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I've been an environmental and social activist for over thirty years, instrumental in the early days of Earth First!, an aspiring curmudgeon and student of Life, as we know it. Join me for an always irreverant, sometimes poignently humorous look at the adventures of Homo sap, Mankind About Universe.



Excerpt from "Ecritage", 2010

Defending the wild

Local Journalism

The Mid County Post
Homelessness Service Center

It's winter in Santa Cruz County, a time of cold gray skies and driving rain, a time to hunker down and enjoy the warm, dry comfort of home. But for several hundred people in the area, winter is a desperate time to find shelter, any shelter, from the wet and cold.

The Mid County Post
Mountain Community Resoucres

In a time of dwindling public funding for social services, more and more residents of Santa Cruz County may find themselves in need of a helping hand.

The Mid County Post
Mercury in Local Rain Comes from China

A recent study by University of California, Santa Cruz scientists indicates that elevated levels of mercury in rain falling on the central California coast are partially the result of industrial activity in China.

The Mid County Post
Transplanting California Redwoods to New Zealand

In response to increased demand for redwood lumber and decreasing supplies of redwood trees, some California timber companies are growing California redwoods in New Zealand.