Margaret Kerr-Jarrett

Copywriting and Marketing Consultant

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Margaret Kerr-Jarrett is an independent business writer and marketing consultant from Indianapolis who has lived in Jerusalem, Israel for the past five years. Margaret is passionate about bridging the divide between mindfulness and technology, as well as empowering people of all types (but especially moms!) to take their skills solo through online businesses and flexible careers.

Bplans Blog
Solopreneurs Can Grow Faster and Smarter With a Lean Business Plan - Bplans Blog

You've made the decision to become a solopreneur, and you know exactly what you're going to do. But do you really know if it will work? Having a business plan will help you find out for sure-and a Lean Business Plan is faster, easier, and more effective for a solopreneur than a lengthy formal business plan.

Business Articles

Lead Change
What Millennials Need In A Leader

I will be honest - it took me a while to catch on to the fact that the title millennial was referring to me and my peers. Until I really took the time to step back and consider how differently (and why) my generation worked and related to leadership, I saw my steps into the ...

Spin Sucks
Is Being a Communications Solopreneur For You?

By: Margaret Kerr-Jarrett | May 17, 2018 | Have you thought about becoming a solopreneur? Most communications professionals have heard this question at least once. Maybe it came from a coworker who was secretly considering doing just that. Maybe it was a well-meaning parent or spouse who wanted to encourage the entrepreneurial side they know you possess.

Weaving Influence - Digital Marketing Agency
Growing Your Career as a Stay at Home Mom

Stay-at-home mom and career woman are not two titles that are traditionally put together. However, in today's increasingly digital and flexible world, more and more women (myself included) can stay home with their young ones while advancing their careers at the same time.

Growth and Inspiration

Develop Yourself - Wisdom Tribe
The Mystical Origin of Words

Margaret Kerr-Jarrett serves as Language Strategist for Wisdom Tribe. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, she now lives in Jerusalem with her family. She is passionate about the power of words and dreams of retiring from the business world to work on her first dream: becoming a poet.

Lead Change
Judging Favorably Gets You Ahead

Everyone makes mistakes. Employees, bosses, spouses, parents, children, friends-no one gets through life without messing up, and mistakes can be painful. Think of the time you heard someone criticizing you behind your back or the time you totally blew up at your spouse. That pain doesn't always disappear so easily, but with time, mistakes can ...