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Maggie Cramer

Versatile Writer, Editor, and Communications Specialist

I'm a storyteller, plain and simple. I write stories for print and digital consumer publications and help community nonprofits and small businesses tell their tales to reach and engage with current and future supporters.

Over the past 10+ years working in journalism and communications, I've written on myriad topics, ranging from healthy aging to growing brassicas and shoemaking to green building. I've interviewed musical acts from Sarah Lee Guthrie to Ladysmith Black Mambazo. And, I've edited children's publications and self-help books alike.

I can't wait to see what the next decade has in store...

Deltec Homes
180 Magazine

Produced content for Deltec Homes' marketing magazine, 180.

Mountain Xpress
Bradley Johnston brings boutique dairy farming to Mills River

If you’re in Mills River and want to talk dairy farming, you go see S.O.B. But don’t be alarmed: Sweet Ol’ Bradley is the locals’ name for Bradley Johnston, a third-generation farmer who knows the industry inside and out.

Bold Life
Creative Anachronisms

The story idea for Leanna Sain's first romance novel came to her on a holiday typically more gruesome than glamorous: Halloween.

Capital At Play
Laying Down Roots

Matt Parris took hummus from a side revenue stream to the company's main course.

Carolina Home + Garden
Light Show

As the daughter of a contractor, Maggie Minor spent her childhood on construction sites. She’d sit in the empty rooms while her mother worked and make her own 3-D movies.

WNC Magazine
Just Ducky

Five years ago, a visitor to what is now Duck Dance Farm, a four-acre property nestled in the South Toe area of Burnsville, could have gone fishing...

Bold Life
Art and Anarchy

Casual collectors and connoisseurs alike are quick to call Peter Chumbley's work "folk art," and he doesn't argue with them. But he certainly doesn't affix the label to it himself.

Bold Life
Sole Woman

Asheville artisan Jessica Brommer might just be the next big name in shoes. But if her first and last never roll off the tongues of fashionistas, she's okay with it.

Carolina Home + Garden
The Simple Life

Rattle off a list of odd jobs, and chances are Ashley English has held most of them.

ASAP Magazine
2014 Local Food Guide

Developed editorial plan and created content for the annual consumer guide.

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