and the Message: Build Attendance With Digital Marketing

With nearly half of an exhibition event's promotional budget being spent on digital marketing, choosing the right online platforms and making sure your content speaks to your target audience are the keys to attracting attendees to your next event.

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Productivity Tips for Planners Who Do It All

Staying organized, managing distractions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are just a few of the ways these meeting planners handle one of the most stressful jobs out there.

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Human Trafficking: What Can Meeting Planners Do?

This section of a two-part story on human trafficking focuses on what meeting planners can do to educate, equip and engage their team, their vendors and their attendees.

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Keeping a Lid on Rising F&B Costs

Meeting planners must be creative and diligent to keep food and beverage costs within budget. Market savvy, creativity and smart contracts are key.

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How to Make Meetings Safer

In light of recent "lone wolf" attacks—such as the mass shooting in an Orlando nightclub and terrorist violence in Nice, France, on Bastille Day—it's no surprise that meeting professionals are ratcheting up their security planning.

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Planning a Productive Site Visit

Executed effectively, the site visit should be a productive and meaningful experience for the meeting professional. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how meeting planners can work with destination and venue representatives to make the process even more effective.

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'Stronger Together': How to Make an Alliance Work

When is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? When two organizations decide to pool their resources and unite each of their largest shows into one new, industry-spanning event.

Selling Halloween
Throwing a Monster Bash

No longer confined to the realm of children's festivities, Halloween has become a prime opportunity for adults to release their inner [g]host and throw a frightfully good party of their own.

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