Manuel Nunes Ramires Serrano

Journalist and Political Analyst




Those who fall asleep in a democracy might wake up in a dictatorship

Despite progress during the PT governments, Brazil is a very unequal and violent country today. Young people seem surprised: was the dictatorship not a thing of the past?


Um país, dois Brasis (II)

Num momento decisivo para o futuro do Brasil, falámos com o um pai e um filho sobre o país do futuro e sobre a sobrevivência da democracia na região.


Um país, dois Brasis

"Somos todos estranhos uns em relação aos outros. Podemos usar as mesmas palavras, mas não falamos a mesma língua."

Can Europe Make It

Catalonia: two half-truths don't make one truth

Journalists and opinion-makers have a responsibility to inform and explain, not to divide and contribute to the escalation of conflict.


Brazil against its future

Most Brazilians are not happy with their democracy. But democracy must prevail if the country is to prevent future generations from growing up in darkness and repeating the...

European Parliament

Overview: what MEPs worked on during the first half of 2018

From posted workers to migration, the EU’s long-term budget and the digital economy, 2018 has proved an eventful year for the Parliament so far.

European Parliament

Coming up: summit conclusions, border security, future of Europe

MEPs will vote on new rules on external border security, discuss the June EU summit and debate the future of Europe with the Polish prime minister during the upcoming plenary.

European Parliament

Venezuela: MEPs call for free and fair elections

MEPs call on Venezuela to cancel the elections scheduled for 20 May unless the country can prove the process is transparent and inclusive.

European Parliament

World Press Freedom Day 2018: risks increase for journalists

Animosity towards journalists is growing, including in Europe, according to the World Press Freedom Index put together by Reporters without Borders.


"We Dreamers are like you, and you are like us"

Some 6.5 million undocumented youths and children of immigrants currently living in the United States, the so-called Dreamers, face deportation if Congress fails to reach an...

European Parliament

Facebook: Parliament to look into alleged misuse of personal data

London-based company Cambridge Analytica is accused of having used the Facebook data of millions of voters without their permission to target them through personalised political...


Buying and selling politics in America

The midterm elections are an opportunity for voters to stand up to the National Rifle Association and remove from office those who place their political aspirations above...


Gene Sharp: freedom is out of the bottle

Dictators everywhere will sleep better now that Gene Sharp has left. But as long as people are not afraid of dictatorships, we can be confident that dictators will be in big...


Can America be a Good Place again?

Americans need to remind themselves that it´s possible to act morally in an amoral world, and shape each other’s attitudes by opening up a debate about what is good and bad.


If freedom of the press is democracy, then what do you call this?

Defending media freedom has never been so important. Governments are becoming subtler in attempting to hide the truth. Journalists must become subtler too in uncovering it.


Antonio Guterres and the world as it is

The role of the UN Secretary-General is the most difficult job in the world. But it gets worse when the President of the United States represents a threat to the values...

Can Europe Make It

How Mario Centeno could change Europe

Mário Centeno is going to Brussels to defend an alternative to austerity. But reshaping the European Union will require a lot more than electing a Southern European as President...

Social Europe

Democracy À La Carte In Catalonia

We live in the era of fake news and alternative facts. Fascism has been so debased as a phrase that fascists nowadays are simply those with whom we disagree. They are the...


"We are all equal, but in the very long run"

There is complete social mobility - the only problem is that the process takes some three hundred years.

Can Europe Make It

Architecture as a force of cultural resistance

Architecture is a resistance to the loss of memory, identity, hope and the self. Today ethical and aesthetic values are often considered secondary, but they are unconsciously...