Madison Crystal

Communications Manager, Copywriter, and Editor

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I specialize in content creation and management. Your copy identifies your brand and I'll work with you to ensure that your voice, style, and channels reflect the best of your company to target your chosen audience. My previous work has included both B2C and B2B marketing campaigns for a variety of industries as well as editorial work for publications in the arts and academia.




Who needs sustainable desalination? We have El Niño! - WaterFX

Recent news sources and weather reports have warned California residents that the coming El Niño will be the most severe on record since the El Niño of 1997-98. Many of these reports have inspired relief in Californians, with the hope that heavy rainfall across the state this winter will restore California's water reserves to their ...

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HydroRevolution - WaterFX

We have launched a California public offering for the construction of the first commercial solar desalination plant to be built in California's Central Valley. The project is called HydroRevolution. It is an expansion of the WaterFX demonstration plant that operated last year in the Panoche Water and Drainage District in order to treat irrigation drainage water on the west side ...

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In the past year, 72% of internet users said they looked for online health information only 13% of these started at a site such as WebMD dedicated to medical information. The rest turned to search engines and were provided with a plethora of information that they used to diagnose their condition, seek out a doctor, or decide between healthcare providers.

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California's First Commercial Solar Desalination Plant to Bring Freshwater to the Central Valley...

HydroRevolutionSM, a WaterFX™ company, announces plans to construct desalination facility in Firebaugh, CA. The plant will use solar thermal energy to purify local, salt impaired water providing a new, sustainable water supply The project solves agricultural drainage problems and sustains crop production by reclaiming previously unusable water SONOMA COUNTY, CA-15 July 2015.

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