Manuel Nunes Ramires Serrano

Journalist and Political Analyst


Buying and selling politics in America
The midterm elections are an opportunity for voters to stand up to the National Rifle Association and remove from office those who place their political aspirations above...
Gene Sharp: freedom is out of the bottle
Dictators everywhere will sleep better now that Gene Sharp has left. But as long as people are not afraid of dictatorships, we can be confident that dictators will be in big...
Can America be a Good Place again?
Americans need to remind themselves that it´s possible to act morally in an amoral world, and shape each other’s attitudes by opening up a debate about what is good and bad.
If freedom of the press is democracy, then what do you call this?
Defending media freedom has never been so important. Governments are becoming subtler in attempting to hide the truth. Journalists must become subtler too in uncovering it.
Antonio Guterres and the world as it is
The role of the UN Secretary-General is the most difficult job in the world. But it gets worse when the President of the United States represents a threat to the values...
How Mario Centeno could change Europe
Mário Centeno is going to Brussels to defend an alternative to austerity. But reshaping the European Union will require a lot more than electing a Southern European as President...
Democracy À La Carte In Catalonia
We live in the era of fake news and alternative facts. Fascism has been so debased as a phrase that fascists nowadays are simply those with whom we disagree. They are the...
"We are all equal, but in the very long run"
There is complete social mobility - the only problem is that the process takes some three hundred years.
Architecture as a force of cultural resistance
Architecture is a resistance to the loss of memory, identity, hope and the self. Today ethical and aesthetic values are often considered secondary, but they are unconsciously...
Nationalism as a substitute for equality
Real equality cannot be achieved through distribution alone, but by relying on personal relationships with one another. If we are to reduce inequality, and fight populism, we...
Should we close our worlds? Or open them out?
Cities need an overarching, positive narrative that binds all people to where they live, and where day to day behaviour and activities connect well with civic life.
A (weak) homage to democracy in Catalonia
The images of a half-empty parliament during the referendum law vote illustrate how Democracy and Catalonia have gone their separate ways. Democracy is not the law of the...
The President, the General and their country
The transition in Angola is already on its way. Fortunately for Angolans– except for Mr. Dos Santos and his entourage – it is not heading to where the former President wants.
"Life is filled with opportunities for individuals to make a difference"
Aristides de Sousa Mendes saved 30,000 people during World War II, 12,000 of whom were Jews facing certain death. As Europe faces another refugee crisis, his grandson argues...
¿Hacia dónde va Brasil?
Las turbulencias políticas se han convertido en la nueva norma en Brasil. Después de la destitución de Dilma Rousseff, la imputación de Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva es otra prueba...
Where is Brazil heading to?
Political turmoil has become the new normal in Brazil. After Dilma Rousseff´s impeachment, Lula da Silva´s conviction is yet another test for the country´s fragile democracy.
Aristides de Sousa Mendes: a light in the dark
Aristides de Sousa Mendes chose his conscience over his orders. His altruism should be an example for all those struggling to change a world that is once again failing to...
Books and dreams: an autocrat's nightmare
If seventeen activists can destabilize a regime that has been violently repressing and harassing those fighting for democracy and freedom for nearly four decades, what can 22...
"Ideology can be used to divert attention towards some things, while other things are happening"
The hegemony of media corporations in Brazil is a phenomenon that has no precedent in the country's history. There are no balanced, manipulation-free news. Interview.
"We Europeans have to take our fate into our own hands"
The European Union was a creation of an outstanding generation of politicians. Saving it demands our current generation to rise to a new challenge. The European project was –...
"In every conflict there is always room for negotiation"
There is no rule saying that some conflicts have no solution. The dynamics, the interests and the timings keep on changing and opening up possibilities for resolving them....
Aprendendo a Língua do Pulsar
O que está a acontecer no Brasil é um processo de despertar. Muitos brasileiros estão a perceber que o sistema político foi "manipulado" contra eles durante muito tempo, talvez...
Learning the language of a pulsar
What is happening in Brazil is a process of awakening. Many Brazilians are realizing that the political system has been “rigged” against them for a long time, maybe since the...
"We are dying, please"
Mohanned Jammo, a Syrian doctor on board a ship 61 miles off Lampedusa, was asking the Italian Coast Guard for help. “We are dying, please”, he said. Then the ship capsized.
New ideas need old buildings
Creativity is a renewable resource, heritage is not. Unleashing the creativity of citizens is an empowering process, but we should not forget that new ideas need old buildings.
Creativity and Heritage: the great urban partnership
Heritage is where we come from. Creativity is the energy that shapes what we can become. The question is how to combine the two.
Two and two do make four
We may be facing an existential crisis, and the odds may be against us. But we are not keeping our mouths shut. With democracy at stake, journalists cannot shy away from this...
"El futuro de Europa está en nuestras manos"
Los jóvenes europeos deben protagonizar el diseño del futuro de Europa, ya que en última instancia recaerá sobre ellos la defensa de una sociedad abierta, tolerante y liberal.
"Europe's fate is in our hands: we, the 89ers, must defend it."
Young Europeans must assume a leading role in charting Europe's future, as it will ultimately fall on them to defend an open, tolerant and liberal society.
Citizens' Forum: revisiting citizen participation in Portugal
Which choices would Portuguese citizens make, if only they had the time, information and ideal conditions to reflect on and debate the most important political questions of our...

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