Elisa Malizia

•Communication Manager •Copywriter •Digital Strategist •Social Media Manager •



I started writing at a very young age. I was an avid reader with a voracious memory: shortly after finishing a book, I would forget the details in favor of the overall context. That's when I began underlining the passages that struck me with a pencil. And then, I started transcribing them.
I wrote incessantly, on scattered sheets of paper, using strictly black ink pens, not too thin, with a light body and smooth flow. My callus as a writer was a scarred volcano.
Then the keyboard arrived, and my incessant rustling became an incessant tapping. I have never stopped.


I started working as a journalist writer in 2007 for a local publication. Later on, I ventured into web writing, becoming an SEO and creative copywriter in 2010.
Transitioning from article writing, I had a brief yet significant experience in a press office related to public administration. Simultaneously, I continued to work as a web content writer for journalistic publications and generalist websites.
In 2014, I further expanded my horizons and delved into the world of digital strategy. I began collaborating with several agencies, primarily based in Rome. Today, I manage social media communication through targeted editorial plans, adapting the suitable tone of voice according to the target audience. I also oversee social media advertising.
Additionally, I provide editing and proofreading services for independent publishing houses. In essence, I am a Communication Manager.


• Social media editorial plans
• Writing articles for blogs, journalistic publications, and websites
• Creative copywriting and SEO-oriented copywriting - Google friendly
• Community management
• Storytelling
• Direct email marketing
• Social media advertising (social adv)
• Brand awareness
• Web reputation
• Crisis management
• Press releases and newsletters
• Text revision
• Editing and proofreading for independent publishing houses
• Basic graphic and video projects
• Visual marketing and visual storytelling
• Account specialist
• Press review
• ATL, BTL, and TTL communication (Above the Line, Below the Line, Through the Line)


I have a passion for literature and anecdotes. I have combined them in the hashtag #AneddotiLetterari (Literary Anecdotes) and its corresponding profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have also created three additional profiles dedicated to music anecdotes, forming #AneddotiMusicali (Musical Anecdotes).


About Me

Social Media Management
English Portfolio

My portfolio as a Social Media Manager and Digital Strategist, past and present collaborations, small biographical details.

My personal blog
Fabula e Sjužet

My (italian) blog started as a platform to share literary anecdotes, but now it's the place where I exercise my linguistic and stylistic skills.

Copywriting Portfolio

My Copywriting portfolio, a small part of my almost decade-long work. Continuously updated, divided by sectors. All articles are in Italian.

Some Collaborations

Senior SMM•Content Manager•Strategist•Digital Consultant

•Sept 2022 • June 2023• I worked as a freelancer with several agencies. My responsibilities included developing communication strategies, both on social media and in other areas, and providing consultancy services. I created and managed editorial plans, collaborated on the development of offline campaigns, and implemented social adv, including budget allocation and reporting. Industries: food, fashion, jewelry, and publishing.

Social Media Manager
Inside Ideas Group - Milan

•September 2021 • September 2022• I worked as a Social Media Manager for Inside Ideas Group LTD. Collaborating with Oliver Agency and Reckitt, I oversaw digital communication for clients, primarily Durex Italy and Veet Italy. My role encompassed developing and executing monthly editorial plans on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, I actively engaged with the community, fostering discussions in the comment section and providing private responses.

Social Media Manager&Copywriter
D Editore - Rome

•May 2020 • October 2021• I handled the creation of the editorial plan and graphic choices for the publishing house (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as a creative copywriter. I also managed the same, as well as the community, in my role as a social media manager. The communication approach was unconventional, assertive, and less inclined towards compromise. Managing the communication for the publishing house involved continuous experimentation and evolution.

Head of Digital
Metrix Communication

•July 2020 • September 2021• I held the position of Head of Digital for the Milan-based agency Metrix Communication, overseeing both internal and external resources. My responsibilities included creating and managing social campaigns for agency clients, implementing social media advertising, and moderating various communities. Some of the clients I worked with were Clinians, Geomar, I Provenzali, Malizia, Intesa Pour Homme, Nidra, Breeze, Glicemille, Fontina Dop and Gorgonzola Dop.

Copywriter&Content Editor
Vanity Fair Italy

•April 2016 • January 2017 • I extensively covered a wide range of current affairs, with a particular focus on politics. My approach always prioritized topics related to civil rights and individual stories within broader contexts. I strived to create emotionally impactful storytelling without resorting to excessive pathos, ensuring that the tone of voice for each story aligned with the spirit of the publication. In addition to crafting compelling narratives, I also managed SEO writing.

Copywriter&Content Manager

• Sep 2010 • Oct 2018 • For Donnaclick.it, I was responsible for SEO copywriting and content management. Over the course of 8 years, I wrote articles on various topics, ranging from cooking recipes to fashion, from novel reviews to cinema, not forgetting current events and lifestyle. All articles had to be written in an SEO-oriented and Google-friendly manner, organized according to an editorial plan. Since 2013, the portal has been managed by the communication agency Brandmade.