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Cultural Scientist (M.A.) and communication expert - Trilingual Writer and Journalist with over 15 years experience - Creator of the blog "A gypsy at heart" and author of the German novel "Von Fischbrötchen, Sangrianächten und Chaoswelten" as well as the ebook "Speak in Spanish - Fun and motivation on your learning journey" - Studied and lived in Germany, Spain, Indonesia and Australia

Maria Elena Knolle - Touring Bird

A multilingual writer, world traveler and digital nomad, Maria Elena blogs about her adventures on A gypsy at heart. She has lived in 4 countries and visited 30+ so far. Her travel highlights include working as a cameleer in Shark Bay, picking blueberries in Sweden and climbing a volcano in Bali.

Startup Valley
California here we come!

Sich in unbekanntes Terrain vorzuwagen ist ein Muss für jedes Start-up. Der Weg des YogaTech-Unternehmens yoganect führte Gründerin Elnura Esen auf eine Reise rund um den Globus, von der zündenden Idee in Sofia, Bulgarien und dem Entschluss zur Unternehmensgründung in Hamburg bis hin zur Teilnahme an der Startup Conference im Silicon Valley.
yoganect kündigt zweite Finanzierungsrunde an

18. Juni 2018 - Das in Luxemburg ansässige Tech-Start-up-Unternehmen yoganect S.A., das Yoga und Technologie zwecks Aufbau einer Online-Community-Plattform für Yogis vereint, freut sich bekannt zu geben, dass die zweite Seed-Finanzierung vor einigen Wochen gelauncht wurde. Die Finanzierungsrunde von bis zu 600.000 EUR soll die Markteinführung in den amerikanischen Markt möglich machen und die rasche Weiterentwicklung der digitalen Plattform vorantreiben.

A gypsy at heart - Zigeunerherz
How to recognize real friendship in the digital age

Do you feel a real connection with your 500+ Facebook friends? Let's assume it's not very likely. Real friendship in the digital age is possible though - and absolutely essential to our wellbeing and happiness. How to distinguish a real friendship from a fleeting one and which measures you can take to keep your real...

Mangreen project

Tag für Tag werden wir in den Nachrichten mit immer neuen Schreckens- und Katastrophenmeldungen konfrontiert, und oft folgen darauf unzählige Spendenaufrufe, etliche Hilfsansätze und Tränendrüsen anregende Talkshows mit Betroffenen. Doch was geschieht, nachdem die erste Welle der Hilfsbereitschaft und Aufmerksamkeit abgeebt ist und sich wieder neueren Ereignissen zugewendet wird?


View Seville through a camera obscura - Touring Bird

Head to the bustling neighborhood of San Gil, where the Torre de los Perdigones awaits your visit. This 45m-high tower, built in 1885, was once a part of an old shotgun factory and now houses an intriguing camera obscura. Get your sweat on while climbing up the tower's stairs or choose the easy way up in the lift.

Wander through ARMA´s tropical gardens - Touring Bird

Take a break from the bustle of Ubud by strolling through the majestic gardens of the Agung Rai Museum of Art. Revel in the soothing sounds of the picturesque fountains and discover a variety of stone sculptures frosted with moss and adorned with flower offerings.

Explore an Andalucian village - Touring Bird

To see a picture-perfect traditional Andalusian white village, head to the olive-oil Mecca of Priego de Córdoba, about a 90-minute drive north of Málaga. A fortified town in the Middle Ages, Priego is a place where you can easily spot its Arabian heritage, especially in the Moorish architectural style of the neighborhood Barrio de la Villa with its narrow, winding streets and whitewashed buildings.

Snap a photo of a Dalí sculpture - Touring Bird

Head to the entrance of Puerto Banús, playground of the super-wealthy, and admire surrealist painter Salvador Dalí's sculpture "Rhinoceros Dressed in Lace." Located on the Cristamar roundabout at the end of Avenida Naciones Unidas, the whimsical sculpture weighs a whopping three tonnes and was created by the eccentric Catalan artist in 1956.

Work out while watching black swans - Touring Bird

Take in the typical Western Australian sights and sounds of tranquil Lake Monger, located in the affluent Perth suburb of Wembley, and marvel at native birdlife while jogging or walking around the lake. You can do a loop in no time at all, about 25 to 45 minutes.

Play with parrots & cuddle kangaroos - Touring Bird

If you've ever wanted to pet a kangaroo, have a parrot sitting on your shoulder or feed an emu, look no further than this hands-on animal sanctuary an hour south of Perth. Located on the banks of the quaint Murray River, the Peel Zoo and Animal Sanctuary is a dream come true for animal lovers.

Take a selfie with a quokka - Touring Bird

Catch the ferry to stunning Rottnest Island, from Perth or Fremantle and look for quokkas, marsupials unique to Western Australia. These sweet looking small animals are quite tame and might very well approach you, or even be interested in featuring in your next selfie as a special guest.

Discover one of Oz's oldest vineyards - Touring Bird

Head to Swan Valley, just 20 minutes from Perth city centre, and stroll through picturesque vineyards surrounded by top-notch breweries, gourmet food hot spots, and inviting wineries. Stop at Sandalford Wines, one of Australia's oldest and most sustainable wineries.

Meet rock stars & fishermen in Freo - Touring Bird

Explore Fremantle´s history by checking out some of the town´s beautiful sculptures. First up, head to the Fremantle Harbour Jetty, where you´ll find two elaborate monuments called "To the fishermen". Check out the two life-size bronze statues of fishermen at work and observe one of them carrying a basket up some stairs and looking out to sea.

Snorkel at a pristine, hidden beach - Touring Bird

Head to Padang Bai on Bali´s east coast and you will come as close to living your own private beach fantasy as you possibly could while visiting the popular Island of the Gods. Find your way to hidden gem Pantai Kecil, also referred to as Little Beach or Bias Kugel Beach, by walking down a 500-meter-long rocky path.

View inspiring street art in Leederville - Touring Bird

Explore edgy street art on a self-guided walk on and around Leederville's vibrant Oxford Street. Start your discovery stroll at 182 Oxford Street and marvel at an incredibly intricate depiction of a town within the town of Leederville by local artist Hosea.

Go raw & do yoga in a 1920s warehouse - Touring Bird

The Raw Kitchen cooks up a storm for lovers or wannabe-lovers of high-quality raw as well as cooked vegan meals. Located in a stylishly converted 1920s warehouse, the Raw Kitchen is a place of all things healing with a trendy touch.

Discover the art galleries of Lodtunduh - Touring Bird

Time seems to slow down in Lodtunduh, a picturesque farming village close to Ubud where you can wander along rice fields and view traditional art while watching authentic village life unfold. Start your discovery walk at gallery Semar Kuning, where two Buddha figures and a Ganesha elephant statue greet you upon arrival.

Take in hilltop views on a sunrise hike - Touring Bird

Soothe your senses on a sunrise hike over Ubud´s Campuan ridge. Start your trek in the early morning hours and bring a torchlight, as you´ll be venturing slightly off the beaten path where proper street lighting will be in short supply.

Meet rock stars & fishermen in Freo - Touring Bird

Explore Fremantle´s history by checking out some of the town´s beautiful sculptures. First up, head to the Fremantle Harbour Jetty, where you´ll find two elaborate monuments called "To the fishermen". Check out the two life-size bronze statues of fishermen at work and observe one of them carrying a basket up some stairs and looking out to sea.

Howl with the wolves - Touring Bird

When the sun sets on the spacious Lobo Park preserve in the southern Spanish backcountry, you'll get to witness the resident rescued wolves in their peak state. On a guided tour (in both Spanish and English) through the reserve, located close to Antequera, wolf experts will explain interesting facts about this often misunderstood animal.

Explore cutting-edge street art - Touring Bird

Get inspired by graffiti art on factory walls and murals while wandering through Bali´s trendy surf village, Canggu. Start your discovery stroll at Allcaps art supply store, the go-to place for burgeoning graffiti artists from all over the island. If you peek around the corner from the main store, you´ll see plenty of factory walls converted into masterful murals.

Meditate with healing sounds - Touring Bird

Experience a relaxing sound-healing meditation in the heart of Bali´s cultural epicenter, Ubud. Head to architecturally stunning Yogabarn, a healing haven with yoga rooms and holistic classes galore. Once a week, you can experience a wonderful meditation centered around Tibetan bowls, a sound-healing experience guided by seasoned instructors such as Swami Arun.

A gypsy at heart - Zigeunerherz
Fiery food and fancy clubs in spectacular Singapore

My first trip to Singapore was a game changer - I was in Asia for the first time, after all! And I was ready for absolutely anything. Before even setting foot on the Lion's city's soil, I made sure to cover every last inch of my skin in pungent, poisonous DEET-Spray to keep any possible malaria-threat...

A gypsy at heart - Zigeunerherz
Seville's sensual celebration - La Feria de Abril

The steady, well-balanced trot of a powerful hoof approaches, raising dust in a proud, unrelenting way, only drowned out by the spontaneous and wholehearted singing of his rider, conjuring up the splendor of the moment and of his city. Where else could you be now but in one of Spain's most glorious, most lively and most unique places - Sevilla!

A gypsy at heart - Zigeunerherz
A monkey kind of day in Gibraltar

It must be a special kind of place if over 30.000 people of many different religions live around and on a massive Rock that once upon a time, in antiquity and Greek mythology, was thought off as the End of the World and the Portal to Hades, the underworld.

Self-Introduction Phrases in German |

Have you met Ted? Ted is from San Francisco and has just arrived in Berlin, Germany, for his first immersion in the German Sprache ('language') and culture. Well, maybe not his very first, because his German Freundin ('friend,' female) Barbara has already taught him the most important self-introduction phrases!
Writing a Cover Letter in Spanish

Are you thinking of applying for a job in Latin America or Spain or perhaps a Spanish-speaking company? Learn how to write a 'carta de presentación' (cover letter) in Spanish and how to impress your prospective employers in the process. Background on Applications Writing job applications can sometimes be a bit tedious, right? Listen up, though - it doesn't have to be this way! Just make sure to focus on all the posibilidades ('possibilities') that your solicitud (application) might open up...

Speak in Spanish: - Fun and motivation on your learning journey

"Speak in Spanish- Fun and motivation on your learning journey" is a unique learning companion book. It offers inspiration, encouragement, as well as exciting and proven tips to learn better, faster and in a more enjoyable way. It also contains motivational ideas and facts, fun and colo...
Conversations About Art: Spanish Practice Activity - Video & Lesson Transcript |

Julia is completely thrilled by the photography exhibition that she and her friend Juan are visiting. 'Don't you just love este fotógrafo? The way he showcases the contraste between the foreground and the backdrop is just magnificent!' Juan and Julia are both artistas at heart and study fotografía artística ('artistic photography') at college.
Advanced Spanish vocabulary - Spanish adjectives that start with N

In this lesson, we will expand our vocabulary by getting to know Spanish adjectives that start with the letter 'n'. We will review what adjectives are, learn a variety of new adjectives, and see them in contextual examples. Definition of Adjectives You are apparently ready to learn something nuevo (new), aren't you? Well, here we go. You probably already know what adjectives are, but let's quickly review the definition anyway to create a stronger foundation of knowledge for what's ahead. A...
Spanish music vocabulary

In Spain and Latin America, specific styles of music (and dance) showcase the diversity of its cultures and are a great conversation starter. Let's learn about music vocabulary in Spanish. Music Related Phrases Ah, la música. . . isn't listening to or making music one of the greatest ways to spend your time? The magic of music allows us to dream, relax, get inspired, heal, connect, and so much more. Music is also a great conversational topic because it constitutes a shared passion for many...
German Holiday, Vacation & Travel Vocabulary |

''Look down to your left. We are quickly approaching the griechische Inseln ('Greek islands'). Enjoy the magnificent Aussicht ('view') from your window!'' At long last, the pilot is announcing the arrival to your Reiseziel ('travel destination'). This year, you decided to travel to sunny Greece, and you are not alone!
Common Sayings in Different Spanish-Speaking Countries

Learn some intriguing sayings from various Spanish-speaking countries in this lesson. Also get some fascinating insights into some of the different Spanish-speaking cultures through our newly learned phrases. The Rich Variety of the Spanish Language Did you know that español ('Spanish') is a truly global language? That's right, Spanish is the third most widely spoken idioma ('language') worldwide after English and Chinese, and it's the official language in 21 countries.
German Art Vocabulary |

Art, translating to Kunst in German, is a wide, colorful and fascinating area of knowledge and a form of free creative expression. Was aber ist Kunst ? ('What however is art?'), you may ask.
German Christmas Greetings |

What comes to your mind when you conjure up an image of German Christmas? Is it the irresistible smell of Lebkuchen ('gingerbread') floating all around you? Is it the delicious taste of the first sip of warm Gluehwein ('mulled wine') embracing your taste buds?
German Hotel Vocabulary & Phrases |

Ah, just getting away from it all for a little while - who doesn't like the idea of that? Einfach mal abtauchen (literally: 'simply descending') and indulging in a completely new and enticing place for a while.
German Food & Drink Vocabulary |

Are you a foodie? Do you have a Leidenschaft ('passion') for tasty Essen ('food')? Be it as it may, take into account that the average person spends around an unbelievable 32,098 hours eating and drinking beverages in their lifetime!
Spanish Terms of Endearment |

Are you used to getting lots of expressions of affection, of cariño (pronounced kah-ree-nyoh) in your daily life? If so, lucky you! And if not, keep your hopes up and connect more to your Spanish-speaking amigos or visit a Spanish-speaking country in the future. Why?
Speaking on the Phone in Spanish: Etiquette & Conversation |

Have you ever been to Mexico City? Let's visit Gabriela's family today and learn how to hold conversations on the phone in Spanish. Gabriela lives in Mexico City with her parents. She loves to sing, to watch telenovelas (the popular Mexican soap operas), and, of course, to chat on the phone!
Congratulations & Best Wishes in German |

Have you ever been to more than one Feier ('celebration') in one day? Then you might know that the most important things to bring along are stamina, tons of smiles and something sweet to say! A Geschenk ('gift') obviously won't hurt either.
Good Luck Expressions in Spanish |

Did you know that people from Spanish-speaking countries can generally be considered a very superstitious bunch? There are therefore plenty of surprising occasions to wish someone good luck while in Spain or Latin America, such as for example on Tuesday the Thirteenth in Spain. Tuesday you ask? ¡Sí, eso es correcto!
Spanish Slang words

Would you like to know how to express yourself like the locals do around Spain and Latin America? Let's nd out about important Spanish slang Words from Mexico, Argentina and Spain.


Amulette, Anhänger und Ringe mit dem besonderen Zauber | eBay

Geheimnisvolle Amulette schmücken und schützen dich Von den alten Ägyptern mit ihren Skarabäus-Glückskäfern bis hin zur Amulettfertigung durch Magiekundige in Asien - kunstvolle Amulette dienen damals wie heute dem Schutz seiner Träger. Wie das lateinische Ursprungswort amoliti besagt, ist die Funktion eines Amulettes die Abwendung negativer Einflüsse von deinem Leben.

Weiß, farbig oder kariert - welche Trachtenbluse passt zu welchem Look? | eBay

Leger in Job und Alltag Langärmlige Trachtenblusen sind alltagstauglich: Du kannst hier hübsche Akzente setzen, sie wirken aber auch nicht zu freizügig. Zu einem Blazer und Jeans oder Chinos getragen eignen sie sich sogar fürs Büro, wenn der Ausschnitt nicht zu tief ist. Einfarbig oder kariert - prinzipiell gilt: Je schlichter die Bluse, desto vielfältiger die Styling-Möglichkeiten.



Film review of Faktotum, about the life of acclaimed writer Charles Bukowski.

Yoga and Wellness

A gypsy at heart - Zigeunerherz
Sensuality and Self-love

Being in a physical body equals having access to an amazing gift - well really countless gifts, but for the sake of this article and your and my attention span which is nowadays apparently shorter than that of a goldfish let's just focus on the one aspect for now.

Yoga auf Bali

Bereits kurz nach der Landung meines Flugzeuges in Denpasar...

Co-Authoring, Editing, and Ghostwriting
08/15/2018 vernetzt die Yogabranche

Die vom neuen Yogatech-Start-up yoganect entwickelte „Yoga on the go"- ist ihrer Launch-Zeit um einiges voraus und punktet mit innovativen Inhalten, direkt buchbaren Klassen und Events und internationalem Appeal. Noch vor der in wenigen Monaten geplanten Markteinführung haben die Gründer Elnura Ashimova und Rene Delrieux es durch ihre besondere Herangehensweise geschafft, über 110.000 Social-Media-Follower und 300 Kooperationspartner für ihre Plattform zu gewinnen.

Execc News Institutional
Yogatech statt Fintech

Die Redaktion von EXXECNEWS INSTITUTIONAL stellt an dieser Stelle Fragen an Branchenmitglieder und Investoren. Für diese Ausgabe haben wir René Delrieux interviewt, einen ehemaligen Mitarbeiter des Finanz- und Technologieanbieters Netfonds, der kürzlich auf die Seite eines Start-ups gewechselt ist.

Das Magazin für die Internationale Startup-Szene
yoganect Community-Plattform für Yoga Neulinge u. fortgeschrittene Yogis

Eine andere Herausforderung besteht darin, dass wir gerade bei heimischen Investoren viel Überzeugungsarbeit leisten müssen. Yoga steckt in Deutschland nämlich noch in den Kinderschuhen. Länder wie die USA, Australien und Großbritannien sind uns in Sachen Yoga um etliche Jahre voraus. Zum Schluss: Welche 3 Tipps würden Sie angehenden Gründern mit auf den Weg geben?

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